Ssw presentation for medical professionals


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Ssw presentation for medical professionals

  1. 1. SOFTSKILLS WORLD Empowering Minds, Igniting Ideas…Presentation for Medical Professionals
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE• We are into the field of training & development for the last 18 years. We have conducted training programs across schools, Colleges, Management Institutions, Hospitality Industries & other corporate sectors. We design the training programs as per the industry requirements.• We make sure our training programs are easily understood by the participants and they take home easy learning. Our programs are filled with Fun and Knowledge. We can assure a positive & valuable change in the participant’s behaviour at the end of the training program.• Ours is a team of Management graduates from premier institutes. We also have a pool of Educationists from various schools of thoughts. Besides certified NLP practitioners, we also have resources expertise in T & D from ISTD, New Delhi.• As a training and development company we are associated with various Management & Engineering Institutions, Schools, colleges & universities and many other corporate sectors pan India.
  3. 3. TRAINING PROCESS Pre-training Post-training Questionnaire Execution of evaluation afteris sent 15 days the Training 1-3 months ofbefore training training
  4. 4. TRAINING METHODOLOGY• During the sessions, training may happen but learning may not. To avoid this challenge, we take up the role of a learning facilitator by making training sessions interactive and experiential, customising training programmes that meet client’s requirements.• In addition to this, our learning sessions include Ice-breakers, training games and psychometric tests. Psychometric tests give insight to the learners on the development that they require.
  5. 5. ESSENTIALS OF SOFT SKILLS IN MEDICAL PROFESSIONThe vision is to educate medical professionals to integrate appropriateknowledge across interdisciplinary boundaries, to apply theirknowledge, skills, and professional attitudes to solve clinical and otherproblems, to improve their interaction with patients, and to become life-long learners.These include Interpersonal skills, group- and teamwork, Professionalattitudes, problem solving and critical thinking.There is a strong need for medical professionals to get sensitized withsimple elements in their profession. Doctors are expected to know howto handle patients with better listening skills, interpersonal skills, andcommunication skills. They are excellent at their technical skills (i.e.medical profession skills). But at the same time they should learn howto handle patients. Hence, there is strong emphasis on soft skills.
  6. 6. ESSENTIALS OF SOFT SKILLS IN MEDICAL PROFESSION…contd.• It is necessary to bridge the gap between the doctors and the patients. And the solution lies in laying stress on soft skills. The doctors should empathize with the patients to understand the disease clearly. In this context, it is essential to develop interpersonal skills.• Patients come from various strata and effective listening will help to understand the problem better. At the same time the doctors should be able to deal with the relatives of the patients with lot of patience. Here comes the role of attitude building towards profession and also instilling confidence among the patients as well as the relatives of the patients.• Soft skills help the doctors, nurses and other professionals involved in medical domain makes them smarter, sharper and more effective. It helps in better interpersonal skills, communication, confidence and attitude building, team building and motivation. When the medical professionals are empowered and equipped with these skills there will be better service to the patients that results into disease-free society.
  7. 7. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME ?• This is an interactive workshop session where you get to bring your professional challenges especially around Medical Profession and find solutions. Be it a process related or practice improvement or people oriented; whatever your professional issues are; here is an opportunity to understand what makes a medical practitioner tick! A series of Audio-Visual Presentations, Real-Life Scenarios, Case Studies and Open Discussions will also be part of this session.
  8. 8. PROGRAM OUTLINESESSION 1 :• Need for Soft Skills In Medical Profession• What is Soft Skills? What is not a Soft skill?• Soft Skills a must for medical PractitionerSESSION 2 :• Inter-personal Skills• Outline of Transactional analysis• TA Measurements• How not to have cross TA
  9. 9. PROGRAM OUTLINE…ContdSESSION 3 :• Group Dynamics and Team work• Importance of Group Dynamics• Goals setting and Strategies• Strategic issues in team buildingSESSION 4 :• Professional Attitude• Positivity• Playfulness• Passion• Persistence
  10. 10. PROGRAM OUTLINE…contd.SESSION 5 :• Problem Solving and Critical thinking• Identify problem• Define Objective• Make a pre decision• Generate alternatives• Evaluate alternatives• Make a choice• Implement choice• Follow up Session
  11. 11. OUR TRAINING PROGRAMMESFor Executives and Asst Managers For GM, DGM, AGM and Managers• Personality Development • Time & Stress Management• Time Management Skills • Conflict Handling Skills• Professional & Business • Effective Decision Making Skills Etiquettes • Assertion Skills• E-mail Etiquettes • Team Building Skills• Interpersonal Skills • Behaviour Management or• Superior Customer Service Interpersonal Skills• Effective Managerial/Supervisory • Career Development of your Skills Subordinates• Training on Retail Management • Team Leadership/ Organisational• Effective Selling Skills Leadership• How to be a Team Player • Manager Essentials In addition, we offer various training programme and consulting services such as “train the trainer” and set up of training dept
  12. 12. OUR TRAINING PROGRAMMES ..contd.• BPO AND NON-BPO TRAINING • For Engineering & Management• Communicative Skills (VOICE Students Personality Development AND ACCENT AND ACCENT • Corporate Employability NEUTRALISATION) • SWOT Analysis of your Career• Customer Service, Professional • Group Discussion Conduct, Cross Cultural • How to Attend Interview Sensitization, Teamwork, etc., OTHERS-• In this model, we also offer corporate services to • NLP organizations across the service • 5’s industry. • Kaizan• On-the-job Agent Training • Finance for Non Finance• New Hires/Recruits • Six Sigma• RPO • PMP
  13. 13. OUR SELECT CREDENTIALS We have conducted the workshops for :• LG Life Sciences• Paras Hospitals• Medanta• United Health Group• Alchemist• Red Cross Society
  14. 14. Partner with us......Corporate Office - F 41, Ground Floor, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurgaon. Training Center- 24,FF, Vatika City Mkt, Sec -49, Sohna Road , Gurgaon. Tel. Nos. – 0124-6467521, 6467522,Mob.- 9818493659 E mail: Website: