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Khoj aur parivartan a change management workshop for maruti associates


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a change management workshop for shop floor employees in an automotive industry

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Khoj aur parivartan a change management workshop for maruti associates

  1. 1. Khoj aur Parivartan- A Change Management workshop for MarutiAssociates based upon Kurt Lewin model of change theory By: Rakesh Saha
  2. 2. Why, What and How to change ?Kyun - to be in in sync with Maruti’s vision and core valuesKya - our attitude, emotions and behaviorKaise – By unlearning , learning and relearning
  3. 3. Session -1(10.00 am- 1.00Pm)10.00 am – expectation management10.30 am – force field analysis test11.00 am – debriefing on test findings11.30 am – Mind Map over view12.00 am – How to switch patterns12.30 am – Action Plan
  4. 4. Force Field Analysis: Driving Forces Driving Forces are forces that push in a direction that causes change to occur. They cause a shift in the equilibrium towards change. i.e. A married couple who has to get ready for a party, the husband is on the couch watching the football game. The wife encourages her husband to get ready because there is going to be free beer at the party. The husband starts to get ready in a hurry. The driving forces are: The wife encouraging the husband & The incentive of free alcohol at the party.
  6. 6. Force Field Analysis: Restraining Forces Restraining forces are forces that counter driving forces. They oppose change. Restraining forces cause a shift in the equilibrium which opposes change. i.e. In the case of the husband and wife getting ready for the party. Present at the party is going to be the husbands cousin whom he despises. The cousin and the husband have not got along for many years and if the husband was to go, there surely would be a fight. The husband also
  8. 8. Force Field Analysis: EquilibriumEquilibrium is a state of being where driving forces equal restraining forces and no change occurs.Equilibrium can be raised or lowered by changes that occur between the driving and restraining forces.
  9. 9. Mind Map• Anchoring – what triggers our thought process• Emotional state and External behavior• How to switch patterns from problem state to resourceful state
  10. 10. Kurt Lewin’s Change TheoryConsists of three distinct and vital stages: “Unfreezing” “Moving to a new level or Changing” “Refreezing”
  11. 11. “UNFREEZING”
  12. 12. “Unfreezing”Involves finding a method of making it possible for people to let go of an old pattern that was counterproductive in some way
  14. 14. “Moving to a new level”Involves a process of change in thoughts, feeling, behavior, or all three, that is in some way more liberating or more productive
  15. 15. “REFREEZING”
  16. 16. “Refreezing”Is establishing the change as a new habit, so that it now becomes the “standard operating procedure.” Without this stage of refreezing, it is easy to backslide into the old ways.
  17. 17. Action PlanHow to use the learning in the job performance to enhance the productivity
  18. 18. ClosureIdentifying similar kind of challenge area to be addressed in the next session.