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how to pronounce the s,z,sh

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Pronunciation of /s/ /z/ The /s/ and the /z/ are made with the same tongue position. The /s/ sound is voiceless(similar to our /s/) and the/z/ is voiced, similar to the Spanish “s“ en “mismo“, “les da“
  2. 2. /s/ -At the beginning of a word: silk, spaguetti -Mid-position, in words of Greek origin: crisis, thesis, analysis - Final position preceded by „“a“,“i“,“o“,“u“ * gas,chaos,this,pus , -Plurals,3 rd person of sing. preceded by voiceless sounds rats, stops * Exceptions: is, as, was, has, his
  3. 3. /s/ -Endings: -sive,-sity: intensive, diversity - Prefixes : -mis, -dis disagree, misunderstand - Double ss class, press - c + e,i,y recede, price, fancy
  4. 4. /z/ <ul><li>The letter z: zoo, puzzle
  5. 5. Between vowels: easy, because
  6. 6. Final -s and 3 rd person of sing preceded by voiced sounds: tables, loves
  7. 7. Words with more than two syllables ending in
  8. 8. -ise: memorise
  9. 9. Words ending in -sm: patriotism </li></ul>
  10. 10. /  / <ul><li>sh shirt, shoe, cashier
  11. 11. ss+ur pressure, assure, </li></ul>