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Giving directions


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how to give directions in English

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Giving directions

  1. 1. FUNCTION EXAMPLES IMPORTANT GRAMMARAsking for Excuse me, *Can/Could+directions *do you know….. verb phrase *can/could you tell me…. *How can I a) the way to.... please? get to….? b) how I can get to *Doyou know ….please? c) where the ……is/are? where…..?Saying youare unable I’m sorry, I’ve no ideato give I’m afraid I don’t knowdirections
  2. 2. FUNCTION EXAMPLES IMPORTANT GRAMMARGiving simple •Go along this road/Mesa y López… •IMPERATIVESdirections · Carry on down this road…. • PREPOSITIONS · Walk up this street… OF PLACE · Go straight ahead · Go across the bridge. · Go past the bank. · Take the first turning on the left/right · Turn right/ left at (aplace)…/into … (the name of the street) •It’s on ……(name of the street) •It’s on the corner of …….and …….
  3. 3. FUNCTION EXAMPLES IMPORTANT GRAMMAREstimating · It´s not very far · How far is it todistance; · It´s only about five …?time minutes from here. · Is it very far? · It won’t take you very long · How long does to get there. it take to get · It’ll take you about ten there? minutes to get there
  4. 4. Prepositions+nouns• · on the corner• · on the left/right• · at the traffic lights• · at the roundabout• · at the crossroads• · in the square• · across/under the bridge• near/close to• behind