Startup Valuation: What Are You Worth?


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The Startup Triangle includes Money, People and Technology. Slides include Founder's Equity, Vesting, Advisor, Seed Funding, Options and 409A Value, The Priced Round, VC Negotiations and Exit Value.

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Startup Valuation: What Are You Worth?

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  4. 4. FOUNDER’S EQUITY  The Grunt Fund Method  Equal Percentages  Subjective  Formula 3
  5. 5.  Who should vest  How long?  Acceleration?  Change of control  Termination without cause VESTING 4
  6. 6. ADVISOR FAST Model Valuation Milestones and Deliverables Vesting Stock v. Options 5
  7. 7. SEED FUNDING SAFE Priced roundsConvertible Debt 6
  8. 8. 7 Do I need a valuation for my option plan? RSUs and Restricted Stock Phantom Plans OPTIONS AND 409A VALUE
  9. 9.  VC or Institutional Investor  Preferred Stock  Valuation Methods  Score Card  Venture Capital Method  Berkus Method  Cayenne Calculator  Risk Factor Summation  Negotiation 8 THE PRICED ROUND
  10. 10. THE PRICED ROUND  MoreValuation Methods  (Patents + People) x $1 Million  Comparable  Discounted Cash Flow  Market Multipliers  Discount to Public Companies  Startup Factor Method 9
  11. 11. VC NEGOTIATIONS  When to mention valuation  Staged Investment  Liquidation Preference  Control  Blocking rights  Drags and tags 10
  12. 12. EXIT VALUE 11 Preferences Earn Outs Reps & Warranties Taxes
  13. 13. CONCLUSION Startup Valuation is an Art Not a Science 12
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