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Start-up as innovation partner


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Success stories of collaboration with start-up to accelerate innovation

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Start-up as innovation partner

  1. 1. Start-up Innovation Partner Raphael Rollier Fribourg - Chambre de commerce et d'industrie 16 11 2017
  2. 2. Outposting Venture Investment Swisscom Start-Up Challenge Digital Lab Pirates Hub Call for Innovation Interactionmethods
  3. 3. Pilot Product development Product introduction Business development Management expertise Follow-on investment Follow-on investment Follow-on investment Growth fin. Valuecreationbeyondfinancing Time Value creation > > > > > > >
  4. 4. Threeengagementmodels InvestmentProof of Concept Joined go to market
  5. 5. The Ava start-up developed a wearable to help women conceive based on sensors, Big Data analyses and reproductive medicine. Innovation SuccessStory As one of the winners of the Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2015, Ava’s business model was put through its paces in Silicon Valley. The result was a successful launch and establishment of the product in the USA. Swisscom has since acted as investor. In 2017 the product was launched in Europe, further support is currently under review. Integration
  6. 6. Matrixx is a software platform that lets telecommunications providers offer services in real time, also as a self-service option for customers, and bill them. Innovation SuccessStory Swisscom customers would like bills that are easier to understand and more flexibility when arranging their mobile contract – in real time via their smartphone. There is also strong demand for real-time expenditure control in the case of business contracts. Swisscom invested in Matrixx early on and uses this technology to provide customers with added value services. Integration
  7. 7. A remote controller listening to you
  8. 8. 10 SWISSCOM & NETGUARDIANS Fraud Prevention Service (FPS)
  9. 9. Ajoinedoffering Unusual transfers Real-time behavioral analysis of each customer’s payment traffic (size of transaction, channels, currencies, etc.) Unusual online banking activity Real-time behavioral analysis of each customer’s online banking activities (browser type, geo-localization, beneficiary account, and currency, etc.).
  10. 10. Whenisittherightmoment? 2007 2009 2017 2011 2015 2014 2012 2016 2010 2018 2008 1 HEIG-VD Start-Ups heat winner Joël Winteregg and Raffael Maio IMD and Red Herring High Tech Awards Signed clients in the Middle East and Africa +50% growth pa CHF 8.5m Series C funding from Swisscom Ventures & Freemont Management +50 clients TOP 50 Fintech Europe Signed first clients Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) Award FINTECH $ Awarded CH 3.5m of national and European grants CHF 1m Series A funding from Polytech Ventures TOP FinTech Award Asia office - Singapore Africa office - Kenya +40 employees +80 employees CHF 5m Series B funding from Orbium, Polytech Ventures & Moneytime Ventures
  11. 11. Followingtheirdevelopment&Celebratesuccess! November 15th : Nanolive turns 4 !
  12. 12. Anewwaytoteachbiology
  13. 13. DefiningthesuccessfactorsTOGETHER
  14. 14. OurStart-upEcosystem Innovative partners in the ICT, IoT, Big Data and FinTech sectors Start-ups Close cooperation for new ideas Universities and initiatives We support new start-ups Start-up partners