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Mobile production-ncte12


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Slides for introduction to mobile learning presentation at 2012 Nat'l Council of Teacher of English Conference.

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Mobile production-ncte12

  1. 1. How mobile composition?Process: Emphasis on Invention & Multimodal Production CC image posted at Flickr by Nar8iv / Scott WCC image posted at Flickr by Nils Geylen
  2. 2. What will students be doing?• Course/Project Management (LMS apps, WordPress, Google Apps)s• Multimodal note taking (Evernote)• Audio recording (SoundCloud & Google Voice)• Image & Video Capture & Editing
  3. 3. What will students be doing?Evernote• Text, audio, & images• Cross platform• Organization• Sharing/publishing
  4. 4. What will students be doing?
  5. 5. What will students be doing?
  6. 6. Mobile DeviceHands-on Activity: What, Why & How CC image posted at Flickr by caribb