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Corporate Wellness


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Corporate Wellness

  1. 1. A New Culture. A New Workforce. A New Bottom Line.
  2. 2. For more information about the D1 Corporate Wellness program, please contact: Director of Wellness Resources ryan e: murphy c: 615.497.0550
  3. 3. mission Our mission is to provide an employee-friendly, results-oriented wellness program that encourages participation and motivates employees to improve their health while reducing healthcare costs for the employer. benefits The D1 Corporate Wellness Program may Lower healthcare costs Improve workforce productivity Build employee goodwill Reduce absenteeism Today’s workforce typically has poor health-related habits, such as a poor diet, tobacco use or a sedentary lifestyle. Changing these habits begin in the workplace where employees spend most of their time. D1 will strive to change the culture of your organization to become more health-conscious while providing the necessary tools to take action. Can you imagine if your employees began to feel the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of a D1 Corporate Wellness Program? “D1’s management strategy helped get us in shape, while also enhancing my employee’s leadership skills. Together, we all became healthier, stronger, and more efficient in our work. We currently do and will continue to use D1’s expertise to enhance our workforce personally and professionally on a daily basis.” Gary Krow Comdata Corporation
  4. 4. why have a wellness program? Ford spends more on healthcare costs than it does on steel. Starbucks spends more on healthcare costs than it does on coffee. How much is your organization spending on healthcare? Rising Health Care Costs Over the last decade, corporate America has seen a significant rise in employee healthcare costs. Traditionally, employers have addressed cost increases by adjusting deductibles or out of pocket co-pays, usually resulting in a mere 2-3% savings. However, the most recent reports indicate that healthcare costs have increased 51% in the last five years! Employers are now paying an average of $6,679 per employee for healthcare. The dramatic increase has led employers to seek other, more aggressive cost-saving options. Cost Savings A review of published studies examining the indirect savings from worksite health programs found the following: Wellness programs realize a 28% reduction in absenteeism. Wellness programs realize a 26% reduction in health costs. Wellness programs realize a 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability claims costs. “What I enjoy most about D1 is the team atmosphere and camaraderie. The workouts are always different and challenging which maintains my interest and results are a better body.” Kelly Dean-Taylor Ford Motor Company
  5. 5. what makes the D1 corporate wellness program better than others? What is D1? “D1” is a network of high-end sports training facilities, physical therapy clinics and corporate wellness centers, which are wholly owned by current and former professional athletes that have a passion for sports, fitness and health. Why D1? Our Focus D1’s approach to wellness is results oriented, with physical participation being the focus of the program. D1 constantly recruits employees to become involved with the wellness program; and to keep the participation level high, D1 creates customized classes, workshops, challenges, and incentives for all levels of participants. By providing on-site wellness programs, compared to those that are administered remotely or via the web, D1 is able to connect with employees and develop relationships, motivate them, and keep them excited about living healthy. The D1 Environment We believe that in order for individuals to reach their potential, they must be afforded a setting that encourages participation, builds self- esteem, and rewards their efforts. D1 creates an employee-friendly atmosphere and provides coaches that motivate while TRULY caring about the progress of employees. Employees are trained in groups, creating a “team” setting that promotes accountability and success. In the long-term, we hope to change the culture of your organization to become more health-conscious. “In 2 months I’ve lost 25 pounds and never been more healthy and more energetic. D1 coaches challenge me on so many levels. Plus D1 has found a way to make fitness fun.” Dustin Hillis Southwestern Company
  6. 6. The D1 Staff D1 coaches are typically Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) with experience in the wellness industry. D1 coaches are trained to work with varying degrees of ability and health, including employees with diabetes, employees who are obese or who suffer from other conditions. Our coaches focus on participation, motivation and helping employees develop long-term healthy habits. Local Resources D1 staffs and manages all wellness centers through local D1 Sports Training facilities. Additionally, D1 partners with local sports physicians and other local medical care providers to offer a comprehensive wellness program geared towards building sustainable, long-term healthy habits for employees. Comprehensive Health Care Programs Through partnerships with local health providers, D1 Corporate Wellness is capable of offering a comprehensive health care program that will give your company access to a multitude of health care resources. Compliance with Insurance Providers D1 Corporate Wellness will ensure that criteria and standards set by your insurer are met so that awards for employees can be established, such as annual premium discounts. “I love our new fitness center and the D1 staff is great! The exercises are constantly changing, keeping my interest and body guessing. I feel great, and I know that with the help of the D1 Corporate Wellness staff I am going to become healthier and get this weight off, once and for all!” Rhonda Slagle Averitt Express
  7. 7. corporate wellness services Initial Assessment D1 will begin by providing each employee a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). We then compile and analyze the information and work with you to provide a customized wellness program designed to meet the needs of your workforce. The following is a list of D1’s Corporate Wellness Program services (additional services may be available at your request): Training Our programs are built on the foundation that physical activity is essential for good health. We attempt to get as many employees as possible out of their chairs, exercising, and back at their desks within 35 minutes or less (or another amount of time acceptable to the employer). Our coaches design fitness programs that motivate and encourage participation. Examples of programs are: Circuits, D1 Pump (a combination of strength building and cardio-kickboxing), Boot Camp, Yoga, Weight Training, and the 300 Workout. Accountability D1 knows how busy the work day can be. As a reminder for employees to place an emphasis on their health, coaches will reach out to employees, prompting them to participate in scheduled training sessions. They will contact employees via email, phone, and personal visits (so long as the organization permits) and will hold employees accountable for missing sessions. It’s also important to note that D1 coaches are evaluated on the participation and progress of the employees. The success of the wellness program is a collective effort and everyone is accountable for their role. “I feel more focused at work and have a productive outlet for handling stress. I've also seen the way you have changed lives among fellow workers especially the extremely over weight with your weight loss programs. Several of the transforma- tions have been absolutely amazing. Thank you for the innovative wellness program.” Charlie Bodkin Comdata Corporation
  8. 8. State-of-the-Art Equipment D1 will select equipment appropriate for needs, space, and budget. Voluntary Lunch and Learn Programs In conjunction with creating a positive environment and motivating employees to be active, D1 will coordinate wellness education events on relevant health topics. Program topics may consist of (but are not limited to): Diabetes - Control the Disease / Low-Fat Cooking Exercising Techniques / Mental Health Strengthening Tips Financial Guidance / Stress Relievers Heart Healthy Nutrition Guidance and Counseling Coaches and D1 nutritionists work with employees to develop a nutrition plan. The plan may include keeping an eating journal and is geared towards building sustainable, long-term healthy eating habits. The D1 Stamp on Workplace Cafteteria D1 can provide nutritional guidance and make selecting healthy choices in the cafeteria easy by placing a D1 sticker on healthy foods. “I have lost a total of 70 pounds; and more importantly, I really feel good! I have not taken a sick day in well over a year. My energy level is up and I know my ability to stay focused has drastically improved. I am grateful to Comdata for offering a D1 managed wellness center, but I also feel that part of what they get in return, is a much healthier, happier, and productive employee. I know that is true in my case.” Cathy Pryor Comdata Corporation
  9. 9. corporate wellness services through partnerships Through partnerships with local health care providers, D1 offers a comprehensive wellness program that will give your company access to a multitude of health care resources. Early detection and prevention of health risks are key components of the program. By hosting screenings and health seminars onsite at your company, employees can easily access important information they need to improve their overall health. Services include: Health Risk Assessments and Screenings options include: Personal health profile Comprehensive labwork (e.g. Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, and Iron) Screenings (e.g. body comp., bone density, blood pressure and more) Lab work options include: PSA (testing for the potential presence of prostate cancer) C-reactive protein (may predict risk for heart attack and stroke) Complete blood count Thyroid secreting hormone (TSH) CA-125 tumor marker (testing for potential presence of ovarian cancer) “D1 provides what it takes for individuals to reach their desired goals and I am honored to be a part of it.” Peyton Manning NFL Quarterback and D1 Owner
  10. 10. Health Awareness Events: These events combine clinical testing and education for a 2-3 hour time period during which participants can come and go at their convenience. Vascular Screening Chair Massage Cancer Awareness (all types) Employee Health & Fitness Day Stress Management/Awareness Men’s/Women’s Health Issues Sleep Disorders Mental Health Education Diabetes Education Stroke / BP Education Weekend Warrior Osteoporosis Risk Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis Near & Far Vision Testing Cholesterol Education Other Health Services: STRONGmommy!-Prenatal & Postpartum Program Next Step-Orthopaedic Transition Program Smoking Cessation Injury Screenings On-site Flu Shots
  11. 11. A New Culture. A New Workforce. A New Bottom Line. D1 Corporate Wellness Headquarters 7115 South Springs Drive Franklin, Tennessee 37067 p: 615.778.1893 w: © 2007 Explosion Sports Training, LLC