The uniqueness of man and woman


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The uniqueness of man and woman

  1. 1. The Uniqueness of Man and Woman
  2. 2. In Biblical Perspective Gen. 1:27 “So God created humanity in His own image, in the mage of God, He created male and female.”  Gen. 2:8 “And God saw everything that He had made, And behold, It was very good.”
  3. 3. Why study the difference between a manand a woman? To understand, accept, and appreciate the opposite sex. To learn to complement each other rather than compete. To develop wholesome relationship among friends, family circles, acquaintances and special friendships. To accomplish God;s unique role for each other thus glorifying God.
  4. 4. Understanding the DifferenceA. NATUREMAN WOMAN  A woman is soft then hard. A man is hard then  She is weak, helpless, soft fearful, but caring, He is strong, brave, compassionate and darling, firm and sensitive. decisive.  She is hard too because He can be gentle and she has her convictions sensitive. and principles.
  5. 5. The positive hard characteristic attitude of a man and the soft qualities of a woman is a combination of a good reflection of being in God’s image.
  6. 6. SuggestionsMAN WOMAN Appreciate her soft  Appreciate his positive qualities hardness knowing that it Treat her gently gives you sense of Do not allow her unique security.  Do not be resentful or feminine assets to minister you. proud if they do not possess soft qualities you have.  Do not insult or challenge their lack of softness.
  7. 7. RoleA man is born a A woman is born Protector  Helpmate Provider  Homemaker
  8. 8. As a Protector As a Helpmate (HELP MEET)  Delight in serving a Always protect a woman from danger man (start from your family) Make her feel  Encourage and secured when she is with you express confidence  Be a good listener
  9. 9. As a Provider As a Homemaker You should be  Learn to make people responsible in providing at home and for the basic needs of comfortable. your family  Set an atmosphere of Do not be dependent LOVE, warmth, on the woman for the acceptance and open financial needs communication in your Be efficient in your home. work.
  10. 10. Interest and Source of FulfillmentA man’s INTEREST is on A woman’s INTEREST is the outside such as: her home which World events includes the following: Economic Condition  Husband Friends  Children Sports  Domestic work job  Home-making
  11. 11. SuggestionsMAN(to understand a woman) WOMAN (to understand a man) Learn to listen with  Enjoy listening to him as he interest as she shares shares his world. her life and concerns.  Do not get easily offended Appreciate her if he fails to notice or appreciate your domestic achievements. accomplishments.  Do not be jealous about his job, because he is doing it for you.
  12. 12. Needs A man’s greatest need is  A woman’s greatest to be adored and need is to be loved and respected. appreciated. He seeks to be admired especially for his masculine  A woman by nature is qualities such as insecure and needs leadership, physical unceasing assurance of strength, and their own being loved and ideals, principles and convictions. secured. They thrive in love.
  13. 13. A man’s A woman’s fulfillment fulfillment comes from his comes from a successful job. happy home.
  14. 14. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Assure her always of  Admire him especially in your love. Words count his masculine qualities. a lot to her. Thoughtful  Never doubt, challenge acts are cherished by or insult his her. masculinity. Do not use her. It is  Express high regards very easy to ask favor for him in attitude, from her if she is words and actions. assure of your love.
  15. 15. Other Needs A man needs a woman’s loyalty, support, encouragement, listening ear and service. A woman needs a man’s attention. Protection, company and understanding.
  16. 16. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Learn to greet her first  Express support in his and notice even small work, visions and new or pretty things in concerns. her.  Express attitude of Make here feel that acceptance and full you are aware of her trust in victory and presence. failure.
  17. 17. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Volunteer to do  When they are hard work for her. sick, serve them Develop your well physical strength.  Let them do hard work for you.
  18. 18. PHYSICAL A man is stronger in terms of physical strength. He can exert greater energy for work. A woman has greater endurance for inner pain, stresses, illness, and shocks of her life.
  19. 19. SEXMan Woman  A woman is aroused by A man is easily aroused by sight and smell. touch and soften by For a man, sex can just be a satisfaction of a surface gentle words. physical strength.  For a woman, sex is He can be easily tempted without deeper emotional deeper. It involves soul attachment. and spirit. He has a natural desire to express his love through physical  She is usually affected manifestation like holding hands, embracing and etc. by the man she desires.
  20. 20. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Realize that sex is not love  Avoid using seductive and love is not sex. clothes. Study God’s view of sex.  Be holy and descent in your Avoid unnecessary ways. physical contact with her.  Do not yield to all of guy’s Avoid going to to places wishes. In his way, you are that will tempt you beyond helping him control himself. your control.  Avoid discussing Know your limits as a man “suggestive” topics with and you may discuss it him. with your special girl.(esp. if  Avoid going out in you are engaged) tempting places with him.
  21. 21. EMOTION A man is emotional too but  A woman is emotional and sometimes suppresses shows it. the expression of it.  Her thinking is affected by His thinking is less emotional state. affected by emotional  Her moods are state. unpredictable because it is Moods can be determined normally affected by by environmental factors. physiological changes in Generally, he is more her body. emotionally secure.
  22. 22. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Do not suppress your emotions.  Do not condemn a man who Express it. shows it. Learn to be expressive about  Do not expect him to express your emotions but with love the way you do. They are discretion. different. Accept her even if you can’t  Let God be your emotional understand her. security and not man. Just listen and avoid arguments  Do not hate yourself for feeling when she is at the peak of her unassured of his love. A woman emotion. She can’t think logically. needs repeated assurance. Understand that she needs a  Never make any major decision regular assurance of love not when you’re at the peak of your only in action but in sweet emotions. words.
  23. 23. SPIRITUAL A man is less religious than  A woman is more a woman. religious than man. He generally matures slower in his faith. But  She matures faster. once committed, his  She is concerned about convictions are deeper and “how” in reaching her stronger. spiritual goal. He knows his goal in terms of his relationship with God  She is expressive of her but he is not so concerned spiritual experience. about “how”.  She is faithful to her He is less expressive about religious obligations. his relationship with God.
  24. 24. SuggestionsFor a Man For a Woman Do not feel proud if you  Do not judge him as have deeper being less spiritual just convictions than her. because he is not expressive  Refrain from preaching Be serious in your walk with God. to him. They would rather see you live what you preach.
  25. 25. General Attitudes and CharacteristicsMan Woman Logical thinker  Emotional feeler Optimist  Pessimist Can set aside problems  Problem carrier Consistent  Changeable Direct, truthful  Indirect Democratic  Sometimes biased Decisive  Indecisive Brave, daring, adventurous  Fearful Less compassionate  compassionate
  26. 26. General Attitudes and Characteristics Practical  Idealistic and romantic Stubborn  Traditional Easily keeps secrets  Shares a lot Believes by proof  Believes by promise  Guilt-prone Resentment prone  Less competitive Competitive  Person-oriented Goal-oriented  Impulsive Evaluates then acts  Many friends but less Faithful in friendship deep Sees the whole  Sees the detail Less sensitive  Sensitive
  27. 27. General Attitudes and Characteristics Can keep problem  Needs outlet for by himself problems Treat world  Treat world personal impersonally  intuitive Analytical
  28. 28. Suggestions  Accept and understand individual difference and complement each other.
  29. 29. Conclusion If men and women accept and understand their unique differences, appreciate their individual strengths and complement in their weakness… Then, this world will be wholesome to live in. men and women will enjoy life to the fullest and will be able to live harmoniously. We can live with peace, and love.