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Candidate Manager Us Brochure

  1. 1. Your logical solution for The technology partner for e-recruitment Talent Acquisition Tel: +1 617 861 2060 Tel: 617 861 2060 One State Street 14th Floor, Boston, MA 02109 Street, Suite 1405, Boston, MA 02109
  2. 2. Contents: Introduction Features Benefits Why Candidate Manager? Results
  3. 3. Introduction: An organization’s workforce is the single most vital asset that it will possess. Consequently, as with anything so valuable, the cost and maintenance of such an asset requires extreme investment of both time and money. At Candidate Manager, we work with our clients to a solution that results in the most effective and efficient use of your time and budget. We specialize in producing cost-effective, highly functional talent acquisition software (TAS) which reduces recruitment administration and empowers your organization to hire the top talent within your industry. Over 210 organizations across 80 countries have made Candidate Manager their talent acquisition software of choice because of our leading edge products coupled with superior support and implementation process. Reduce recruitment costs by an average of 50% Reduce administration by up to 75%
  4. 4. Features: Online requisition approval – Configurable recruiter and hiring manager workflows which reduces the overall time to approve requisitions and candidate offers. Job posting – Automatic real time posting of vacancies to all of your internal and external hiring sources. Custom built screening forms – Rank, screen and filter candidates at the point of application by using our innovative form builder tool. By incorporating profiling/pre- qualifying questions you can significantly speed up the assessment time later on in your selection process. Applicant management - Track applicant’s progress throughout your hiring process. Recycle previous candidate applications using multiple searching options. Talent pools - Build a comprehensive and searchable talent pool of top rated candidates for use in future hiring needs promoting internal and external talent mobility. Response management - Communicate with applicants quickly and easily via pre-defined email and letter templates at all stages of the hiring process including interview management & scheduling. Reporting – A comprehensive reporting suite that will empower you to evaluate all aspects of your recruiting process, as well as full EEO and OFCCP reporting. Calendar– The interactive calendar allows you to schedule interviews and tasks Y and accurately monitor upcoming interviews. It links with your corporate email calendar system to ensure that all of your appointments are synchronized. Administration – Candidate Manager gives you, the user, the ability to manage and edit the self service elements of your TAS. CANDIDATE MANAGER FUNCTIONALITY REPORTING & COMPLIANCE REQUISITION EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT ONBOARDING TALENT MEDIA MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT APPLICANT TRACKING CORPORATE WEBSITE RESPONSE MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE REFERRALS INTERNAL MOBILITY INTRANET INTEGRATION WITH TESTING TOOLS JOB BOARDS TALENT POOLS AGENCIES
  5. 5. Benefits: Significant Value for Money – We strive to give you the best Return on Investment which we believe, from experience, you will reap the rewards within 6 months. Reduce your time to hire – Easily identify and remove bottlenecks from your hiring process so that new hires are introduced into your organization quicker resulting in productivity gains. Identify quality applicants quicker – Applicants are ranked based on your pre-determined criteria highlighting the top applications instantly for you to review. Reduce administration – Free your recruitment professionals from the administrative workload so to concentrate on other key elements within the recruitment process. Run recruitment reports in seconds – Measure, benchmark, optimize & assess your recruitment process based on easy to access quality metrics. Increase your employer brand – Generate a buzz in the applicant community about your organization and be viewed as an ‘employer of choice’. Get the competitive edge – Give yourself the edge in the war on talent, get the right people in quickly, easily and before your competitors do. Reduce recruitment administration by an average of 75% Reduce administration by up to 75%
  6. 6. Why Candidate Manager?: User friendliness – – Current clients utilize on average 94%their system’s functionality. User Friendliness Current clients utilize on average 94% of of their easy-to-understand interface, your team will quickly learn the system and will be With its system’s functionality. With its easy-to-understand interface, youritteam theirquickly learn the system and will be able to adopt in to will daily routine. able to adopt it in to their daily routine. focus is on ensuring that you, our client, is getting Superior customer Excellence – Our C u sservice and support that youfocus is on ensuring that you, allocated an Account the to m e r Excellence – Our need. Each of our accounts is Manager who will work closely with your business. The Account Manager will work our client, is getting the service and support that you need. towards providing you with a configurable solution and will ensure that Candidate Each of ourcapabilities are being optimized. Manager who Manager’s accounts is allocated an Account will work closely with your business. The Account Manager Flexibility – We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our product offering. Candidate will work towards providing you with a con gurable solution Manager has the ability to configure the solution to fit around your hiring process. and will ensure that Candidate Manager’s capabilities are Continuous Product Advancements – A series of new developments is added quar- being optimized. terly, based 100% on clients experience and feedback. Our goal is to maximize your F le x ib ilitusage capabilities in order to ensure that you product systems y – We pride ourselves on the exibility of our stay ahead of the competition. o ering. Candidate Manager has the ability to con gure the Enterprise functionality – Build as much sophistication into your solution to t around your hiring process. solution as you wish, simply and easily with our modular approach to Enterprise C o ntinuo us Modules include Advanced Talent Pool Management, Online Interview Functionality. Product Advancements – A series of new developments is added quarterly, based OnBoarding. Scheduling, Internal Mobility and Employee100% on client’s experience & feedback. Our goal is to maximize your systems Continuous product advancement – As a recognized innovator in the field of usage capabilities adopt an to ensure that you stay ahead of which allows us to be e-recruitment, we in order ‘AGILE’ development methodology flexible & responsive to our client’s requirements, constantly releasing new & exciting the competition. features, whilst maintaining system robustness. Signi cant Value for Money – We strive to give you the best Access to International Job Boards – Through our parent company we Return on Investment which we believe, from experience, you can offer clients access to our extensive network of over 60 different job boards across will reap the rewards within 6 months. America and Asia. Europe, Africa, North America, South Reduce time to hire by an average of 35% Reduce administration by up to 75%
  7. 7. Results: Sample clients: “Candidate Manager offered Hilton Hotels the most flexible & functional solution at a cost effective price. The entire Candidate Manager team took time to understand the needs of the business & areEach of our accounts is allocated an Account Manager crucial working with us to ensure the complete success of this who project.” “Through ility F le x ib utilizing the Candidate Manager we now can report across all of our key recruitment metrics has the ability system has also o ering. Candidate Manager instantly! The to con gure the enabled us to find talent within our applicant pool quicker while reducing our time to hire significantly” Advancements the competition. “We have moved our recruiting process all on-line through Candidate Manager.cant requisitions are trackedWe strive to give you consistent Signi All Value for Money – and now we have a the best talent poolon Investment which we believe, from experience, you Return of suitable applicants for the Bank. The system is really user friendly and was implemented with minimal disruption to our Organization.” “The introduction and consequent impact of candidate manager has been the absolute success story of the year” Reduce administration by up to 75%
  8. 8. US Canada One State Street 2 Bloor Street West Suite 1405 Suite 1501 Boston Toronto MA 02109 Ontario M4W 3E2 tel: 617 861 2060 tel: 416 323 3411 fax: 617 263 6874 fax: 416 928 6681 Ireland UK The Malt House Forsyth House Grand Canal Quay 77 Clarendon Road Dublin 2 Watford Ireland WD17 1DS tel: +353 1 4333950 tel: +44 (0) 1923 813 570 fax: +353 14333958 fax: +44 (0) 1923 813 574 email: