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Smarter than you think


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Summary of part of Clive Thompson's Smarter Than You Think book - the notion of the Centaurs

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Smarter than you think

  1. 1. Smarter Than You Think Clive Thompson (2013) Overview by R Redekopp
  2. 2. The Rise of the Centaurs Uses chess examples to show the power of human-computer collaboration. More powerful than either alone as they both have their strengths. Paper and pen were also ‘extended cognition.’
  3. 3. Centaurs ... Harold Innes (precedes McLuhan) ● Biases of today’s tools: o prodigious external memory o easier to find connections among people, ideas, pictures, etc o superfluity of communication (how many texts have you sent today?)
  4. 4. Centaurs Put another way: ● infinite memory ● dot connecting ● explosive publishing
  5. 5. Centaurs ‘Tools for thought’ upend our mental habits. Gibson - “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.”
  6. 6. Centaurs Published work becomes interactive as people make comments. A kind-of return to forums of dialogue and debate.