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Quick and easy feedback sites


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Some free online sites to collect feedback on presentations, etc

Published in: Education
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Quick and easy feedback sites

  1. 1. Quick and Easy FeedbackFree Response SitesR. Redekopp Ph.D. U. of Manitoba Oct 17, 2012
  2. 2. OverviewSites for getting instant feedback on presentations or from discussion groupsPollEverywhereTodaysMeetSurveyMonkeyTwitterDoodle (ok - this is for arranging meetings)Quick polls to insert on your page (and others)
  3. 3. Poll EverywhereSampleStrengths o Easy to set up poll o Mult choice or open ended o 40 repsonses is usually enough o multiple was to contributeIssues (it is free after all) o Need a free account o Cant tell who responded o 40 responses per poll (free account)
  4. 4. Todays MeetSampleStrengths o no account required o really easy setup o easy to add comments (stars/wishes) o can copy transcriptIssues (it is free after all) o not permanent o only open-ended responses
  5. 5. Survey MonkeySampleStrengths o Lots of different styles of questions o Fairly easy to use o Can do many, many surveysIssues (it is free after all) o only 10 questions (on free account) o need account o cant export results (can copy and paste)
  6. 6. TwitterSampleStrengths o Easy to send message o multiple ways to send messageIssues (it is free after all) o must have account o must understand how to use o temporary
  7. 7. PollsSamplesStrengths o Easy to create o Simple to respond to o Fun and opinionatedIssues (it is free after all) o Have to embed in your web space o Limited to simple questions