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Grown Up Digital - 8 Norms


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Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott. Chapter 3 where he defines 8 norms of digital age kids.

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Grown Up Digital - 8 Norms

  1. 1. Grown Up Digital Don Tapscott
  2. 2. The Study ●nGenera 2007 ●Interviewed almost 6000 people between ages 16 and 29 ●12 countries
  3. 3. Eight Net Gen Norms (Ch. 3) ●Freedom oChoice – job, identity, entertainment, shopping ●Customization oPhones, info, entertainment, jobs, shopping ●Scrutiny oThey live with spam, phishing, scams, hoaxes … oVideo ‘Evolution’ contrasted with Axe ads
  4. 4. Eight Net Gen Norms ●Integrity oTolerant, informed, safer (sex, drugs, alcohol) oDon’t like being lied to oBUT different ideas of ‘ownership’ (eg. music) ●Collaboration oChat, multiplayer games, text, Facebook … oEducation needs to take note and adapt
  5. 5. Eight Net Gen Norms ●Entertainment oWork (and school) should be fun, but not trivial oProducts should be useful AND fun ●Speed oInstant info/response, 24/7 oPurchases should arrive promptly oCreates a (false?) sense of urgency / need for urgency oNo relief
  6. 6. Eight Net Gen Norms ●Innovation oCulture of innovation – it’s expected oExpect fast decisions and changes in the workplace oThey value a flatter structure where their voices are heard