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Computer science for cs teachers


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Computer science for cs teachers

  1. 1. Computer Science Methods Course - R. Redekopp
  2. 2. Main Theme CS is NOT another Math course.
  3. 3. Course Goals ● compare and contrast the technical, educational, assessment, and professional development aspects of computer-related courses. This involves knowing the strengths and limitations of available curricula and developing curricula in situations where none are available;
  4. 4. Course Goals ● critique the current state of computer-related education in your area as a result of touring local junior high and high schools; and
  5. 5. Course Goals ● detail your own strengths and weaknesses, outlining possibilities for self-evaluation and professional development.
  6. 6. So .... some assumptions We want more students to consider CS and stay in the program once they start. We have too few females in CS courses.
  7. 7. More assumptions High school CS does not have to be university oriented - most students in intro CS courses did not take it in high school.
  8. 8. If it’s not a math course ???? You can solve equally difficult and much more interesting problems than the typical math related ones - or at least make the traditional ones more interesting.
  9. 9. If it’s not Math then ??? Graphics and animation are accessible and can provide intriguing problems to solve. Creating a visible store requires all the same structures.
  10. 10. So then what? Alternate languages - immediate feedback/visible results. It’s still procedural problem solving.
  11. 11. Language options Grades K-9 Kodu Scratch Various versions of Logo 12 Blocks
  12. 12. Language options Grades K-9 GameMaker GameStar Mechanic Cogmation Robotics
  13. 13. Language options Grades 9 - 12 All of the above can be used to show concepts and to test ideas.
  14. 14. Language options Grades 9 - 12 Alice Greenfoot Racket C++ / Java / VB
  15. 15. Assignments 1. PLN (Professional Learning Network) - The idea of this assignment is to make sure that you have established a professional learning network. You will create and maintain a web space which includes: an RSS feed, a Twitter feed, and an indication of one or more social bookmarking sites that you are using. This does not have to be limited to CS. You may include other subject areas. Add your web space link to to our class wiki. 15%
  16. 16. Assignments 2 You will write a formal research paper on a topic of your choice. The essay will be 7-10 pages in which you will: a describe the issue, b summarize the current research, c provide a critical evaluation of your findings d list your sources. Consider topics such as women in computer careers, ethical issues in teaching computer-related courses, teaching concepts not just the technical part of programmming, and effective strategies for teaching specific topics in the curriculum. APA reference style is preferred. 25%
  17. 17. Assignments 3 We will visit at least three schools to find out what is being taught in your area. You will write an informal 1 page report about each school describing courses, number of teachers, software used, and your reaction to the possibility of teaching there. You will also write a summary 1 page report comparing school programs. These will all be posted to the class wiki. 10%
  18. 18. Assignments 4 Create a presentation for our class demonstrating a lesson/unit for a computer science concept that is particularly difficult for students to learn. Include: Grade/Age, what is the concept about, what is distinctive about it, how is it usually taught and how might your approach be more helpful? Include some formative assessment strategies. Consider environments such as Kodu, Scratch, Alice, Racket, Visual BASIC, Java, or C++ or programs such as Flash. Post your presentation on your web space. 15%
  19. 19. Assignments 5 Choose an area in which you are technically weak, design and present a meaningful professional development plan for yourself, and monitor your progress. This means learning a language or program that you do not know now, finding a way to record your progress, and presenting what you have learned to others. Your presentation can be any format; describe the main concepts and the process you went through, and include examples from the actual software. 25%
  20. 20. Questions ?? Comments ???