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Magna Highland Park Testimonial 12 14 10


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Magna Detroit Testimonial

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Magna Highland Park Testimonial 12 14 10

  1. 1. C a s e S tudy Tr i logi q U S A M ATERIAL F LOW S OLU TIONSSystem Summary MAGNA SEATING CHOOSES TRILOGIQ AS THEIR• Company: MATERIAL FLOW PROVIDER FOR ITS NEW Magna Seating Detroit FLAGSHIP PLANT IN DETROIT• Trilogiq Provided: Company Description Magna Seating is an operating Structure Design group of Magna International, one of the largest automotive Project Management suppliers in the world. Assembly Services• Size: Situation Magna Seating chose Trilogiq to design and build material 100,000 Square Feet handling devices to supply a 16 hour a day, 6 days a week op-• Facility Type: eration building seats for Chrys- ler and General Motors. On top Assembly of this, a tight budget needed to be adhered to as new racking• Products Handled: was not in the original plan. Re- using old or existing containers, the money allocated for new Jeep Grand Cherokee containers was instead used for Trilogiq Quad Steer Carts Delivering Material Seating the needed material flow de- Chevy Volt Seating vices. required. All of these items added on to in length and• Material Delivery needed to be built on time and width. Assessment: Devices Utilized: Trilogiq was faced with the task on budget. of designing and building mate- Quad steer carts were devel- Quad Steer Carts rial flow devices for 2 seat as- Solution: oped to be able to deliver in Modular Flow Racks sembly lines with similar deliv- It was decided early on to at- tight spaces and maximize Hanging Bag Carts ery dates. The designs would tack the problem with designs plant capacity, and hanging bag need to be flexible allowing for that would best utilize space on carts were designed to use changes in container size as the line and maximize operator existing bags in shipping con- well as number of containers on ergonomics. As changes in tainers to save time and money. a rack. Along with flexible rack- packaging occurred due to line ing, material delivery carts and rebalancing, the modular tube hanging bag carts would be design allowed for racks to beResults:The results were impressive. The project Flow Racks: Space Savings:was completed in time for the two vehicle Over 100 racks were assembled and deliv- The space saved allowed this one facility tolaunches. As the scope of the project ered. have two seat assembly lines under onechanged and even increased, Trilogiq’s roof saving money in facilities costs. Withexperienced engineering staff and dedi- the space still open and available, Magnacated assembly team worked hard to Quad Steer Carts: Seating has the ability to put even morekeep the project on time for the two vehi- 32 carts of multiple design were built and business into the same location maximizingcle launches. delivered. One of these carts, a headrest investment and utilizing available engineer- delivery cart, is now a standard for Magna ing, purchasing and management person-The final tally was: Seating. nel.
  2. 2. P age 2 C a s e S tudy Q UA D S T E E R C A R T S — M OV I N G N I M B L Y T H R O U G H C R O W D E D S PAC E S Quad steer carts that are customized to your needs and that can move through tight spaces. That is what Trilogiq provided Magna Seating. From standard material delivery carts, to pigeon hole carts to head rest delivery carts, what- ever your need Trilogiq can deliver. Trilogiq’s patented modular quad steer base offers maximum flexibility while at the same time protecting the parts it carries. Our quad steer base is made of 2” x 2” x 1/8” steel tubing. With reinforced bearings and casters sized for tugging, our quad steer carts are built to last. From the modular steel base as a platform the top can be anything you require to solve your material delivery needs. The quad steer design ensures your train of up to six carts will move in precise lines throughout your crowded assem- bly spaces. FLOW RACKS—RIGHT SIZED AND RIGHT NOW Trilogiq flow racks are the standard in lean manufacturing. With our modu- lar tube and joint construction, the right rack for the job can be built and added or subtracted from as needed. Magna Seating needed to maximize line space. By moving away from standard 4’ or 6’ wide racking, Magna Seating right sized its racking and was able to consolidate line space. Consolidating line space decreases operator takt time, and eliminates the waste of extra motion and increases ergonomics. And because our racking is modular, unneeded racking can be taken apart and repurposed into new racking, tables, carts….whatever your changing assembly needs require. HANGING BAG CARTS —PROTECT THE PARTS YOU WORK SO HARD TO GET TO THE LINE IN PERFECT CONDITION Magna International is a leader in vehicle interiors and exteriors. They demand the best in parts quality and protection. To keep their parts from having defects from the supermarket to installation on the assembly line, Magna Seating utilizes hanging bag carts and racks to protect parts from defects in the last 50 feet of a thousand mile supply chain. With a-class surface protection where you need it, multiple part num- bers and color combinations can be sequenced to the line ergonomically in a small condensed area.
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