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Nonprofit Web Hosting Options


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A comparison of some of the options for web hosting that are free for nonprofits. Criteria included providing a domain name, not just a subdomain or subdirectory.

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Nonprofit Web Hosting Options

  1. 1. www.rrci.org MyHosting.com DreamHost.com Grassroots.org Akiela.com Kerstner.org Laneware.net ThinkHost.com AmbitiousLemon.com Ads Site-wide footer link No Banner on homepage Link on homepage No OS Windows + Linux Linux Linux Windows Windows + Linux Control panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Disk space 500MB + 500MB Unlimited TB? 10GB 25MB 500MB 1GB 1GB Bandwidth 1000GB + 1000GB Unlimited TB? 1000GB 1GB 50GB 2.5GB 35GB Static IP Free $3.95/month Free Email accounts 2500 (Exchange has 5) Unlimited 100 10 Unlimited 25 250 Email quota 7GB+ 100MB Email type POP3/IMAP/Webmail/L POP3/IMAP4/Exchange POP3/IMAP4/Gmail Webmail POP3 POP3 POP3/IMAP/Webmail DAP Mailing lists 5 Unlimited FTP 5+1 Unlimited 10 + 1 1 Yes Yes Databases MySQL+ SQL Server 2008 MySQL + SQL Server MySQL 5 MySQL MySQL + SQL Server MySQL MySQL; PostgreSQL (25MB) 2005 (250MB) # of databases 1 of each Unlimited 10 1 additional 20 DB control panel myLittleAdmin phpmyadmin Domain name Free Free Free for 1 year suspended —restrictions .org suggested Must be .org Renewal cost? $0 Yes SSL Certificate RapidSSL $15/year Shared Shared Programming PHP5; Python; Ruby; PHP/ASP/AJAX/.NET PHP5/Python/Java PHP/Python/.NET PHP5/ASP/.NET PHP4/Ruby Django SharePoint Yes No No Anti-virus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Spam filtering Yes SpamAssassin Yes Yes Yes Web Log Analysis AWStats Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Live chat Jabber 1-click installers Yes Yes CMS Yes Yes Yes Yes Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes Photo gallery Yes Yes Yes Audio streaming Yes Yes Video streaming Yes Yes Web editor Maybe Yes Support 24/7 email/chat/phone Email/wiki/forum 24/7 email/chat/phone 24/7 Email tickets Backups Daily Snapshot Daily Redundant Daily Multi-stage Daily; redundant Other restrictions Must be willing & able to Primary focus must be Single hosting plan per non- provide info for the purposes Well written business environment, grass roots Webhost reviews Sharepoint site requires a link Spam and/or bulk profit, hosted within only of creating a case study or plan & mission democracy, peace, applications near start of on the main page. emails prohibited one account testimonial, & able to statement. social/economic justice or each year complete an annual survey. human rights Other goodies Exchange supports iPhone, Free: web/graphics design, Flash/Shockwave; web Blackberry, and Windows Free: logo/marketing Shell access; SFTP; CVS; development (limit 30 pages), design templates; bonus Shell access; Subversion Mobile; free Office 2007 consultations, website WebDAV co-branded marketplace, SEO software/tools version control system license with each Exchange design; grants consultation, etc. http://bit.ly/a2hpMv account More info and how http://bit.ly/d7zQle http://bit.ly/au3jpI http://bit.ly/cotjyu http://bit.ly/awjdZa http://bit.ly/9rjtzP http://bit.ly/aOzxOJ http://bit.ly/94Pp59 to apply http://bit.ly/9QlH5b & http://bit.ly/9l0ASn