Charts book egx30 index rebalance - august 01, 2012


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CHARTS BOOK - EGX30 Index Rebalance - August 01, 2012

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Charts book egx30 index rebalance - august 01, 2012

  2. 2. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012 INDEX :Name of Securities (IN) Code Page Name of Securities (OUT) Code PageOriental Weavers Carpet Co. ORWE.CA 4 El Saeed Contracting UEGC.CA 10Egyptian Financial & Industrial EFIC.CA 5 Universal Co. For Packaging Materials UNIP.CA 11Modern Waterproofing Co. WATP.CA 6 The General Co. For Ceramic & Porcelain PRCL.CA 12El Kahera For Housing & Dev. ELKA.CA 7 Electro Cable Egypt Co. ELEC.CA 13Sixth Of October Dev. & Inv. OCDI.CA 8 GMC Group For Industrial Commercial GMCI.CA 14Raya Holding Co. RAYA.CA 9CHARTS BOOK 2
  3. 3. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012EGX30 RIC: .EGX30SIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: 4,862Pt. ) TRADING TECH- TREND : short and medium term trends are pointing up NIQUE: First Second (Bullish breakout, with above average activity, over both a falling chan- Short-Term tradersSupport 4,800 4,700 / 4,750 nel and a symmetrical triangle consolidation pattern, 50-day EMA (Days) & Medium-term is doing a great job as a moving support line, the index is over the Traders (Weeks) are advised to Hold/Buy aResistance 4,900 5,000 Ichimoku Cloud (not shown) and Double Top P&F signal is about breakout over 4,900 to materialize. MOMENTUM : Very favorable readingsStop loss 4,685 4,560 (RSI is breaking out from its own triangle, MACD is over zero and OBV is about to signal a major trend alterationTarget 5,150 / 5,450 5,800CHARTS BOOK 3
  4. 4. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012ORIENTAL WEAVERS CARPET CO. RIC: ORWE.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP19.43 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: Medium-term trend is Up again ( a decisive Short-Term traders (Days) First Second breakout over a H&S classic bottom pattern with such a thrust in & Medium-term Traders trading volume signals a sure-fire Buy signal - P&F Double Top (Weeks) are advised to BUY /Support 18.90 18.5 Buy signal has been materialized (not shown)) BUY on a dip to the breakout level.Resistance 22.0 - A sure-fire 10% up-side poten- MOMENTUM: Similar breakout in RSI and OBV tialStop loss 18.40 - (Momentum indicators agree on the new up-thrust move) You will run the “Liquidity Risk”Target 22.0 -CHARTS BOOK 4
  5. 5. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012EGYPTIAN FINANCIAL & INDUSTRIAL RIC: EFIC.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP10.45 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: Confluence of resistances at current levels; Short-Term traders (Days) First Second (The security faces currently a multiple degree of moving resistance are advised to Buy. Con- lines and the 200-day EMA, price is over the Ichimoku Cloud (not servative Short-Term trad-Support 10.20 10.0 shown) which is bullish and the question you must ask now is; ers & Medium-term Trad- Make or Break? MOMENTUM: OBV says it will break ers (Weeks) are advised toResistance 10.5 10.85 the 10.85 and MACD says may be (The Volume indicator, Buy a decisive up-breakoutStop loss 10.0 - OBV, has cleared its prior swing high and as this indicator always over 10.85 precedes prices, we can say that the security may penetrate the 11.0Target 12.0 13.0 level soon, MACD has bounced off the zero line which is bullish.CHARTS BOOK 5
  6. 6. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012MODERN WATERPROOFING CO. RIC: WATP.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP2.02 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: The trend still Bearish but Repeated pattern Short-Term traders (Days) First Second is taking place; Watch out for a reversal in a medium- are advised to Buy only a de- term trend (The security is below Ichimoku Cloud, which is cisive breakout over 2.08.Support 2.0 1.95 bearish, but a possible Double Bottom pattern is taking place, vol- Medium-term Traders ume is increasing on the second up-leg and taking out a declining (Weeks) are advised to BuyResistance 2.08 2.18 / 2.27 red trend line, 50-day EMA and a horizontal green trend line (All only a decisive breakout overStop loss 1.90 1.82 around 2.10 / 2.25) is all what we need for a nearly 20% upside po- 2.27 tential. MOMENTUM: RSI is over the 50-line againTarget 2.27 2.5 / 2.70 (but we need more positive signals from MACD and OBV)CHARTS BOOK 6
  7. 7. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012EL KAHERA FOR HOUSING & DEV. RIC: ELKA.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP4.29 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: Medium-term trend still in a balance state, Short-Term traders (Days) First Second while short-term one is under a stress test (The security & Medium-term Traders faces a juncture zone @ 4.35 / 4.4 and only a decisive up-breakout (Weeks) are advised to Hold,Support 4.20 / 4.25 4.15 Buy a breakout over the first over this range, with explosion in trading activity, would alter the short-term look) resistance zone (provided,Resistance 4.35 / 4.40 4.5 / 4.7 Volume is high and MACD is MOMENTUM: MACD faces a resistance (we haveStop loss 4.15 - nearly the same message from MACD; the security still weak and, over the zero), and Cut Loss- so far, we have no early signals that a breakout will take place.) es below 4.15Target 4.70 5.0CHARTS BOOK 7
  8. 8. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012SIXTH OF OCTOBER DEV. & INV. RIC: OCDI.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP16.84 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: A medium-term and a short-term sideway Short-Term traders (Days) First Second moves are easily seen with naked eyes (Just trade a range are advised to Buy a breakout and Buy / Sell breakouts.) over 16.85, take profits nearSupport 15.70 13.0 18.60 and then Buy a breakout over later level. CutResistance 16.85 18.60 MOMENTUM: MACD @ support (RSI over the 50-line losses below 15.7. Medium- again and has successfully reversed the down trend, but the OBV isStop loss 15.6 12.9 bearish with series of lower highs, however, we have an early sig- term Traders (Weeks) are nal that clearing the first resistance level may take place.) advised to Buy a breakoutTarget 18.5 24.0 over 18.60. Take profits nearCHARTS BOOK 8
  9. 9. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012RAYA HOLDING CO. RIC: RAYA.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP4.38 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: The trend is down after a decisive breakout Short-Term traders (Days) First Second below the classic H&S topping pattern (The security is are advised to Sell a breakout below the Ichimoku Cloud (not shown), which is bearish, no Buy below the 4.28 level. In case,Support 4.28 4.03 the security successfully pen- signal in the P&F H/L chart and as long as the security fail to deci- sively penetrate the second resistance range, you shouldnt think etrated, all traders, especially,Resistance 4.40 / 4.48 4.60 / 4.70 about any buying opportunity in the security.) the Long-term tradersStop loss 4.25 - MOMENTUM: RSI short-term positive divergence (Months) are advised to Buy signal has been materialized (but we still need to see a a decisive breakout over aTarget - - breakout over both the 50-line and a declining trend line.) second resistance range.CHARTS BOOK 9
  10. 10. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012EL SAEED CONTRACTING RIC: UEGC.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP1.14 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: The medium-term trend is clearly down Short-Term traders (Days) First Second (and the short-term one is taking the lateral shape after failing to Are advised to trade a range, attain the declining resistance line of the falling channel. As a re- Buy a breakout over 1.15Support 1.12 1.08 sult, different trading techniques should be used. A decisive up- and take profits near the se- breakout, with heavy volume, over 1.15 may open the gate for an- cond resistance zone. Medi-Resistance 1.15 1.20 / 1.25 other test to the second resistance level. um-term Traders (Weeks) MOMENTUM: MACD found support @ the zero are advised to Sell ralliesStop loss 1.07 - line (which is bullish, so far)Target - -CHARTS BOOK 10
  11. 11. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012UNIVERSAL CO FOR PACKAGING MATERIALS RIC: UNIP.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP7.90 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: Testing the low with nearly no activity (is a Short-Term traders (Days) First Second major bullish signal, keeping in mind the structure of the possible Are advised to Buy on a dip Bottom formation. When you see a significant pick up in trading and/or Buy a breakout overSupport 7.5 / 7.60 7.3 activity with a breakout over 8.4 / 8.5, you need to call your broker 8.40 / 8.50. Medium-term and tell him to Buy in.). Don’t be aggressive here, just wait for a Traders (Weeks) are advisedResistance 8.10 8.25 decisive up-breakout to materialize. Conservative long-term traders to Buy a breakout over 8.4 / should wait for a decisive up-breakout over 10.0. 8.5. All traders are advised toStop loss 7.5 7.3 MOMENTUM: RSI is over 50 and rising, MACD is Buy a breakout over 10.0.Target 10 15 over zero and risingCHARTS BOOK 11
  12. 12. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012THE GENERAL CO. FOR CERAMIC & PORCELAIN RIC: PRCL.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP4.52 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: The medium-term trend is up again (Taking Short-Term traders (Days) First Second out the early July swing high @ 4.44, with multiple closes over it & Medium-term Traders and with explosion in trading activity, signals a beginning of a new (Weeks) are advised to Buy aSupport 4.45 4.25 up-trend.) pull back move to the MOMENTUM: New high in MACD & Important breakout range (4.25/4.45)Resistance 4.75 / 4.80 5.0 and/or Buy a breakout over resistance in RSI (indicate that a consolidation near theStop loss 4.20 - breakout range (4.25 / 4.45) may continue for some time before a 4.80. Hide in cash below the serious up-thrust move.) rising green trend line.Target 5.0 / 5.30 6.0CHARTS BOOK 12
  13. 13. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012ELECTRO CABLE EGYPT CO. RIC: ELEC.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP0.77 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: Down to sideway as seen via the weekly All traders are advised to First Second chart. Long-term trend is bearish as seen via the Sell Rallies.Support 0.73 / 0.74 - Ichimoku Cloud (price and lagging line is below the A decisive up-breakout over Cloud) the first resistance levelResistance 0.83 0.90 should triggers your Buy stop.Stop loss 0.68 - MOMENTUM: Long-term momentum readings is below the mid-points and acceleratingTarget - -CHARTS BOOK 13
  14. 14. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012GMC GROUP FOR INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RIC: GMCI.CASIGNIFICANT LEVELS: BOTTOM LINE: (Last Price: EGP2.47 ) TRADING TECHNIQUE: TREND: The security tries to bottom out ( a decisive up Short-Term traders (Days) First Second -breakout over 2.50/ 2.60 is a must before jumping to bullish con- are advised to Buy dips clusion. - Long-term Ichimoku Cloud is still very bearish)Support 2.47 / 2.50 2.35 Medium-term Traders MOMENTUM: Bullish up-breakout over symmet- (Weeks) are advised to Buy aResistance 2.60 2.85 rical triangle in both the Price Momentum RSI & the decisive breakout over 2.62Stop loss 2.40 - Volume Momentum OBV (This indicates that price may doTarget 3.5 - the same in the near future.)CHARTS BOOK 14
  15. 15. JAZIRA SECURITIES BROKERAGE CHARTS BOOK Wednesday, August 01, 2012 Jazira Securities Brokerage Jazira Securities Online Trading 15 Shooting Club Street, Mohandessin You can trade online through Jazira Securities online Tel: (+202) 3760 9983 - 37609941 trading portal ... Fax: (+202) 3760 9883 Please contact our customer Service representatives for further information..JSB Contacts Title Land Line Mobile EmailHussein El Sawalhy, CFA Managing Director (+202) 3760 9915 +20100 1410 690 helsawalhy@jaziracapital.comAhmed Helmy Head of Sales & Trading (+202) 3760 9915 +20100 1004 482 ahelmy@jaziracapital.comRamy Rashad, CMT Senior Technical Analyst (+202) 3760 9973 +20100 8385 501 rrashad@jaziracapital.comGeorge Mansour Customer Service (+202) 3760 9941 +20122 9214 069 gmansour@jaziracapital.comDoaa Osman Customer Service (+202) 3760 9941 +20122 7552 436 dosman@jaziracapital.comAhmed Hamdy Online Trading Technical Support (+202) 3760 9941 +2012 0227 732 Disclaimer  Jazira Securities Brokerage (JSB) is a licensed Egyptian Stock Market Broker, regulated by the Egyptian Financial Service Authority.  Opinions, estimates and projections contained in the research reports or documents are of the author as of the date published and are subject to change without notice  JSB research reports or documents are not, and are not to be construed as, an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.  Unless otherwise noted, all JSB research reports and documents provide information of a general nature and do not address the circumstances of any particular investor.  Neither JSB nor its mother company (Jazira Capital), or any of its affiliates accept liability whatsoever for any investment loss arising from any use of the research reports or their contents.  The information and opinions contained in JSB research reports or documents have been compiled or arrived at from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.  JSB, Jazira Capital or any of its affiliates and/or their respective officers, directors or employees may from time to time acquire, hold or sell securities mentioned herein as principal or agent.  JSB research reports and all the information opinions and conclusions contained in them are protected by copyright.  The research reports or documents may not be reproduced or distributed in whole or in part without express consent of JSB Research.  JSB research reports or documents, recommendations and information are subject to change without further notice .CHARTS BOOK 15