Performance PerformancePerformance<br /><br />(941) 981-3913<br />Presented By:<br />Raymond A. Rannal...
Soaring <br />Eagle <br />Consulting, Inc.<br />So what does performance mean to businesses?<br />We recently helped one i...
What does Performance mean to our clients?<br />It means:<br /><ul><li>More Profit
Lower Costs
Improved productivity
Competitive Advantage
Best use of their technology investment</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
What Does this mean to you?<br />It means:<br /><ul><li>Solving sticky issues
Helping your business deliver better results
Competitive advantage
Satisfied users
The knowledge of having one of the most experienced database teams supporting your efforts!</li></ul>Because Performance M...
So who is Soaring Eagle Consulting?<br /><ul><li>A  12 year old Tampa Based Consulting company specializing in IT Performa...
Owned by Jeff Garbus – A consultant, author and lecturer with more than 20 years of database performance experience
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Soaring Eagle capabilities presentation 2011


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Soaring Eagle Consulting has been assisting clients of all sizes and geographies maximize database performance for their organizations for more than 14 years.

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Soaring Eagle capabilities presentation 2011

  1. 1. Performance PerformancePerformance<br /><br />(941) 981-3913<br />Presented By:<br />Raymond A. Rannala<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  2. 2. Soaring <br />Eagle <br />Consulting, Inc.<br />So what does performance mean to businesses?<br />We recently helped one internet company reduce database response time from 7 seconds to a sub-second response.  This directly improved their web customer retention rate by 3% improving their monthly sales by $100,000.<br />Another client of ours was able to save the $250,000 that they were about to invest in new hardware. Our consultant identified database performance issues as the true source of unacceptable performance rather than the hardware constraints as they had guessed.<br />We helped a financial services company reduce the time it took to run a mission critical management report from 47 hours to 30 seconds. FSA Financial Services<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  3. 3. What does Performance mean to our clients?<br />It means:<br /><ul><li>More Profit
  4. 4. Lower Costs
  5. 5. Improved productivity
  6. 6. Competitive Advantage
  7. 7. Best use of their technology investment</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
  8. 8. What Does this mean to you?<br />It means:<br /><ul><li>Solving sticky issues
  9. 9. Helping your business deliver better results
  10. 10. Competitive advantage
  11. 11. Satisfied users
  12. 12. The knowledge of having one of the most experienced database teams supporting your efforts!</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
  13. 13. So who is Soaring Eagle Consulting?<br /><ul><li>A 12 year old Tampa Based Consulting company specializing in IT Performance - Database Performance in particular
  14. 14. Owned by Jeff Garbus – A consultant, author and lecturer with more than 20 years of database performance experience
  15. 15. Author of 17 books on database performance. (Google him)
  16. 16. Newest book coming out June 2010
  17. 17. 20+ Consultants, Technical writers, Trainers, Staffing and Sales Professionals
  18. 18. We have clients throughout the US, Canada and Europe – referenceable!
  19. 19. Microsoft Partner
  20. 20. Database Experts!</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
  21. 21. What Services do we offer?<br /><ul><li>Consulting
  22. 22. Performance & Tuning
  23. 23. System Assessment
  24. 24. Emergency assistance (911db)
  25. 25. Database design and architecture for;
  26. 26. SQL Server
  27. 27. Oracle
  28. 28. Sybase
  29. 29. DBII
  30. 30. Application design and development
  31. 31. IT Strategy for growth or restructuring
  32. 32. Business Continuity
  33. 33. Retained Services
  34. 34. Performance Software
  35. 35. Confio Performance Software
  36. 36. Precise APM Software
  37. 37. SafePeak</li></ul>db<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  38. 38. What Services do we offer? (Continued)<br /><ul><li>Managed Services
  39. 39. Oversight db™ - Remote Database Administration
  40. 40. rpm™ - Remote Performance Management
  41. 41. Analytics on Demand – Advanced Business Analytics
  42. 42. Training
  43. 43. SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase
  44. 44. Performance & Tuning
  45. 45. Systems Administration
  46. 46. Microsoft Certified Trainers
  47. 47. Confio & Precise training
  48. 48. Staffing
  49. 49. Contract- Permanent
  50. 50. Interim CIO</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
  51. 51. Retained Consulting Services<br />Retained Services<br />Expert Assist is a program designed to schedule our top consultants for onsite visits on a periodic basis to address issues before they become critical. We can also schedule specific mentoring time to answer questions, offer best practices and share optimization techniques with your DBAs, and developers while onsite. Services include: <br /><ul><li>Assess current performance, systems administration, code, coding standards, preventive maintenance,
  52. 52. Evaluate reliability, scalability, architecture, environment, security, and best practices
  53. 53. One-on-one or one-to-many mentoring sessions to answer questions, help code, teach new techniques, enhance current techniques, review performance, act as a sounding board, offer guidance etc.</li></ul>Emergency Services<br />911 db is an optional offering of our retained services. The program is designed to provide emergency database performance and restoration service at critical times to assist Clients in restoring services in order to provide business continuity to the organization. <br />By using this service in conjunction with either Expert Assist or rpm, the hourly rate is discounted by 50%. If neither service is ordered, a retainer fee is required in order to have a consultant available on an on-call basis. There is a one hour minimum for each 911 db call. Soaring Eagle guarantees a 4 hour response but will make every effort to have a qualified consultant respond as close to immediately as possible. VPN or equivalent access is strongly recommended to ensure the fastest problem resolution time. <br />db<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  54. 54. Remote Database Management Service<br />Remote Database <br />Administration Services<br />Provided and managed by the premier Database performance company in the industry<br />Small and midsized businesses have the exact same critical need for DBAs that larger organizations have. The major difference is that they don’t have the same resources and enterprise operations. Even for companies that already have in-house DBAs, outsourcing production database administration can free up DBAs to focus on strategic and mission critical activities. <br /><ul><li>We provide Expert, Remote, 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring Support for Oracle, SQL, Sybase and DB2 database technologies.
  55. 55. Standard and Proactive monitoring support which not only deals with issues as they arise, but prevents operational surprises.
  56. 56. A full time, dedicated, remote DBA working evening hours (10:00 PM ET –6:00 AM ET), Monday –Friday, not including weekends and normal US holidays. Coverage time may be shifted.
  57. 57. 16 hours per month of remote, pre-emptive and proactive Principal DBA services
  58. 58. Immediate Escalation -Principal DBA and Replication Phone Support </li></ul>…All for about half the cost of a DBA<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  59. 59. Confio Ignite Performance<br />Confio Ignite solves database performance problems. Built on twin foundations of Performance Intelligence and Wait-Time measurement, Ignite for SQL Server identifies the bottlenecks that cause applications to wait on SQL Server, reduces the cost of database operations, and drastically shortens the time to resolve database problems. For DBAs and developers, Ignite goes further than any tool to find the source of SQL Server bottlenecks.<br />Conventional tools measure server health; Ignite measures wait time. Conventional tools show just current statistics; Ignite uses Performance Intelligence to analyze historical trends and uncover the root cause of slow queries.<br />Ignite Highlights<br /><ul><li> Identify key offenders, those queries using excess SQL Server resources
  60. 60. Identify development changes causing SQL Server to slow down
  61. 61. Achieve faster problem resolution by finding true source of hidden bottlenecks
  62. 62. Communicate across developers and DBAs to show why apps are slowing down
  63. 63. Always on, with no load on production servers, to see all the problems
  64. 64. Wait Time Analysis exposes delays in end user service
  65. 65. Agentless Monitoring results in no system overhead</li></ul>Ignite is the only tool that captures and graphically analyzes all the SQL Server wait type data, showing exactly which queries are waiting on critical resources and what can be done to fix them. The result is DBAs find SQL performance problems and fix them fast.<br />Because Performance Matters<br />7<br />
  66. 66. Remote Performance Management<br />rpm™ Service Overview. <br />The i3 application performance monitoring suite has amazing capabilities to monitor existing application issues, as well as to perform predictive analysis on monitored systems. Many IT organizations clearly see the benefit, of the i3 tool but simply do not have the time to set up alerts, perform predictive analysis, or to check i3 for issues unless somebody calls with an issue or complaint. While i3 is an ideal tool to help IT managers be proactive, it is more often than not used after the fact as a reactive measure to help resolve a serious problem. <br />Soaring Eagle Consulting’srpm™ service enables your company to be proactive. By taking advantage of the features inherent in the i3 solution, we establish remote alerting, add ourselves to the alert lists, and follow up with you according to our established service agreement. This innovative service also delivers proactive tuning by our performance experts. They take a direct, hands on approach addressing negative trends and averting calamity.<br />This arrangement can range from simply alerting your team via email to an issue or potential issue, up through Soaring Eagle taking the reigns and directly enacting corrective measures. In essence, we can fix the problem or tell you how you can fix the issue. Your preferences and corporate policy will dictate the level of corrective action we will take. <br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  67. 67. Service Deliverables<br />“An Expert Set of Eyes”<br />Each service level includes up to 8 hours per month of direct interaction from one of our team of world-class DBAs or developers. Our response will depend upon the nature of the alert that is being identified. In addition, you have on-demand (prioritized) emergency performance & tuning advice. We offer 3 Service levels.<br />We’re alerted when your system is performing sub-par, and act accordingly. You receive a monthly report of changes / recommendations. This report includes predictive analysis of systems monitored. Up to 4 Servers Monitored. Service monitored normal business hours. Up to 10 hours per month of performance recommendations<br />SILVER<br />All Silver-level services, plus proactive tuning on (at least) a weekly basis. Extended service coverage – 10 hours per business day. Up to 15 hours of performance recommendations per month. Up to 8 servers monitored.<br />GOLD<br />All Gold-level services and monitoring on a follow the sun basis. 7x24 monitoring. Up to 12 Servers monitored. 15 hours of performance recommendations per month. 20% discount on extra hours on any on site or off site service.<br />PLATINUM<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  68. 68. Training<br />Our trainers have real world experience, many have published books. All are professionals in the classroom. We are offering training in many disciplines. We also offer mentoring. Mentoring is designed to instruct your DBA‘s on your systems while in the course of doing a system review or performance and tuning engagement.<br />Soaring Eagle Provides:<br /><ul><li>Generic Database Courses
  69. 69. SQL Server Training
  70. 70. Intro to MS SQL Server
  71. 71. SQL Systems Administration
  72. 72. Advanced SQL Admin.
  73. 73. Designing indexes for Performance
  74. 74. More…
  75. 75. Sybase Training
  76. 76. Intro to Sybase
  77. 77. Practical Systems Admin.
  78. 78. Adaptive Server Performance & Tuning
  79. 79. Sybase 15 for Developers More…
  80. 80. Oracle Training
  81. 81. Intro to Oracle for SQL Server and Sybase Developers More…
  82. 82. Project Management
  83. 83. PMP Certification, Six Sigma</li></ul>Because Performance Matters<br />
  84. 84. Some of our clients<br />“We are delighted to be judged by the company we keep!”<br />Because Performance Matters<br />
  85. 85. Thank you!<br />How can we help you?<br />Ray Rannala<br /><br />(941) 981-3913<br />Because Performance Matters<br />