Sharing experiences over the time-1


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Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. We are working speading , sharing knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at Also visit and search using key word - earthsoft Read and view picture Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you! - Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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Sharing experiences over the time-1

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India This time will also pass...I read a story about such advise. Good or bad, time waits for no one. People say forget the past. Its a question, should we forget which has taught us so much? I remember past for the following reasons 1. Prices then and now 2. Scarcity then and now 3. Concept progressively vanishing 4. Good and bad experiences then and now 5. People & their performances then and now Prices then and now... I came to Pune in ’79 after 12th for doing further study in engineering at College of Engineering. I distinctly remember prices of following then and now. Prices what I remember during childhood and now # Item Earlier Now Remark Year Price (INR) Price (INR) 1 Edible nut Oil per kg 1974 -76 4 -6 150 2 Gold per 10 gm 1975 200 30,000 3 Silver 1975 500-700 40,000 4 Vada plate – 2 pieces Uttapa 1979 0.60 1.10 30 55 At mess in ‘79 5 Meal at mess 1980 2.70 40 6 Movie Ticket 1975-79 0.3 to 1 120-400 Motivation then 7 Flat per sq ft 1986 240 9000 8 Plot per sq ft 1992 130 3000 - 4000 9 Sweet Pill 1972 1 Paise 1 10 Marriage management 1980 8k -10k 1,000,000 11 School fee 1972 36 10,000 12 College fee 1979 180 100,000 Scarcity then and now I have observed public in masses get anger and frustrated due to scarcity if particular item. It is a cycle which evolves. Politicians, Businessmen and entrepreneurs pick up those opportunities and supply meeting the need and life goes on smoothly. # Item Year of scarcity till Year since managed 1 Rice – Limited rice used to get distributed by grocery & ration shops 1970-75 Plus 1980, thanks to Indira Gandhi for green revolution 2 Landline connections & mobiles 1990 Rajeev Gandhi with Sam Pitroda revolution of telecommunication
  2. 2. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India 3 School / College admission 2000 Commercialisation of schools, education, Thanks to Vasant Dada Patil, Dr.Patangrao Kadam & D.Y.Patil like personalities. Reasonable good quality of education is made available. We should have ample IIT & IIM now 4 Electricity 2013 Needs to solve 5 Communication, email, fax, internet 1997 Thanks to invention connecting two computers, enabling communication 6 TV Broadcasting 1977 1987 - 88 Limited to Metros, and just one channel as Doordarshan Later cable broadcasting, multiple channels, 7 Medical health and hospitals 1980 Larger hospitals are built progressively inviting privatisation 8 Transport 1980 City to city travel was dependent on state transport, progressively private sectors started city to city travelling arrangements, improvement train & aeroplane reservation systems helped. 9 Retail grocery & cloth shops 2000 Super market started by private sector 10 Kerosene like fuel 1992 Post economy revolution & de-licensing, India started importing to meet the demand. 11 Vehicles – 2 wheeler , 4 - wheelers 1982-83 There used to be huge demand, booking system and on money to be paid to get a vehicle, thanks to Maruti who broke the monopoly! 12 eCommerce 2002 Its progressing and having huge potentila 13 Banking 1969 2002 Thanks to Indira Gandhi for nationalisation of the banks Later internet banking helped to grow the sector 14 Stock market 1992 Thanks to Dr.Manmohan Singh for bring revolution in stock market operations post Harshad Mehta scam 15 Roads 1988 India started building highways since 1988 however impact was seen post year 2000, thanks to Vajpayee Govt 16 Tourism Industry 1995 Its growing but not to its potential due to various issues like infra-structure, security, mentality of cheating & exploitation, etc
  3. 3. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India Concept progressively vanishing 1 Family doctors 2 Dedicated teachers 3 Culture and heritage, respect, close relationship & friendship 4 Arranged marriages & long term commitments 5 Honesty, integrity, respect, love, affection, binding within friends & families, patience! 6 Healthy life Good and bad experiences then and now Positive points are educational support offered by social trusts and relatives; professionalism, tourism attitude is changing positive, while negative points are as financial cheating and mismanagement, diminishing social respect & harmony, value of commitment, and fairness, growing negative attitude and denial of justice! # Brief experience Year Remark W R 1 Professor of mathematics asking to join his tuition without fee 1979 Such passionate & dedicated teachers would be difficult to find 10 10 2 Support for education by social trusts and relatives 1979- 83 Have I supported anyone for education or survival or support? 10 10 3 Theft of brief-case and snatching of a gold chain 1988 Is a part & parcel of life, would we have a day when everyone is rich and want to live with self respect without any kind of theft what so ever! 4 -5 4 Secretary of society cheated in- spite of giving crossed cheque 2013 This was a shocking & height of dishonesty 6 -6 5 Friend was paid more money by mistake and he accounted it against donation given by him 2013 Heard stories of people asking donation back! 9 -9 6 Cheating by promoters offering private placement 1992 No justice till today. Do we get justice? 7 -8 7 Denial of medical insurance though case was genuine 1999 Filed a case & lost! Do we get justice? 9 -6 8 Passion and dedication of supervisor teaching basics of professional life 1983- 91 Do we have such supervisors? 10 8 9 Snatching esop back and offered at prevailing price as service charges, blame of the theft of design document 2006 Do you come across such mentality? Trust and long term relationship were at stake! Thinking and talking face is so different! 10 -7 10 Not controlling out-going emails if it is on your behalf 2006 It could be blunder and can change your life! 6 -7
  4. 4. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India 11 Pulling plug of financial support in partnership 2006 Would you believe closest of the friendship? 10 -7 12 Losing hard earned money in speculation 1992- 2012 Would you speculate ever? 8 -7 13 Losing money by portfolio managers 2006- 13 Would you appoint a portfolio manager ever? 9 -6 14 Not earning and social work at free 2013 Is it recommended? Would you command a respect from family members and social community? 10 10 15 Someone would commit you donation or work to be executed and would not turn back 2013 New lessons to many more? 8 -6 16 Extraordinary support by family members and supervisor at odd time 2006- 13 Are you lucky to have such family and friends? 7 8 17 Not filling the fuel of the ordered quantity 2013 Had to threaten for the action, this is frequent unfortunately 7 -7 18 Not conserving hard earned money with ignorance, emotional attitude 1992 7 -8 19 Tour at North India and south India 2011- 13 Amazing experience, no cheating, no much bargaining, attitude is positive 10 10 20 Relative not caring for a mother 2013 This attitude is rising in society 10 -10 21 Non availability of family & even known doctors during emergency 2013 Sunday or afternoon of any day or late hours, doctors are not available 9 -9 22 Monks collecting money & not utilising it for educational or health causes 2013 8 -5 W – weightage of importance , R – Rating People, their performances and then I remember personalities of past and observing few of those now. Have they performed or pretended to perform or in fact have few of these people cheated the masses? # Person Performance 1 Morarji Desai during 1977-79 Could not bind Janata party together, stubborn as well greedy! 2 V.P. Singh Cheated the nation trying to implement Mandal commission report for vote bank politics Mistake respecting him a lot, wrong judgement of mine like others. He ditched to Hon. Rajeev Gandhi 3 Atal Bihari Vajpayee National highway, progress on atomic energy, Could not stop corruption of party members 4 Narayana Murthy A true role model of honesty, trust, transparency, passion,
  5. 5. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance 1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411 007 India determination! 5 Sudha Murthy True role model of compassion, simplicity 6 Rajeev Gandhi Visionary, responsible for bringing revolution in telecom and computers Have been ditched by friends and colleagues 7 Dr.Manmohan Singh Great economist, polite, grounded, responsible for economic & stock market, banking reforms & revolution since 1992, deep believer of democracy, extraordinary honesty, integrity & loyalty 8 Indira Gandhi Determined leader, affirmative, assertive, responsible for nationalisation of banks, green revolution, winning war against Pak, a blot of emergency! 9 Aasaram Bapu Mostly proved to be cheating people, no character base 10 Sis. Shivani Extra ordinary peaceful mind, happy life, promoting & changing lives of millions 11 Narendra Modi Assertive, aggressive, leader , blot of Gujarat riot 12 Bureaucracy Earlier received acknowledgement and reply, now a days no reply to single letter of suggestion or complaint!