Mirror camera device


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Its a innovative concept, to capture all events of the life for all family members.

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Mirror camera device

  1. 1. A device having mirror and camera Objective : Everyone is growing day by day but no one captures it. Here is a device which will capture such event day by day. 1. Have the best quality of toughened mirror used for daily use to comb for family members 2. Have a digital camera fitted on it 3. Have a LCD screen for viewing photos / videos 4. Have a simple OS a. Existing 6 folders having originally name as F-1, F-2,etc, can be renamed for family members. (I am making it simple for just 6 members of family for simplicity), can be navigated by anyone once identified being a registered user. Also renaming can be avoided, members will be designated by age like oldest member in family as folder 1 b. Can store photos and video c. Can browse and display photo d. Can prepare and play video e. Web enabled so that photo can be shared f. USB port so that copy can be prepared 5. Have a finger biometric identification for a member of family, registration done using a finger biometric identification and name and photo 6. May have a projector as a attachment (optional) 7. Have an internet connection 8. Button for click of photo and finger mark is common. It identifies and confirms the registered users and then user clicks a photo 9. Browsing – one can see the photos by scrolling or by date 10. Video making – every day photo clicked gets appended in a video 11. Working a. A mirror is hanged on a wall as usual b. A member wants to comb to be ready for a day c. Member stands in front of mirror.
  2. 2. d. A member presses button for identification and presses the same for a click e. A photo thus captured having date & time mark f. Photo can be viewed. Also photo of any day can be pulled based on date and viewed. g. Video is appended with photo, can be played 12. One would have entire growing pattern how age-wise someone has grown, almost every day basis! 13. A facility to see video on periodic basis like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and decade, user needs to put a starting date and period 14. This concept can be extended for capturing the events of a day, etc but to be avoided to make this device simple. 15. Benefits a. Emotional event with love & affection, family togetherness & discussions b. Folders for celebrities can be sold later and periodically c. Its fun! Idea is conceptualized by Rajendra Rakhecha, can be contacted at rrakhecha@hotmail.com and rrakhecha@gmail.com He is also an author of this document. Patent under processed.