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Microsoft improvements

  1. 1. Improvements needed for Microsoft OS, products, servers, and website Saluting the huge positive change brought by Microsoft in everyone’s life, here are few Suggestions:- 1. Microsoft has to offer highest priority for smoothest customer’s experience. Can user work using MS products like a plug and play? E.g. while installing Windows, can it be as easy, displaying the progress, either with CD or if connected with internet. 2. Make these products interactive, user displaying progress bar while formatting 3. If external hard disk is not working...analyse , keep posting the conclusion and display progress bar once it is connected till operation ends. Make just plug and play work! 4. None of the products work smoothly on huge data..e.g outlook, xls, ppt, etc. Surely these are not tested for the same. 5. Improve performance and reduce resources. 6. Strategy for improving quality of the products to be drawn. Please employ a Japanese expert as a Head of quality. Re-organise the testing team. Get unit, integration and application testing done to appropriate depth, quantum, etc. Check rate of defects (no. of defects per hour) reported. Resolve integration issues like It allows long file name however does not move displaying error & even termination of copy/ move operations. Make the team passionate, challenge developers how can there be any bug in your program? Define ownership of the defects for developers & testers. 7. While issue is being reported online, allow user to enter criticality. Involve users to improve. 8. Allow multithreads work efficiently. 9. Display correct data.. e.g. while copying progress bar displays wrong data always like time needed to complete the operations 10. Revamp website and make it efficient. Reduce number of clicks while searching a solution to problem on website. Make it efficient. Most of the time tonnes of the content is displayed however not useful. Get the entire content reviewed by content writers. Make downloads simple and with fewer clicks without user to get lost. 11. Offer simple but important features like size of the folder to be displayed. Can multiple processes be selected using check boxes while killing those? 12. Be ethical in business. Charge once only; do not make any product obsolete. While doing so, just ask for add-on price. Also educate dealers and users. Publish a simple half a page document as a check list what user should check while purchasing. 13. Educate the users...e.g. 1000 GB external hard disk recommended for partition for eaze of operations like security check, formatting, etc Hope you will take care of above on priority and Wish you all the best for your future growth.