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Do & don't
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at
Also has links for all ppt files.


Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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Earthsoft do and do-not-20-dec-09

  1. 1. Edge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making Earth little softer
  2. 2. Making earth little softer GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office •Religious activities •Listen to all •Motivate all •Plan periodic enjoyment •Educate the children •Takeout time for them •Forgive petty things •Understand they are god’s gift •A role model for members of family •Be angry •Shout/ fight / argue •Cheat, theft •Ditch •Be egoistic •Watch TV more than limit •Ignore children & take them for granted •Throw frustrations at children •Expect them to do whatever you think is right
  3. 3. Making earth little softer •Aim for higher education of your liking and love •Respect teachers •Study hard & smart way •Understand topic logically •Plan for study & Exam •Spread the knowledge •Enjoy the learning •Cultivate at least one hobby •Help/ guide for education •Avoid bad friend circle •Copy during examinations •Choose higher education based on what is hot in market •Worry if you are not scoring high GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  4. 4. Making earth little softer •To be good human being, respect all individually •Love, care & Trust •Be vegetarian •Build values and principles •Cooperate society members •Take care of parents •Follow traffic rule •Help accidental cases •Spread education awareness •Help society that needs you •Keep society clean •Blame, Misguide, hate, •Be cunning •Be corrupt, accept bribe, tell lie •Misbehave, compromise core values, Carry grudges •Spit at places & throw garbage •Drive rashly •Waste resources •Accept false god-man •Ask for dowry •Shout / beat who are weaker •Build inferiority complex GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  5. 5. Making earth little softer •Work sincerely & aim excellence •Keep healthy competition •Aim for higher growth •Keep teaming, Friendly with all •Respect all colleagues •Take a firm stand •Keep transparency •Follow the leader •Create climate that rewards honesty & hard work •Communicate effectively •Behave political •Stripe •Hit below the belt •Be immature •Break the hierarchy •Harass anyone •Tolerate harassment & non sense •Be too formal •Discriminate over caste, gender •Be jealous of others growth •Ditch to employer GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  6. 6. Making earth little softer •Exercise daily and remain fit •Eat healthy food •Monitor health periodically •Be lazy towards exercise •Ignore small health issues •Eat unhealthy food •Drink alcoholic drinks GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  7. 7. Making earth little softer •Plan the finances •Be honest, Repay loans •Keep account regular •Plan & execute budget •Keep commitments •Give donations as feasible •Conserve money •Invest in appreciating assets •Invest safely •Be careful & cautious •Create as much wealth as possible •Gamble, speculate beyond risk •Be greedy •Increase luxury & unnecessary needs •Borrow than repayment capacity •Get cheated GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  8. 8. Making earth little softer •Plan family with consensus •Say NO firmly to undesired sex •Perform Illegal sex •Ditch your partner •Have sex before marriage GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  9. 9. Making earth little softer •Pay all taxes regularly •Respect Govt authorities •Be co-operative •Offer justice •Manipulate taxes •Point finger blaming the authorities •Divide community GovtHealth Money SexFamily Education Social Office
  10. 10. Making earth little softer
  11. 11. Making earth little softer Thank You