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Earthsoft avoid ragging


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Ragging is social illness, let us stop ragging, save career & life of students, save branding of college, circulate to as many friends & colleges
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at
Also has links for all ppt files.


Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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Earthsoft avoid ragging

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
  2. 2. Index• What is ragging • Ragging: Legal Eye• Seed • Law Enforcement• Types • Ragging: Misperception• Ragging: Stakeholders • Ragging: Societal Denial• Ragging: Statistics • Myths and Facts• Be careful… • Actions to be taken• The Vicious Circle • Solution Directions• Consequences of Ragging • Measures• Negative impact • College Authorities• Impact on family & college • Government regulators• Psyche of a Ragger • Media• Ragging: Cases • Don’t rag, interact, report• Ragging: Views • Conclusion Making earth little softer
  3. 3. Objectives• To educate students by sharing • Impact of ragging • Punishment due to ragging• To encourage senior students to stop ragging• To establish public opinion against ragging• To share the myths about ragging• To share social & noble work being done• Thank you authors for available content on web Making earth little softer
  4. 4. What is raggingRagging is any systematic human rights abuseand disorderly conduct,• by words spoken or written, or by an act• has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness indulging undisciplined activities• which cause or are likely to cause annoyance, or psychological harm or fear or apprehension• in any student, a fresher or a junior student• which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment• so as to adversely affect their psyche and• to exert their dominance over the juniors Making earth little softer
  5. 5. Seed• The ragging problem is a legacy of the British,• Who imported the practice to India• Ragging is termed as Hazing, fagging, horse- playing, bullying, etc.• First ragging related death occurred in 1873 in Cornell University in the US• Extreme forms of hazing have disappeared in Britain, till continue in India & Asian countries• Strict laws were made in various countries, their Universities devised alternative methods of interactions and seeing positive effect Making earth little softer
  6. 6. Types• Ragging act may be combination of one or more in terms of verbal, physical & sexual aggressionForms of ragging• Forceful Introduction• Dress code ragging• Verbal torture using abusive & vulgar language• Demanding undisciplined abusive acts• Playing the fool, misguiding, harassing, etc• Sexual Abuse or Physical abuse• Drug Abuse Making earth little softer
  7. 7. Ragging: Stakeholders Police Family Senior Students Counselor Legislation Hostel Victim University Law Society Digital Media Social Media Making earth little softer
  8. 8. Ragging: Statistics Statistics 2007-2008 Annual avg Remarks (03-08)No of cases 89 46 Doubled Deaths 11 5.6 Doubled Form of 43% Physical 44% Physical No change ragging Place Engg – 31 Engg - 32 No change Medical – 17 Medical – 17 Other - 52 Others - 51 Police 50% 54% No changeintervention Making earth little softer
  9. 9. Be careful…If it is proved YOU have ragged the complainant(student), it will• Liable Non-bailable warrant against YOU• Liable YOU for arrest without warrant• Get YOU terminated from college• Land YOU in Jail• Punish YOU with Imprisonment Making earth little softer
  10. 10. The Vicious CircleStudents believe• Its their right to rag their juniors• It is only the way of interactions with freshers• Ragging will help freshers later• It is now their turn to rag others• They being ragged are familiar with their seniors thus it ensures the legacy of ragging Making earth little softer
  11. 11. Consequences of Ragging• Severe stress, sleepless nights & worries• Serious psychological trauma• Post traumatic stress disorders• Physical injury through beating, hitting by object or by forcing to perform dangerous tasks• Fear, anxiety, depression• Forceful initiation to alcoholism, smoking, drugs• Group violence• Running away from college & hostel• It leads to mob mentality and violent mindset• Can also result in deaths. Making earth little softer
  12. 12. Negative impact• Permanent scar due to ragging may haunt for years in victim’s mind• The victim declines into a shell, forcing himself into ignominy and alienation from the rest world• Ragging causes grave psychological stress and trauma the victim• It demoralizes the victim & dreams get shattered• Those who succumb to ragging may drop out thereby hampering their career prospects• Incidents of suicides have also been reported Making earth little softer
  13. 13. Impact on family & college• Parents undergone severe stress when they see their child suffering in pain and stress.• Has to incur medical & incidental expenses to rehabilitate their child• To bear the trauma of seeing prospective career coming to an endHow ragging impacts the educational institutions• Lowers the branding & character• Lowers reputation and goodwill it has built• It destroys the respect and faith of the society Making earth little softer
  14. 14. Psyche of a Ragger• Ragging is not merely socio-legal problem but it has a certain psychological basis tooFew possible reasons that initiate ragging :• Sense of Authority• Means of Retaliation• Sadistic Pleasures• Peer pressure• Fashion Statement Making earth little softer
  15. 15. Psyche of a Ragger• Discrimination based on caste, region, language, class etc plays a vital role for ragger.• It is reciprocation to injustice for seeking justice• It is considered as courage of seniors. Many succumb to peer pressure.• Lack of affirmation & assertiveness, saying No firmly to wrongful deeds• Due to rush and excitement in the group the seniors get carried away and ragging turns ugly.• Students consider ragging as an old ritual having social acceptance• Victim is the next perpetrator Making earth little softer
  16. 16. Ragging: Cases• Medical student lynched - Himachal Pradesh• Freshers kills two seniors who tried to rag him - Andhra Pradesh• C. Lalitha, victim’s mother, commits suicide - Andhra Pradesh• First year student gang-raped - Kerala• Girl forced into group sex - West Bengal• Principal beats up students for complaining against ragging - Madhya Pradesh• Physically challenged girl student assaulted - Andhra Pradesh Making earth little softer
  17. 17. Ragging: Views• ―Ragging in essence is a human rights abuse. In present time, shocking incidents of ragging have come to the notice. The student is physically tortured or psychologically terrorized‖ — Supreme Court of India (Feb 11, 2009)• ―If education is to serve as the lever to the great surge forward of the Indian nation, the scourge of ragging which corrodes the vitals of our campuses needs to be curbed‖ …• … Ragging adversely impacts the standards of higher education …‖ — Raghavan Committee Making earth little softer
  18. 18. Ragging: Legal Eye• Ragging means the doing of any act which causes or is likely to cause any physical or psychological harm of apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student.It includes -• (a) teasing or abusing or playing practical joke on, or causing hurt to any student Or• (b) asking forcefully any student to do any act, or perform anything which he/she would not in the ordinary course be willing to do perform.‖ Making earth little softer
  19. 19. Ragging: Law Enforcement• Colleges have not equipped to handle cases• Loss of reputation is a dis-incentive to act ―it was a prank‖• Very difficult to establish the legal case, very little proof exists• Victim anonymity a big concern, complainant is ostracized• Cases: Jyoti/Vivek Ranjan, etc. • … ―academic pressure led to suicide‖ … • … anonymous complaints untenable … Making earth little softer
  20. 20. Ragging: Misperception• Societal Acceptance & Denial• ―Boldness‖, ―Growing up pill‖• Law Enforcement vs. Reputation• ―It was a prank‖• Victim’s character assassination• Psychology Vicious Circle – victim becomes the perpetrator, cycle goes on…. Making earth little softer
  21. 21. Ragging: Societal Denial• Ragging makes the fresher BOLD• BOLDNESS is standing up against oppression, not succumbing to it!• Ragging helps breaking the ice with seniors• Archaic method of interaction• Ragging is not considered a social evil.• Colleges deny its acceptance in campus for their good reputation and to avoid the possibility of strike and hooliganism by students.• Most seniors have indulged in it as seniors and later justify it’s morality Making earth little softer
  22. 22. Ragging: Societal Denial• People consider ragging as simple teasing, dancing etc. as usually portrayed by the media and doesn’t know its real extent in hostels.• If people come across any severe case of ragging they take it as an exception.• When a ragging incident is reported, then since it involves a severe punishment, it generates sympathy towards the senior and leads to compromise and suppression of the case.• All these facts hamper in establishing a public opinion against ragging Making earth little softer
  23. 23. Myths and Facts• Myth: Ragging makes students bold & strong, preparing them for the difficult circumstances• Fact - It teaches them how to be exploited and mutely, non resistively accept it.• Myth: Ragging helps in breaking ice, better interactions and developing friendship between seniors and freshers.• Fact: Ragging is a archaic method with several harmful effects. With advance psychological science there are healthy & effective ways of interactions without human rights abuse. little softer Making earth
  24. 24. Myths and Facts• Myth: Ragging generate the feeling of unity and oneness.• Fact: Ragging divides the students on the lines of cost, region, class, seniority, strength, etc. It sets mob mentality students• Myth: Severe ragging is not prevalent any more.• Fact: Severe ragging is widely prevalent in most of the colleges & hostels. There have been more than 25 deaths due to ragging in 7 last year The problem is not yet solved, it is just hidden. Making earth little softer
  25. 25. Actions to be taken• File First Information Report (FIR) with police• Stringent & immediate actions by the Anti- Ragging Committee depending upon the nature & could be one or more in combination• Cancellation of admission from college & hostel• Withdrawing scholarship, fellowship, benefits• Debarring from tournament, youth festival, etc• Financial fine of Rupees 25000/- or more• To resort collective punishment• To report incidents of ragging, actions taken and the status updates to the Council immediately Making earth little softer
  26. 26. Solution Directions Alternate effective interactions Strict Law Awareness Enforcement & Education Making earth little softer
  27. 27. Measures• Ragging is a menace that need to tackled by the government & educational authorities together• Responsibilities to be fixed in case ragging happens At College level At Government level Awareness & Educational To implement anti-ragging programs across institutes guidelines. Promoting introductory Task force to monitor the session & SNS, cultural activities events for fresher-senior Pro-active checking in the National level awareness hostels and anonymous & educational campaigns , surveys with freshers promotion of anti-ragging Making earth little softer
  28. 28. Measures Making earth little softer
  29. 29. Ragging: College Authorities• Clear accountability of the college staff in case of any ragging incident• More authorities to college-hostel administrators• Regular checks, visits to rooms, and interactions-feedback by the hostel warden• Simplification of ragging complaint system, friendlier, safer & confidential for the freshers• Immediate enquiry & action by administrators• Administrators to be in close contact with freshers to instill a sense of confidence• To ask parents to educate their child Making earth little softer
  30. 30. Ragging: College Authorities• Sessions to introduce freshers to seniors• Promote alternative methods of interactions eg. Dramas, Dance, Sports, Trips, Games & Gathering in the presence of hostel warden,• Encourage making friends using social media networking website• Introduce the concept of sub-group mentorship, with few chosen seniors responsible for the well being of different groups of freshers.• Assign local guardian to all fresher from seniors• Colleges to appoint moral tutors for the purpose Making earth little softer
  31. 31. Ragging: College Authorities• Create a massive nationwide awareness• Funding for intensive research on ragging• To make ragging a social evil • To highlight its ill-effects • To establish a public opinion against it • To seeking help of print & digital media • To spread negative word using social networking websites• In an event of severe ragging, victim must be given an option to change the college/hostel Making earth little softer
  32. 32. Government & regulators• To implement anti-ragging guidelines• To monitor activities of task force• To train the administrators• To manage national level awareness campaigns• HRD ministry to co-ordinate intensively across• To establish clarity and accountability between various stakeholders• To incorporate Lesson related to ragging in school curriculum & educate• To setup a toll-free national level helpline• To encourage NGOs working in the sector Making earth little softer
  33. 33. Media• To sensitise media for its role in ragging eradication• To bring out the larger problem of ragging• To spread awareness about severe punishment• To established ragging as a social taboo• To utilise SNS websites to create social awareness & anti-ragging environment Making earth little softer
  34. 34. Don’t rag, interact, report• Toll free Helpline No - 1800 180 5522 or 155222• Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE); Email - • Website - • Blog -• Regulatory bodies like• All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)• University Grants Commission (UGC)• Medical Council of India (MCI)• Dental Council of India (DCI) Making earth little softer
  35. 35. Conclusion• The Indian govt has banned ragging , but still we hear many incidents every year• Let us join hands• Let us make a difference• Let us put a stop• And put an end to this evil!• Don’t rag….interact and behave! Making earth little softer
  36. 36. Thank You Making earth little softer
  37. 37. Reference slides Making earth little softer
  38. 38. Cases• New Delhi, August 21, 2011 Read colleges-declines-hrd-statistics/1/148712.html• Aman Kachroo was all of 19 and in freshman year of medical school when, fed up with the incessant ragging by his seniors, he decided to end his life on March 8, 2009• Four senior students of a Himachal Pradesh medical college, whose savage ragging killed 19-year-old Aman Kachroo last year, were handed four years rigorous imprisonment by a Dharamsala court on Thursday.• Read more at: suicide-after-being-harassed-by-seniors/1/127916.html• Patna, January 28, 2011 - First year student of Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) 18-year-old Sunny Kumar Roshan committed suicide after being allegedly harassed by his seniors.• Thursday, Ashwani Pratap, an MBA student, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his house in Patna.• Read more at: suicide-after-being-harassed-by-seniors/1/127916.html Making earth little softer
  39. 39. Cases• Ramjas College on Thursday suspended a BSc student for allegedly ragging his classmate. (Read more at: student-suspended-for-ragging/1/113761.html• Ghaziabad engg student Abhishek, a student of SRRM Engineering College family alleges ragging student-dies,-family-alleges-ragging/1/109226.html• Student loses eyesight after raggingHeadlines Today | May 9, 2010 21-yr-old Abdul Latif loses vision in one of his eyes after being ragged by seniors at the National College of Engineering in Tamil Nadu.Read more at: 82.html• Ragging: Student tries to kill selfHeadlines September 7, 2010 Vishal Yadav, 18, a B.Tech student of the Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology (PSIT), Kanpur, consumes insecticide disturbed over his ragging.Read more at:• Ragging MMS rocks BHU; 4 students held. Read more at: held/1/113009.html Making earth little softer
  40. 40. Actions• 29/india/28298295_1_highest-number-total-cases-deaths-rise• PUNE: The academic year 2009-10 registered has highest number of ragging deaths in recent times in the country. Maharashtra is one of the two states that have registered highest number .In the last 12 months, 19 cases of deaths and 4 cases of attempted suicides allegedly due to ragging were reported. This year, a total of 161 complaints of ragging have been made by victims across the country as against 195 complaints received during the same period (January to August) last year. A decrease of about 17.4 per cent in the incidents of ragging in comparison to 2010• Maximum (50 complaints) have come just from two states - Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal• Three students were rusticated from a dental college in Rajasthan, five suspended from dental colleges in Rajasthan, two students were not enrolled in a college in Orissa and Assam this year• Ragging cases double, deaths rise too• Taken an undertaking from the students at the time of admission, stating that they will not aid or abet ragging on campus• Read more at: statistics/1/148712.html Making earth little softer