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"Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. We are working speading , sharing knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx. Also visit www.slideshare.net and search using key word - earthsoft Read http://tl.gd/jm1gh5 and view picture http://twitpic.com/cept60 http://www.slideshare.net/rrakhecha/efg-activities-of-one-year27-mar2013 Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you! - Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer.."

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  • & commanding the ownership
  • E.g. say for Japan focused business, Today only Ikkyu resources (Top grade of examination) are needed while few years before getting Yonkyu (4 th grade) resource would be great excitements
  • Which is the most difficult task achieved in the world? Keep reading Health – Happy – Hard work Work hard ; Party hard
  • 35 part 2 - earthsoft-path ahead - guidance to professionals

    1. 1. Making earth little softerEarthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent
    2. 2. Making earth little softerEarthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) has uploaded followingpresentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspxBe mentor using your education, knowledge & experience tocontribute for a social cause & do conduct free training seekinghelp of existing platforms. Kindly share with your friends•Motivation for higher study, Planning for study, Educationguidance, Career guidance, Career available after SSC & HSC•Personality development – 3 files•How to prepare resume, Tips to attend interview successfully•Religion related –To understand basic religion, Do & Don’t tips•Health related - Be vegetarian, Be healthy, Manage health•Corporate - Project management, Assertiveness, Ownership,Effective communication, Leadership, Be entrepreneur•Finance - To avoid speculation in stock market•Social - Women empowerment, Choosing life partner, conflictresolution, stop ragging, stop alcohol, snakebite treatmentAbout us
    3. 3. Making earth little softer• Transform the vision• Infosys & Wipro• What is success• Passion for success• Success to organisation,delivery & me• Scenario & expectations• Fittest would survive• Create outstandingleaders• Quality• Reliability• Value additionIndex• Innovation• Competition• Expectation management• Knowledge• Incompetency• Communication• Convergence• Time management• Work hard & be owner• Delivery• Industry standards• Career path
    4. 4. Making earth little softer• Dell has a vision to sell computer frommanufacturing floor to the door step of individualPC buyer across the globe, he did it!• Miracles can happen, Miracles do happen• Have vision defined for your career, you can doit!Transform the vision
    5. 5. Making earth little softer• Ability to grow multifold• Maintaining the alignment of common objectives& mission across the organisation• Large sized and broad base of clients• Wonderful rate of growth in past• These are potential entities to be a role modelsInfosys & Wipro
    6. 6. Making earth little softer• To make a unique identity in the masses• To develop yourself in all aspects so as to be afirst choice for any assignment in theorganisationWhat is success
    7. 7. Making earth little softerKey to Success• Attitude• Knowledge• Hard work• Honesty• Ownership• Passion• Ability to motivate• Cooperation and• Respect• Let us discuss one example of success withoutabove attributesPassion for success
    8. 8. Making earth little softer• It is a nature’s LAW• Applicable to individuals & organization• Strong & automatic mechanism needed, like anengine to deliver an extra ordinary high quality &in time as committed• Set yourself to do in different way• Keep enlarging on the success by simple &small stepsFittest would survive
    9. 9. Making earth little softer• To transform diversity into a homogeneousintelligent ability• Every individual employee feels to be the anowner of the organisation• Each individual employee priorities professionalwork over personal work• Automatic mechanism to deliver qualitydeliveries in time thus excellence lasting forever• To achieve & maintain the target• To keep growing business objectives• Minimum attrition, employees feel at homeSuccess to organisation
    10. 10. Making earth little softer• Capabilities of various departments Marketing,Sales, Delivery , Quality, Finance determine thesuccess of the organisation implies• 100 % success rate & repeat customers due tomanagerial & delivery capability• Meeting all technical challenges• Achieving excellence quality and in time• Executing most economical ways, limited tomaximum customer’s budget• Customers delight, not only satisfaction• Not ONLY retention, growing customer revenue• To propagate the strengths acrossSuccess to delivery
    11. 11. Making earth little softer• To make a unique identity in the masses : Insociety, in School & colleges , in Organisationand within family & friends• To develop myself so as to be a first probablychoice for any assignment in the organisation(phone should ring at my desk!)• To live with restless (passion) & peaceful mind(contended, mature), with satisfaction &happiness derived from every assignment• Strong believe that no one can negotiatewrongful deals with me• I will bring a change for living beingsSuccess to me
    12. 12. Making earth little softer• Your employment is a big opportunity• Believe that hard work pays off• Gaining an experience• Higher growth, good money• Plan a career, Build strong technical foundation• Gain as much & variety of experiences• Pick up and ask for as many assignments, workfor as many hours of a day, do not look at watch• Make foundation strong – at least for 2 years donot thinks about salary, technology, specificproject, etc; just focus on assignments• Keep positive attitudeScenarios & expectations
    13. 13. Making earth little softer• Try to compete assignments in time, withhighest possible accuracy & efficiency• Communicate ideas and suggestions• Follow the role models analyzing their uniqueattributes• Do you know Dr. Kalam used to work in labs for24 x 7, remain dedicatedScenarios & expectations
    14. 14. Making earth little softerLeader who• Can think & act globally• Can think strategically & draws a roadmap• Ability to handle Cross cultural skills• Protects interest of organisation• Leads from the front• Is acceptable to all• Is customer oriented• Committed to excellence (not only the quality)• Put forth aggressive commitmentsCreate outstanding leaders
    15. 15. Making earth little softerLeaders who• Does multi-tasking• Possesses self confidence & problem solvingabilities• Builds the start performers & team• Supports people to achieve excellence• Is Mentor, coach and role model• Gives & receives feedback• Who understands own nuisanceCreate outstanding leaders
    16. 16. Making earth little softer• Must become an intrinsic culture of anorganisation• Function is to be called Mission.• Not negotiable• Is not limited to project deliverables but alsoabout resources, infrastructure, life style, etc• Awareness saves the cost of implementation byreducing the cycle time & efforts required• Would you like to deliver poor quality?Quality
    17. 17. Making earth little softerCostChinaJapanVietnam• Example of Honda motor-cycle• Low quality motor cycle factory is closed thoughit was cheaper by 1/3rd price• Japan – 1500 USD• Vietnam – 800 USD• China – 500 USDIndiaQuality
    18. 18. Making earth little softer• Minimal supervision• Minimal follow-up• Lesser investments of supervisors• Measure your own reliability periodically & atevery stage• Keep your own commitments• To develop “Come what may” “do or die”attitude• Try to do it right first time and with all theabilities you possessReliability
    19. 19. Making earth little softerFollowing create an attractive value proposition• To add value to the customer’s requirements• Comparative cost advantage• Maximsing return on client’s investment• Availability of well trained professional• Innovative delivery models• Highest quality delivery & support services and• Lower defects• Timely risks mitigationValue addition
    20. 20. Making earth little softerTo be innovative• Excellence & Innovations is not a battle withothers; it is a battle you play with yourself, byconstantly raising the bar and stretchingyourself• It makes the journey itself very satisfying andpersonally enriching• It can be small ideas & suggestions• Propose more than one alternatives aftertechnical & practical feasibilityInnovation
    21. 21. Making earth little softer• Coming year likely to be more challenging ascompetitive environment is intensifying day byday• We need to reinforce & enhance our skills inknowledge, relation building, delivery & qualityprocesses a bit more aggressiveCompetition
    22. 22. Making earth little softer• What has changed in last year is “ customer’sexpectations”, nothing else.• Yesterday’s quality delivery has become todaysexpectations• The benchmark for what constitutes superiorquality keeps moving upward.• Customers want more for less, and then, a littlemore for a little less.Expectation management
    23. 23. Making earth little softer• To increase the emphasis on reuse oftechnology & business knowledge componentsto increase the profitability & productivity• Keep knowledge assets in a commonrepository, it is asset for the individual andorganisationKnowledge management
    24. 24. Making earth little softer• If people make the same mistake twice, thatmeans they’re incompetent.• To measure the in-competency periodically & ateach stage• In highly competitive edge, there is no place forincompetency• Who would like to be incompetent?• Would you like your subordinate to beincompetent?• How do we overcome incompetency? Have selfappraisal & Plan to be competent for the skillsyou have been hired!Incompetency
    25. 25. Making earth little softer• Extremely polite behavior & communication withclients & colleagues• Protocol with the customer to be set up at thestart of the project and followed during theexecution• Offshore & onsite communication model to bestrengthened by enhancing communicationskills & infrastructure• Must understand & communicate clearly• Take opportunity to explain• It is important to get connectedCommunication
    26. 26. Making earth little softer• Reviews of each deliverables help to improve• Quality of deliverables / reports• Sending reports just is not enough• Has communication happened?• What is the grade of report• Has it gone timely?• Is it graphical?Communication
    27. 27. Making earth little softer• It saves tremendous amount of resources liketime, energy, etc• It can be observed if you have ability to trustothers capability• Wrong perception could be hindrance toachieve convergence so clean the slate beforediscussions• Reviewing is not dis-believing• State clearly if you have different views atappropriate forumConvergence
    28. 28. Making earth little softer• Conserve as much time• Make use of time available ; work with youraims• You have infinity ability, do not decide itslimitations and constraints• Engineers can solve most of the problems asscheduled, Astronauts landed on Moon asplannedTime management
    29. 29. Making earth little softerTime management
    30. 30. Making earth little softer• Extract from NEWS paper about Premji:• To achieve this goal, the CEO sees only onepossible solution: work, work, and more work. “Ifwe hadn’t worked hard, we wouldn’t be wherewe are today,” he says. “Work is the only way tosurvive in a competitive environment.”• Let us encourage OWNERSHIP of individual• Its not mandatory, those believe firmly mayfollow it• It certainly changes lifestyle of individualWork hard & be owner
    31. 31. Making earth little softer• Creating the future leaders by way of educating• To plan for Business Leaders Program - todevelop commercial orientation, businessdevelopment, legal & customer interaction skills• Freedom to express appropriately & atappropriate forums• Encourage innovation• To teach & allow individuals to be owners• Continuous learning & development of theemployeesDelivery
    32. 32. Making earth little softer• To have eye for the detailing• Create specialists with in-depth knowledge oftechnology and domain• Strategic Leaders Program - for topmanagement.• To explore & utilise the complete talent ofresources• Ability to timely deliver better than expectedquality at budgeted costDelivery
    33. 33. Making earth little softer• Client, Management, Sales, Delivery, Quality,Finance, various divisions and each individualwould need to agree established processesand industry standards, thus converge / aligneach individual to organisational objectives• Must deliver what is committed• Plan the work based on industry standard• Workout the plan on daily basis• Improve small delta whatever & wheneverFollow industry standards
    34. 34. Making earth little softerIdeal 8 hours taskPractically it may take 6 hours or12 hours, better own it to ourselvesCustomer would judge you for delivered quality,efforts consumed & schedule to deliverFollow industry standards
    35. 35. Making earth little softer• Always say “Yes”• Saying “No” is to say no to opportunity; value ofassignment must be understood• Discuss with friends• Build give & take relationship• Appraise yourself• Do SWOT analysis; understand strengths andovercome the weaknesses• Understand lacking areas of your skillscompared to your boss; and try to acquirethose!Career path
    36. 36. Making earth little softerThank You