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35-Part 1- Earthsoft- Path Ahead- Guidance to Professionals

"Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. We are working speading , sharing knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at Also visit and search using key word - earthsoft Read and view picture Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you! - Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer.."

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35-Part 1- Earthsoft- Path Ahead- Guidance to Professionals

  1. 1. Making earth little softer Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance Edge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent
  2. 2. Making earth little softer Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) has uploaded following presentations at Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct free training seeking help of existing platforms. Kindly share with your friends •Motivation for higher study, Planning for study, Education guidance, Career guidance, Career available after SSC & HSC •Personality development – 3 files •How to prepare resume, Tips to attend interview successfully •Religion related –To understand basic religion, Do & Don’t tips •Health related - Be vegetarian, Be healthy, Manage health •Corporate - Project management, Assertiveness, Ownership, Effective communication, Leadership, Be entrepreneur •Finance - To avoid speculation in stock market •Social - Women empowerment, Choosing life partner, conflict resolution, stop ragging, stop alcohol, snakebite treatment About us
  3. 3. Making earth little softer • What we hear • What is success • Success is related to • Methodology of study • Importance of time • Sample time table • Planning for examination • Wish – A poem of La Mancha • Career tips • What you want to be? • Influencing factors • How do u decide? • Evaluate yourself • Holland’s Hexagon • Cycle Index • To evaluate course • What will make Career • Career tips • Attributes to success • Best Career • To get recognition • Dos & Don’t • Skill enhancement • Mistakes & happiness • Points to ponder • Commitment & Oath • Stop eating Non-veg food • Stop Smoking • Stop Alcohol & its impact • Conclusion
  4. 4. Making earth little softer • You must be successful • Try hard till you are successful • You need to be restless while eyeing for success • Do whatever but be successful! What we hear
  5. 5. Making earth little softer What is success
  6. 6. Making earth little softer What is success
  7. 7. Making earth little softer What is success Success means • Timely closure of clear vision • Deriving expected quality • Integrating various events • With associated people • Following highest ethical values • Impacting lives of living being positively
  8. 8. Making earth little softer What is success Person Role Organisation Creation Creation Event Education Career Relationship Image Process Process Wealth Person Person Spiritual State of mind Goal
  9. 9. Making earth little softer Success is related to Person Relationship Role Self Image Organisation Goal Creation Process Function Wealth Education Spiritual understanding Profession / Career State of mind
  10. 10. Making earth little softer Success is related to Impacting Whom?
  11. 11. Making earth little softer Gems of Wisdom
  12. 12. Making earth little softer Methodology of study Read the complete content & understand fundamentally Do imp. points & formulae by heart Select Unit (Para, Topic, Page) Practice by writing on paper Read once again & confirm Solve all problems & preserve notes Solve the question paper of earlier years & compare with answer sheets Study ideal answer papers
  13. 13. Making earth little softer Importance of time • To realise the value of Time & its management • 1 Year – Ask a student who has failed in exam • 1 Month – A mother delivered premature baby • 1 Week – An editor who has to publish a weekly • 1 Day – to a daily wager heading family of 8 • 1 Hour – Ask a lover who is waiting to meet • 1 Minute – A person who has missed a train • 1 Sec – A person who has survived an accident • 1 milli-Sec – An runner who won the Gold medal • Time waits for no one, treasure every moment you have, conserve & utilise every second • If you do not respect your time, who will?
  14. 14. Making earth little softer # Time slot Hours Preferredtopic Remark 1 12:00:00AM-6:00am 6hours Sleep Rest 2 6:00am-7:00am 1.0hour Exercise,Yoga,Meditation,Getready (Breakfast,Bath,etc) 3 7:00am-10:30am 3.5hours Study 4 10:30-11:00 am 30min NewsPaper 5 11:00am-2:0pm 3hours Study 6 2:00pm- 3:0pm 1.0hours Lunch,TV,Friends,chat,etc 7 3:00pm- 6:0pm 3hours Study 8 6:0pmto6:30pm 30min Indoor-OutdoorGames Entertainment 9 6:30pm- 9:30pm 3hours Study 10 9:30pm- 10:30pm 1.0hour Dinner,TV,Friend,Chat,etc Relaxation 11 10:30pmto12:0am 3.5hours Study OrCollege Sample time table Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet
  15. 15. Making earth little softer • Note the date carefully, Do not make mistake while noting down the time table • Plan for at least three revisions of study • First revision of 3 to 5 days of study per subject • Second revision for one day of study per subject • Third revision just before day of exam • Keep time for practical separately Planning for examination Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet
  16. 16. Making earth little softer To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe, To bear the unbearable sorrow, To run where the brave dare not to go, To love the pure and chest from a far, To right the unforgivable wrong, To try when your arms are too weary, To reach that unreachable star, This is my quest to follow that star, No matter how place, no matter how far, To fight for the right, without questions without pause To be willing to march into hell for heavenly cause. Wish – A poem of La Mancha
  17. 17. Making earth little softer जे अशक्य वाटते ते स्वप्नं मला बघ्याची आहे ज्या शत्रूचा पराभव करू शकत नाही त्या शत्रूचा मला पराभव करायचा आहे कुणाला सहन होत नाही ते दु:ख मला सहन करायचे आहे, ज्या ठीकांनी धाडशी माणसं जाण्याचे धाडस करत नाही त्या िठकाणी मला जाऊन धाव्याचे आहे, ज्या वेळी माझे पाय थकले आहेत हात थकले आहेत, माझे संपूणर्ण शरीर ठाकले आहेत, पण मला समोर माझे यश िदसत आहे त्यावेळी मला यश कडे माझे एक एक पावूल टाक्याचे आहे, त्या यशाला मला गाठ्याचे आहे, मला त्या यश प्राप्ती साठी संघर्ष र्ण करायचा आहे, मला कुठले िह कारण चालणार नाही, मला कुठला िह थांबा घ्याचा नाही, माझी नरकात जाण्याची तयारी आहे, पण त्याला कारण सोगीय असले पािहजे . . . Wish – A poem of La Mancha
  18. 18. Making earth little softer Career tips
  19. 19. Making earth little softer What you want to be? Chef Masonry Pathologist Painter Sport Teacher AccountantBanksFinanceAdvisor Stock market Consultant Journalism TV-news TV-Finance HardwarePower stnSteelSatellite Mech Mining Software Civil FitnessDoctors Nurse Diet Media Medicine Pharma Space NavyPilotMilitary QualityLawyerLibrary Beauty Radiologist RailwayIASPolice NGOSocial Peace
  20. 20. Making earth little softer Influencing factors
  21. 21. Making earth little softer How do u decide? Ability + Aptitude + Interest + Personality + Motivation + Influences = Career Choice Professional choice – Aspirations, assets and market reality
  22. 22. Making earth little softer Evaluate yourself Criteria Parameters Quotient Memory Intellectual Emotional Influence Self Parental Friends & relatives Ability Sustain pressure Response to change Quick learner Personality Attitude Culture Value Hobbies Habits Health Traits Communication Leadership Stability Excitement Passion to learn Enjoy to study Liking & Interests Body Thin Normal Builder
  23. 23. Making earth little softer Evaluate yourself Criteria Parameters Nature Entrepreneur Management Follower Assertive Aggressive Happy go lucky My world Social Dreamer Disciplined Stable Dynamic Creative Routine Comfort level Workaholic Leisure Smart working Liking Art Commerce Science Location In country At overseas Financial Constraints Need Well placed
  24. 24. Making earth little softer Holland’s Hexagon Career choices
  25. 25. Making earth little softer Cycle Know your abilities Enhance your skills Map to your interests Know your style Supportive? Influential? Your upbringing Set your goals Execute your goals
  26. 26. Making earth little softer To evaluate course Above numbers are just as a sample & not the views or a advice Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet
  27. 27. Making earth little softer What will make Career
  28. 28. Making earth little softer Best Career
  29. 29. Making earth little softer Career tips
  30. 30. Making earth little softer Attributes to success • Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives, Clarity
  31. 31. Making earth little softer Energy Energise Edge Passion, Attitude, Leadership, Personality (Hobbies, Health, Habits), Dreams, Liking & interest, Life style, Commitment, Self Motivation, Flexibility, Consistency Team Player, Relationships, Ability to connect, Contacts, Delegation, Interpersonal skills, Stability Aptitude, Education, Ability ,Skills, Expertise, Management, Teaching & developing ability Execution Etiquettes Ethics - Values Hard work & Smart work, Efficiency, Risk takers, Entrepreneur, Family support, Ability to complete, Reliability Discipline, Well planned, Organising Honesty, Trustworthy, Value, Believes, Character, Reputation
  32. 32. Making earth little softer • I want to excel, not to compromise lesser than the best • Be highly reliable to my commitments • Be highly competent in my domain, Keep learning technologies, Remain updated & enhance skills • Build skills & strengths from successful people • Cultivate a trustworthy transparent friendship & respectful relationships • Be a team player To get recognition
  33. 33. Making earth little softer • Build the fearless environment & encourage people to express & live freely • Be caring for every associates • Execute assignments with concentration, aiming to achieve the highest possible quality • Contribute as much & more than expected to let organisation continue to grow • Be responsible & accountable for all actions To get recognition
  34. 34. Making earth little softer • Honesty is the best strategy • Aim High, lead from front, accept the challenges • Take initiatives, Increase efficiency • Get surrounded by the successful personalities, observe them, seek their guidance • Study Finance, Money is business language • Read business magazine, management books • Think innovatively, deeply & clearly, Create Ideas, do the things differently • Strategize the career • Conserve hard earned money Dos
  35. 35. Making earth little softer • Be flexible • Have positive attitude • Accept criticism, introspect yourself, fix the weaknesses to enhance individual capability • Accept however learn from mistakes & failures • Thank to who have helped & supported • Help others, share knowledge • Do effective communication, Be assertive • Understand clients, understand the real issues • Heath is wealth, Take care • Conserve as much time, utilise it for rational purpose Dos
  36. 36. Making earth little softer • Do not give excuses • Don’t shy away from the responsibilities • Do not refuse your failure • Do not tell a lie • Do not wait. Resolve business issues on priority • Don’t make mistakes, learn from wiser people • Do not speculate, conserve money On personal note • Don’t consume alcoholic drink • Don’t smoke • Don’t eat non-vegetarian food, save health Don’t
  37. 37. Making earth little softer • 24% of global warming due to gas emission • 760 million tons of grain fed to animals PA • 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef • Animal products has harmful saturated fat • Animal disease transmission due to proximity or consumption • Cholesterol in non-veg causes heart disease • Non-lean red meat increases risk of cancers of the lung, oesophagus, liver, and colon • Too much protein stresses liver & kidneys • Bacterial infection (Bird Flu , mad cow disease) • To produce 1 kg beef 12009Gal water is needed Stop eating Non-veg food
  38. 38. Making earth little softer Stop Smoking
  39. 39. Making earth little softer There are effects almost on every organ of the body Brain damage Stomach ulcers Stoke Irregular beat Blurred vision Muscle weakness Slurred speech Intestinal ulcers Bleeding throat Infertility Breathing may stop Liver failure Heart disease Osteoporosis Liver disease- cirrhosis Obesity – weight gain Stop Alcohol
  40. 40. Making earth little softer Alcohol-Consequences Vomiting Driving accidents Loss of inhibitions Headache Hangover Loss of control Imbalance Fighting Swing - Loss of control
  41. 41. Making earth little softer Time (or Age) Ratio–Skill&time • Skill enhancements is a planned activity • Master training to be planned to improve the skills and abilities • Skill is like weight of body, does not give you a feel of increasing / enhancement • Ratio of skill to time needs to increase then stable during implementation phase and again should increase • Ratio remaining constant is ok however it is an alert if it is decreasing Skills enhancement
  42. 42. Making earth little softer • Skill enhancements • Acquire expertise in the field of strength and liking for 10-12 years after graduation • “What to do and when” to be planned • Understand gaps and upgrade the skills • Measure the abilities • Grow lateral in other skills like Quality, accounting/ finance / economics ; HR science; Recruitment, Networking, etc • Focus on future targets, roadmap to achieve and how Skills enhancement
  43. 43. Making earth little softer Time span in years Happinessafter mistakes 30 • Analyse the mistakes / failures / blunders • Mistakes are fine, not blunders, MUST not be repeated • Few mistakes are like ghost in the whole life and have negative influence throughout the life • Mistakes might be out of misunderstanding; communicate effectively • Avoid risks which get converted to mistakes After age 30; extremely low affordability & sustainability Mistakes & happiness
  44. 44. Making earth little softer • Break the believes “It’s difficult" "what others will think“ “I cannot do it” • Start saying "its eazy" "it’s possible" "I can do it" • Do not afraid of failure, learn from those • Let your mind think it simple & eazy • Plough the SEED, offer the fertile land & water • Grow it like a big tree, day by day, step by step! • Share the fruits of your success with community • Listen to heart, choose the work which you do with joy, without tiring, passionately, without bothering about money • Start changing, commit yourself Points to ponder
  45. 45. Making earth little softer Formulation of the problem is difficult than the solution itself Important skills for successful career & learning •Critical thinking and problem-solving •Collaboration across networks and leading by influence •Agility and adaptability •Initiative and entrepreneurialism •Effective oral and written communication •Accessing and analyzing information •Curiosity and imagination •And finally deeds and decision making Highlights
  46. 46. Making earth little softer Tips
  47. 47. Making earth little softer • It is never too late • Learn to gather latest information, gain knowledge & apply wisdom • Improve on soft skills - problem solving, decision making, effective communication, disciplined & professional behavior, ethics, hard work, aptitude, attitude, and leadership • Compete with yourself, do the best and keep improving on your best • Do not give up, keep fighting! Follow few tips
  48. 48. Making earth little softer
  49. 49. Making earth little softer How are you feeling? • Dreaming • Cloud of new ideas • Energetic • Enthusiastic • Confident • Happy • Free • Confused • Lonely • Miserable • Magical Know yourself
  50. 50. Making earth little softer • It is never too late • Gather latest information, gain knowledge & apply wisdom • Improve on soft skills - problem solving, decision making, disciplined, professional behavior, ethics, hard work, aptitude, leadership, etc • Compete with yourself, do the best and keep improving on your best Follow few tips
  51. 51. Making earth little softer • You will see the need of courage, determination, optimism, faith, hope, humanity & confidence • There is also a need of compassion, tolerance and understanding • You can build a brighter and better tomorrow with your vision, hard work, and a deep will to make a difference in this world • Money-Power-Status-Security will follow if you are honest to yourself • Remember, nobody wins a silver medal, its loosing a gold medal Build yourself
  52. 52. Making earth little softer I commit to myself • Will follow the highest standards of honesty, integrity, personal conduct and ethical values • Will deal with all stake holders in honest, courteous, respectful and polite manner showing respect • Will not share false or misleading information • Will not engage in wrongful deeds & practices, which corrupt the industries I serve, or damage the business community or society I live • Will take responsibility for my actions. Commitment & Oath
  53. 53. Making earth little softer Conclusion Think, Pair, Discuss, Share, Decide! Plan, Review, Execute & re-review! Cultivate habits to be ahead! Live life with pride!
  54. 54. Making earth little softer Thank You