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"This presentation guides you seeking higher education in India or USA like MS or MBA post engineering.
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx.
Also https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has links for all ppt files.

Read http://tl.gd/jm1gh5

Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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28 earthsoft-what next- career management

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
  2. 2. About usEarthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) has uploaded followingpresentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspxAlso https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has linksBe mentor using your education, knowledge & experience tocontribute for a social cause & do conduct free training seekinghelp of existing platforms. Kindly share with your friends•Motivation for higher study, Planning for study, Educationguidance, Career guidance, Career available after SSC & HSC•Personality development – 3 files•How to prepare resume, Tips to attend interview successfully•Religion related –To understand basic religion, Do &Don’t tips•Health related - Be vegetarian, Be healthy•Corporate - Project management, Assertiveness, Ownership - Effective communication•Finance - To avoid speculation in stock market•Social - Women empowerment, Choosing life partner Making earth little softer
  3. 3. IndexCareer management Be visible in organisation Plan your campaignBe owner Write it well Keep research recordsYour strengths Be a rising star ContactsAchievements Always deliver Prepare for interviewAppraisal Be positive Be memorable & linkableDare to dream Find a niche Know your fit9P Be your own coach Get ready for greenBe visionary Keep career records Self employmentBe smart Update your resume Get it aloneThink Sell your ideas RouteCommit Strike the balance Fix your feeFind a role model Get ready for the risk Be on the webMarket yourself List Count on cashBrand yourself Do it your way Define your target marketLeave a lasting impression Be a career juggler Be great with the peopleHave an elevated pitch Trust your instinct Interpersonal relationshipBe confident, not arrogant Be flexible Have a contractLinking to others Open up your options Be resilient and persistent Making earth little softer
  4. 4. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  5. 5. Career management• Know yourself & what is important to you• Set goals & Plan to achieve• Be a rising star - try to be always on top• Brand yourself, know strengths & saleable skills• Balance work, family, life enjoyment, pressure• Be ready for change - need to be clear what and when should be the next career change• Be entrepreneur - Think starting your own, implement what you think is right, grow as much to build empire, convert idea into business• Create achievable career plan Making earth little softer
  6. 6. Be owner• Take the responsibility of your career• Let not your career take a shape on its own• Find the right path & make your own fortune• Entrepreneurs dont let thing happen to them, they make things happen for them,• Positive attitude can make miracles• Do you cause the situation or face the effect of situation created by others?• Behave like entrepreneur if you want to make the progress, drive the show Making earth little softer
  7. 7. Your strengths• Education• Skills• Knowledge• Experience• Natural talent like intuition• Personal strengths like quick & accurate decision making, smart in execution, wonderful people connect, unique expertise Making earth little softer
  8. 8. Your strengths• Know the people - Who all have impressed, supported, helped, taught, guided,, role models• Ideas - Being innovative, experimental, visionary or creative, being able to think well in abstract, about future possibilities, how to change things for betterment or improvising• Things - practical skills for implementation• Data - affection & liking about numbers, compilation, organising data, information, interpretation , presentation• Rate yourself for people, ideas, thing or data Making earth little softer
  9. 9. Achievements• An achievement is simply an action you have taken with a successful ending• STAR approach• Situation• Task• Action• Result• What all have you achieved so far, keep list appended• What is value of your achievements• If achievement is not important then decide not to do similar more work Making earth little softer
  10. 10. Achievements• Use achievements to work out your skills (competencies)• Which skills did you used the most to achieve (communication, leadership, team working, delivery management, education) and which on did you enjoy the most• Which are the assignments / career which offer similar options, to motivate & improve in those skills of liking Making earth little softer
  11. 11. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  12. 12. Appraisal• A successful life is one lived through understanding and pursuing ones own path, not chasing after the dreams of others• Choose your own at least 3 appraisers• Ask for honest views• Keep feedback objectively• What you should do to be more effective• Which are the areas of improvement Making earth little softer
  13. 13. Dare to dream• Secret of success is to know which career suits to you profile• Profile, character, strengths, vision, passion and principles• Be visionary, look for future trends of growth Making earth little softer
  14. 14. 9P• Potential• Personality - 3 H (Health, Hobbies, Habits)• Profile - educational background• Passion - things which you love doing, that interest you, and bring joy & excitement in life,• Purpose - Sense of fulfillment; what gives you meaning to your career to discover the purpose• Path• Plan• Perseverance• Principle - ethical & morale standards• Review above parameters while deciding career Making earth little softer
  15. 15. 9P• List the points• That make you feel satisfied• That you would like to have, however not essential• That you surely do not want to keep for passionate & motivated career• Check which role has fulfilled above 9 Ps• Check suitable industry you would want to be in Making earth little softer
  16. 16. Be visionary• Long term career plan encourages to have focus• Helps to have short term plan & long term goals• Helps to respond to the opportunities• Career goals start with big dreams and vision• Look at the past seeking clues for the future• When were you felt to be successful and why?• Which attributes helped you to be successful?• Decide which industry, role and opportunities you want to pursue!• Let mind roam free & brainstorm few new ideas• Share with friends & family Making earth little softer
  17. 17. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  18. 18. Be visionary• Think about skill & knowledge you enjoyed• Create your ideal day• Design your perfect environment• Consider to lessen & enhance - lessen what you do not want, increase what you love• Give yourself a vision, and it will provide a focus point for you to guide during entire career Making earth little softer
  19. 19. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  20. 20. Be smart• Goals should be SMART• S - Specific• M - Measurable• A - Achievable• R - Realistic• T - Timed• How do I get what I do not have & want it• Plan it well• Make sure your goals are smart, dreams are big and plan is perfect Making earth little softer
  21. 21. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  22. 22. Think• Strong deeply rooted desire is the starting point of all achievements1.Gap in current situation & what is to achieve?2.Training/ study would be needed?3.Steps needed to accomplish the plan?4.Decide & start taking actions immediately Making earth little softer
  23. 23. Commit• Being passive, setting goals & doing nothing cannot achieve anything• To develop attitude of total commitment• To prepare to be flexible, take risks, and stick• There is no failure, only feedback!• Mistake would not matter. If you are not getting expected result, make better choices using experiences & learning• To start setting goals and achieving those.• Commitment to goal means you might have to learn new skills and ready to go extra mile.• To have right goal, rewards will be worth to wait. Making earth little softer
  24. 24. Find a role model• Personalities have their unique attributes & can be a role model. Their contribution to the society encourages & inspire to follow the similar path.• Write the names of personalities & 1 -2 attributes you admire them• Which attribute of work you find it to adopt?• Is it possible to follow the similar path?• Would it be possible requesting to mentor you?• Which resources & activities would you need to fulfill your goal?• If you could not meet anyone in person, imagine what would your role model advice you? Making earth little softer
  25. 25. Market yourself• Ability to market your profile is vital in career management• To prepare the best resume with right title• Share with all appropriate job portal and people• Meet people, ask questions and seek guidance• How to go about• What value did you bring for the employer?• What are the distinctive achievements?• What is your unique selling point? USP? Making earth little softer
  26. 26. Your USP• Bring meaning & passion to the job• It is to be based on your interest, values, experience, ambitions and vision• Your brand is element of yourself that you choose to promote openly• Which aspect you want your potential employer to get attention? Making earth little softer
  27. 27. Convey image• Communicate nicely to maintain the impression• Content - what you say• Body language - Posture & gesture• Voice - Intonation, depth of breathe, emphasis, tone, etc Making earth little softer
  28. 28. Have an elevated pitch• Introduce yourself within 30 sec to 1 min covering who are you and what do you do• Then describe strengths and skills• Share your self appraisal• Share short & long term career objectives• Write key points before going for an interview Making earth little softer
  29. 29. Be confident, not arrogant• Maintain a broad network• Use human spread to spread the reputation• Create a buzz, make yourself visible in the industry spreading a word what you do• Update profile on LinkedIn & other job portal• Join as volunteer for professional forums, do speak on your subject matter expertise• Attend seminar & conferences• Speak to people not known to you• Take opportunity to build a network• Offer possible help• Ask questions and stay interested Making earth little softer
  30. 30. Linking to others• Use technology to spread about your profile, activities & thought process• Website, social networking websites• Make new contacts & connections• Keep improving career brand• Use online networking sites to promote your image and personal brand Making earth little softer
  31. 31. Be visible in organisation• Network based on genuine interest & friendship• Open informal conversation offer smile & chat• Listen - Find goals and concerns of other people• Be helpful - it helps building relationship• Do share ideas & information if you have• Be social giving some time• Take a break, move around the office,• Seize opportunities attend meeting, etc• Use name card - in meeting & conferences• Ask for feedback• Spread the idea that you are both great at your job and a great human being! Making earth little softer
  32. 32. Write it well• The ability to communicate in speech & writing is going to make a huge difference in career• Have the reason to write• Be discreet• Know what you want to communicate• Know your audience• Get the basic right• End with follow up Making earth little softer
  33. 33. Be a star• Align yourself to the organisation, enhance the growth of career• Goals - identify the goals of organisation, department and team , what can you contribute• Values - what does org value in employees?• How does organisational needs fit in your own career need• Offer your education, skill, knowledge, experience , rewards would follow automatic• Think about the changes you need to bring in Making earth little softer
  34. 34. Be reliable - Always deliver• You gets employed based on your potential• Employer trains you to amplify your skills, qualities and character• You would be appraised how efficiently you deliver (Content, Quality, Time, Cost)• Would you like to be treated differently? Why?• Do things differently aligned to organisational mission• Think about growing needs of the organisation• Always to do more than expected Making earth little softer
  35. 35. Be reliable - Always deliver• Scarifying your time & energy would pay dividends & reward later• Need to execute the tasks timely within budget and better than expected quality• Never forget the motivation of team• 9,9 approach would be great, highest motivated team delivering the best in time• Deliver goals of team as well as organisation Making earth little softer
  36. 36. Be positive• You are being judged on• What you do• How you do• First thing that makes an impression is attitude• Dont be gossiper• Dont develop them & us attitude• Have a can do attitude - Even when everybody is fed up, over worked & starting to flag, be the person who sees the goal enthusiastically• Be positive and you will win over the people• Fit-in, have allies & grow! Making earth little softer
  37. 37. Find a niche• Few valuable people doing really good• Each one would have special skills• They stand out because they do which no one else can do & not included in job description• Niche must not be specific to the team• Niche to reach out to the broader network - it should be helpful & valuable• Niche needs to be social should put you in contact with different people, different teams.• Create a niche for yourself so that everyone wants to work with you & would be benefited Making earth little softer
  38. 38. Be your own coach• Learn from what goes right as well as wrong• To know your hidden inherent potential, what can you do using your personal qualities & skills• When defeat comes, accept it as a signal to your plan were not sound, rebuild the plan.• Look at the mistakes and do not repeat those• Stretch yourself beyond comfort zone• Self coaching build your confidence and make you aware of your strengths & weaknesses• Be your own coach, take ownership what you do, learn to develop personality and also bring fun and enjoyment to the work. Making earth little softer
  39. 39. Keep career records• Review & check are you on track as per plan?• Do I need to change anything in current role?• How do I be visible within org?• How do I maximise career satisfaction?• Keep a running record of the achievement• Look at the gap• Make it a regular assessment• Include achievements outside of the work also• Be specific• Develop skills & personality over the period?• What is that you do makes a difference?• What is that you do, others do not do! Making earth little softer
  40. 40. Update your resume• Use career log• It should be accurate & honest• Tailor it to career goals• Share brief profile• Describe breadth & depth of your experience• Remember your unique selling point• Resume should be helpful to you seeking the best of the opportunities Making earth little softer
  41. 41. Share your ideas• The most effective people are those who persuade others to support their ideas• Bulldoze through idea would not help• Naturally persuasiveness would be helpful to seek support• Remember you need to sell you & your ideas to advance in career• Humans are motivated by the need• Often more pleasure & less pain if you want them to buy your ideas• Become natural leaders to whom other people rely to set the pace & goal Making earth little softer
  42. 42. Strike the balance• Know your priorities• Know satisfaction levels in your life• Work – office, Full time - Part time, From home – office, Different time slot• Enjoying the responsibilities or want a change• Well received in organisation or want a change• Draw a satisfaction circle like family, friend, work, hobby, personal development, entertainment, etc & number those• Draw a 4 square - priority & less satisfied• Knowing priorities makes you more effective negotiator allowing you to make better choices Making earth little softer
  43. 43. Take risk• Are you comfortable taking risk• Are you sure about the rewards• How much risk you are ready for & can afford• What would be short term & long term gains• What would be personal or professional loss• Prepare a list of possible risks and gains• Consider immediate needs, goals & finances• Backup plan - always keep plan B ready• Impact - what all impact it would have on your profile, friends & family, life• Be aware of the risks levels matching to your personality Making earth little softer
  44. 44. Do it your way• Say No politely when you want• You might not find it easy to say no to unreasonable job demands• You have 2 things to sell to your employer - time and skills (knowledge)• Define specific goals• Know need of the organisation• Show the benefits• Be a great negotiator by selling your results , not the length of time you put in at the office Making earth little softer
  45. 45. Be a career juggler• Doing same tasks might be toxic & stress creator• It might be appropriate to change the portfolio or transfer to other division• Instead of changing career, one should try to have various careers at one time• Variety would bring the skill enhancement & additional money• Portfolio careers allow you to be flexible and develop interests & skills in new way Making earth little softer
  46. 46. Trust your instinct• Top business people make the best of the decisions based on intuition and instinct rather than based on data & logic• Logic must be balanced with intuition• Intuition needs to be exercised• When your instinct tells you it is a time for change, then consider it• If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, you need to make a radical change.• Same role in similar other industry or different industry? OR Different role in the similar industry or other industry Making earth little softer
  47. 47. Be flexible• Have a positive outlook to change though you may have to face challenges• Few people like the challenges & new learning, other hate the loss of familiar ways of delivering• Resistance to change is damaging. Accepting the change, means taking the control of destiny• Be prepared to change the routine, implement it and realise what it brings Making earth little softer
  48. 48. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  49. 49. Open up opportunities• Working in the same organisation for a long time might narrow focus & limit the opportunities• Revisit career goals• Identify new job and possibly activities you would want to have in new job• Think what you definitely do not want• Try to utilise skill and experience in new job• Think about particular areas of interest or hobbies you want to take it as a career• You dont have to do what you have always done! Invent totally new career. Making earth little softer
  50. 50. Plan your campaign• Planning helps successful career move• Thoroughly defining type of role, sector and organisation would encourage you to change a career in which you can really grow• Check the new opportunities in the field of liking with the networking contacts• Size, Location, Culture, Activities, Colleagues• Having narrowed down the search to few organisations, start campaign Making earth little softer
  51. 51. Keep research records• Write down reason to target particular industry or organisation• Which contacts to be approached & How• Tailor CV as per target market• Records of contacts• Recruitment agency• Current industry news• Useful resources• Preserve the records Making earth little softer
  52. 52. Contacts• Meet the right & existing contacts• Request them help you for what you are looking• Expand the contacts requesting referrals• Regards your referral as a mentor• Request for short meeting with referrals• Seek inputs from contacts & referral and revisit your views Making earth little softer
  53. 53. Prepare for interview• Do research• Prepare questions• Review resume• Make a brief note on your introduction, experiences & aspirations-Past, present, future• Dress as appropriate• Be punctual• Practice confidence• Show motivation• Use your elevator pitch• Remember to listen Making earth little softer
  54. 54. Be memorable & linkable• See your rapport• Hear your rapport• Matching & mirroring• Avoiding mimicry Making earth little softer
  55. 55. Know your fit• Questions during interview meant to check if you would fit• Can you do the job?• Do you have necessary education, experience, knowledge and skills• Do you intent & would be happy to take such role?• Would you fit in organisation & compatible to its culture?• Know to fit with organisational needs Making earth little softer
  56. 56. Get ready for green• Skilled negotiators get the jobs they want• Is interviewer talking about how great the organisation is?• Are you receiving green signal from the interviewer• Do not talk about salary till you are asked• Has interviewer given a tour of building? and arranged a meeting with few seniors?• Has interview went little longer than scheduled?• Respond quickly to keep interviewer in your favor Making earth little softer
  57. 57. Self employment Making earth little softer
  58. 58. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
  59. 59. Self employment• Have a passion and plan• Why people consider self employment• 1. to have own control what they do (might be customer start controlling more than a boss!)• 2. to have more time (might land working more)• 3. want to make more money compared to salary (many people land up earning less)• 4. not to compromise (perhaps more compromises , particularly with framework of rules & regulations)• As a result their motivation starts seeping away..• Passion vanishes… Making earth little softer
  60. 60. Get it alone• Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life• Revisit your personal goals & align those with your business goals• If you have plan & passion you are not going to fake with clients thus it becomes the best marketing tool• If you market it well, then you have the start of great business Making earth little softer
  61. 61. Route• At starting decide the route you want to take• Do not get carried away with business idea and look at the administrative details• Keep your eye on day today business & avoid leakage of the profits• Be clear about your strengths & weaknesses• Identify skill gap & hire the people to fill-in• Do you need to hire anyone?• Do not look locally, be global• List the factors which could cause business to fail in first year? and in long run• Which are the risks? Making earth little softer
  62. 62. Fix your fee• It is different than what is your market value and what salary you were drawing• How much do you need to maintain?• How much are you earning right now?• How much you are willing to compromise on short term for long term benefits?• How much potential customers are willing to pay for your services?• To price product or services appropriately including the cut what you are taking, other overheads & taxation• Price point to be decided as appropriate Making earth little softer
  63. 63. Be on the web• Entrepreneurs need to keep on the top of their game and be open to new way of building and marketing their business• Internet opens the opportunity of marketing across globe• To create website to promote what you have to sell• There will be competition. You need to stand out from the crowd and talked about.• With internet technology, location does not impact much Making earth little softer
  64. 64. Be on the web• To consider periodical online or emailer newsletter for employees & customers• Take care of the good content, not just advertisement.• To know to whom do you want to appeal?• How do you attract the customers?• Beware of great looking website & animation, more important is basic information & search engine key words, etc• Create professional & well focused website, it helps building a business. Making earth little softer
  65. 65. Count on cash• Good money management, cash flow and good accounting practices are the key to successful business• Know how much money do you need for survival, for reasonable growth and for zoom!• What is the break even for my business?• How many months can you survive without in- flow of money?• Always make provision for the tax.• Is your business seasonal?• You need to have separate account like personal and business Making earth little softer
  66. 66. Define your target market• You need to be a sales person• You need to know market deeply inside-out• Think and be clear on basic of marketing• Think about• Product/ services• Price point• Competition• Location• Promotion• Do SWOT analysis• Update marketing strategy regularly• Conduct workout sessions Making earth little softer
  67. 67. Be great with the people• It is very important to have a excellent interpersonal skills• You are your own sales or marketing person• You have to negotiate terms with clients as well as suppliers• You will have to deal with staff of client• You need to have a great networking skills• You need to receive money in time• Seek first to understand before being understood• Develop your communication & interpersonal skills so you can handle a variety of situations Making earth little softer
  68. 68. Interpersonal relationship• If you are not good at handling rejection, criticism or conflict, think twice before starting your own business• You will be criticized about not delivering what was needed, or quality of delivery, etc• You need to deal with difficult customers• You need to deal with immature suppliers Making earth little softer
  69. 69. Have a contract• Safety net which protects client and you both• Review the contract for its accuracy• Try to be as simple , use simple wording• Set the limit for business with one client, never be extremely dependent on one client• Include every minor & major points being discussed and negotiated• What are the inputs, scope of service, expected mile stone based delivery, delivery acceptance criteria, quality of delivery, efforts needed, cost involved, escalation mechanism, team structure, resources to be deployed, warranty clause, etc Making earth little softer
  70. 70. Be resilient and persistent• Success of self employment takes time• It does happen linear & likely up & down in business like sinusoidal curve• You need to be long runner, self motivated, resilient and keep persistency.• Keep learning• Remember the goals• What has worked well this week?• What was learning of the week?• Do I need to consider different ways?• Keep yourself accountable for working hard and focusing on success every day. Making earth little softer
  71. 71. Thank You Making earth little softer