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resume is the first impression, How to prepare nice resume? here are the tips.
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx.
Also https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has links for all ppt files.

Read http://tl.gd/jm1gh5

Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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  • An exciting position within any clinical research company doing interesting things.To obtain a Clinical Research Associate position in a pharmaceutical and biotech industry where the amount of responsibility varies a great deal, including writing investigator brochures, discussing abnormal lab values, and that is located in the Northeastern part of the U.S., preferably in New England.A Clinical Research Associate position where I can be promoted to a Senior Research Technician in order to prepare complex assays and manage a team.To obtain a Clinical Research Associate position with Cardinal Health, utilizing my previous experience in a lab and strong organizational skills.
  • You achieve the greatest possible positive effect when youshare the right information in an easy-to-read format thatlooks professional!
  • - 10 seconds is all the time an employer is going to give yourresume in deciding to keep it or pass on it!If resume is full of errors or untruth, what will your everyday work or behavior be like? A Resume is the first meeting between you and the employer.Tells a great deal about you,gets you the interview, is your calling card.
  • If you use well-known professionals as a reference, they might not address your ability to perform
  • Before Resume:Maintained records for accounts receivable and payableAfter Resume:Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable and payable accounts working directly with the Chief Financial OfficerBefore Resume:I gave work assignments to staff of entry level accounting clerksAfter Resume:Directed workflow, supervised and trained accounting staff performing posting to general ledger, accounts receivable and payable accounts
  • A well-planned and well-written cover letter is just as important as an impressive resume, and should accompany the resume whenever possible
  • 19 earthsoft-preparing resume -n-covering letter

    1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
    2. 2. Index• Preparing effective resume• Writing covering letter• Examples Making earth little softer
    3. 3. Preparing effective resume Making earth little softer
    4. 4. Road Map• Role of the Resume• Types of Resumes• Resume Formats• Resume Sections• Additional Documentation• Miscellaneous Tips• Sample Resumes• On-line Resources Making earth little softer
    5. 5. Job objective• Answers the question, “what do I want to do?”• State the type of position you are seeking or the actual job title• Consider including how you will benefit the employer – not what you are seeking from the employer Making earth little softer
    6. 6. Balancing Strategies for Success Balancing Style with Content Controlling the Focus Making earth little softer
    7. 7. What is a Resume? • Resume is your belief of profile, qualifications, skills, experiences & achievementsPurpose of the resume is • To get you an interview • To capture the reader’s interest and attention • To convince your ability to fill-in the positionResume always helps you • To build a career • As an opportunity to impression first time • To convey suitability & possible contribution • To project as someone who understands what is important to the organization and can contribute to its success Making earth little softer
    8. 8. Purpose of resume• To open doors for an opportunity• To share education, experience, skills, past performance, achievements, personality & personal details• To convey suitability for the job & convince employer that you are worth an interview• To get an interview to enable you to share more details about you & your expertise• To answer possibly the employer’s question, “What can you do for us?”• Ultimately, to get a job at a dream organisation Making earth little softer
    9. 9. It’s a sample to judge• Your resume is a reflection of you!• It’s considered to be a sample to judge you!• Your resume is an example of how best clarity you have, structured output you can translate & document you can deliver• Your resume is your personal knowledge representation, to convey your personality• Employer to decide in 10sec to keep it or pass it• “First impressions are lasting ones.” A well written resume sets you apart from all other applicants. Making earth little softer
    10. 10. Types of ResumesA Paper Resume• To be clean• Use at job fairs, interviews, career breakfast, etcAn Electronic Resume• Submitted online, mostly using job portals or at employers website• A word file as an attachment for on-line submission or sharing by emailsAn HTML Resume• Includes links to homepage; to be avoided Making earth little softer
    11. 11. Attributes in demandEmployers always want • highly energetic, & able to motivate team • expert in the subject matters • good in execution • ethical • well organized & following etiquette • problem solvers • growth oriented, ownership & responsibilities takers • leaders!Do you fit in above? Making earth little softer
    12. 12. Standard Sections• Header – Name, email, mobile no.• Your career objectiveDetails in reverse chronological order• Education• Relevant courses• Seminar, Academic projects, White papers• Honors , Activities• Work experience – Employment history• Skills, duration & last used• Projects• Personal information Making earth little softer
    13. 13. The Header Section• Name - first line should be your name• Mobile number including country code• Email address • Use your UWEC email address • Don’t use BIGBOY@HOTMAIL.COM• Larger than the largest font used in body• Avoid using decorative fonts• Don’t use black or gray shaded backgrounds• Exclude titles Mr., Mrs., Ms., …• Include following personal information at last • Date of Birth • Marital status • Blood group • Permanent address • Current address Making earth little softer
    14. 14. The Objective Section• Make statement clear, concise, and to the point• Bad: “I want to get a job”• “To attain an internship in the computer industry.”• Good: “To attain an internship in the computer industry working with database or network security.”• Avoid being overly specific to single company• “To attain a position at 3M Pharmaceutical working on”• Objectives from the perspective of organisation• “To attain a web application programming position where knowledge of Java and the Struts framework will add value the overall development process.”• “To be a senior professional in Service Delivery Management in a growth oriented and technology driven IT organisation” Making earth little softer
    15. 15. Education & Courses• List academic & non-academic qualifications• Include a table & chronological order for• Higher schooling & college• Courses either unique or considered as elective• Include following • Duration in year (from – to), educational degree, university/college, grade/division/% marks, main subjects• Followed by self explaining seminar & project title, brief description, and attributes• Allied courses with attributes - leadership, public speaking, foreign language, computer Making earth little softer
    16. 16. The Honors/Activities Section• This section should convince that you are a leader• To use self explaining title & brief description • honors & awards bagged during college • academic or extracurricular activities • leadership positions held • membership in various organizations • relevant volunteer work • hobbies or activities Making earth little softer
    17. 17. Work Experience• Align resume to capture attributes in demand• Describe appropriately relevant experience to the job & be consistent in wording• To capture work experience in reverse chronological order in table format, header & detailed responsibilities• Duration from & to in month-year, name of organisation, designation / role, key responsibilities, knowledge, skills & abilities gained & utilised, contribution, accomplishments• Good to mention url of past companies Making earth little softer
    18. 18. Work Experience• Include as applicable  Metrics indicating success in previous jobs.  Big-name employers or impressive job titles  Promotions or increased responsibilities.• Highlight marketable specific skills if any & if market demands• Be sure to not leave gaps however be honest if there is a gap• Use present tense for current job responsibilities and past tense for previous responsibilities• Reason for leaving could be optional Making earth little softer
    19. 19. Experience• Don’t need name of supervisor, address, or contact information• Don’t emphasize duties but outcomes • “Increased efficiency of … by 20%” • “Improved user navigation experience on …”• Avoid passive language such as “Responsible for”, “Duties included”, or “Worked on” in descriptions Making earth little softer
    20. 20. Skills Section - ITThis is where you emphasize your technical skills• Programming Languages• Put in order of familiarity, Can use “Exposure to :”• Platforms• Nice to list Windows and Linux• Packages • Eclipse, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server, Rational Rose• To list the real products having worked on• Development Methodologies• Rational Unified Process, Extreme Programming, Agile Development• Awareness of SDLC• Expertise in Estimation methodologies Making earth little softer
    21. 21. Skills Section- MechanicalThis is where you emphasize your technical skillsKnowledge of• Design & development• Production cycle or methodologies• Hydraulics/ Pneumatics• Machining & Fabrication• Welding technologies• Material science• CAD-CAM, AutoCAD, Ansys, 3-D packages• Quality norms & their acceptance levels Making earth little softer
    22. 22. Detailing Accomplishments• Detail each “accomplishment”• Prepare a separate sheet answering following• Prioritize your accomplishments• What about the “accomplishment” makes it stand out as something special?• How did you initially involve?• What did you do?• How did you develop, design, create, implement plan, program, product, service, procedure?• What was especially enjoyable about doing it?• What are the quantifiable results & benefits of accomplishment to you & organisation? Making earth little softer
    23. 23. What Is an Accomplishment?• You accomplished or achieved • more with the same resources • the same results with fewer resources• Improved operations, efficiency, process orientation, reviews, accuracy, better formats & periodic reports, simply made things easier• Brought in the quality aspects, objectives & actual achieved, and further improvements• Resolved panic problems with little or no increase in time, energy, cost, personnel, etc• Accomplished something for the first time. Making earth little softer
    24. 24. What did you do?• Did you strategise the growth architecting a business?• Did you took initiative & resolved any problems, or accepted any opportunities or met any challenges• Did you create or develop or design a new department, program, procedure, plan, service, or product?• Did you identify a need & implemented a plan, program, product, service, procedure, etc.?• Prepare original reports, papers, documents, process?• Did you participate in any technical contributions?• Did you participate in any major management decisions or organizational changes?• Did you implement or participate in any sales and/or profit and/or cost saving recommendations? Making earth little softer
    25. 25. How did you do it?Answering following questions might help:-• Did your results save cost, generate new business, increase sales/profits?• Did your results improve efficiency (efforts, duration, manpower, procedures)?• Did results make an impact on the organization?• Can your results be measurable? Making earth little softer
    26. 26. Caution• Avoid excessively general statements• Claiming improvements without explanation• Citing reductions in costs or increases in efficiency without quantified measurements• Taking credit for progress without providing some element of detail• Mentioning projects not worked for• Using terms such as excellent, world-class, superior, etc. without independent evaluation that provided the rating• Obvious false statements Making earth little softer
    27. 27. The Projects Section• Using this section correctly can differentiate you!• Show impressive & relevant projects you have contributed• Each project should have attributes like name, domain, efforts, duration, generic technologies, key & latest technologies• To write appropriate • Brief project description • Benefits achieved by clients & organisation Making earth little softer
    28. 28. Interests & ReferencesPersonal Interests• List your interests, but do not generalise. Instead simply saying football, say you have played for a local club for last four years & now holding a post of Treasury Officer.References• Provide 2-4 professional references at the end• Share full name, designation & context of knowing them, no family members• Pick individuals that think highly of you & are familiar with your work, from recent work history• Seek consent from them before using names Making earth little softer
    29. 29. References• Choose references carefully; they should convey your ability to perform for the position• You should provide • References when the employer asks for • The number of references as requested• You must contact people on your reference list• Get their prior agreement to be a reference• Let them know job(s) you have applied• Provide them a copy of your resume• List on the same quality bond paper as resume• Should have the same heading information Making earth little softer
    30. 30. References: Example Jonathan R. Student 1431 West 35th Street Austin, Texas 78736-1332 512-233-2323 jrstudent@gslis.utexas.edu REFERENCES Gwendelyn M. McGruntheon Name & Address Information Librarian, Central Branch Austin Public Library 1274 West 59th Street Austin, Texas 78739 Best reference for the position 512-555-5555 mcgruntheon@apl.cities.tx.us Jackson R. Williams, Ph.D. Professor School of Information The University of Texas at Austin SZB 564, MC: D7000 2nd best reference Austin, Texas 78712-1276 512-471-2742 williams@gslis.utexas.edu Wilber H. Proctor Principal Leander High School 3rd best reference P.O. Box 576 Leander, Texas 78622 512-278-5555 lhproctor@lhs.tenet.net Making earth little softer
    31. 31. Optional sections• Relevant coursework• Split work experience in two (relevant experience and other work experience)• Research experience• Community service• Volunteer experience• Extracurricular activities• Professional memberships• Publications/presentations• Licenses/certifications Making earth little softer
    32. 32. Online Resume• Most large employers will upload resume to a central database• Use appropriate keywords for better retrieval• Samples : Unix, C++, Java, hardware, networking, trouble-shooting, testing, security, data mining, cloud, managed services, data warehouse , etc• Don’t use italics, underlining or graphics• Use bold only for headers• Use black ink on white background Making earth little softer
    33. 33. Delivery of resumeEmailing your resume• Write appropriate body in email• Attach resume as a PDF or Word documentCheck before submitting your resume• Make sure to check it thoroughly, for spelling, grammar and clear representation of your profile• Check that the content is relevant to the reader or business to encourage to contact you• Send resume to you, check email body & attachment, get it printed & verify Making earth little softer
    34. 34. Review Steps• One can apply limited jobs per day & month for a portal• Search for the job online• Input right search criteria like experience, technology, location – city or country, ECTC• Read header information & make a judgment for suitability of job, responsibility, organisation, etc• Match education, experience, skills with requirements, duties, skills and apply if suitable• Note contact details of recruiter for the most suitable job, you may want to contact Making earth little softer
    35. 35. Result oriented action statements• Passive: Duties included Website re-design.• Active: Worked on successful Website re-design.• Active w/Results: Created an effective association Website that resulted in a 25% increase in hits within 2 weeks through usability testing and re-design as a member of a 3-person team.• Passive: Responsible for cataloging.• Active: Provided cataloging function in mid-sized public library• Active w/Results: Managed a trouble-free migration of a card catalog system to an online catalog system through a comprehensive cataloging vendor selection process• Passive: Responsible for children’s programs.• Active: Managed successful children’s library programs.• Active w/Results: Increased participation in a children’s summer reading program by 20% through the redesign of the program and the development of Web-based marketing Making earth little softer
    36. 36. Dos• Act as a professional – Be consistent in font type & size, get the words & punctuation correct• Be simple, use easy-to-read word & flowing statements• Pleasant layout - to be clean, concise & well formatted, Bulleted & bold at specifics• Be truthful and dont be afraid selling your skills• Be clear about your profile & job• Keep balance of information & presentation• Focus on strengths and accomplishments• Check & recheck to eliminate spell mistakes Making earth little softer
    37. 37. Dos• Use template • Be sequential & logical, Make your points clear • Use past tense and choose right action verbs • Share your achievements & strengths • Make your resume results oriented, give proof to back up your capability statements and what you can do • List relevant work • Include attitude like - Team Player, Involved with - ,Contributed to –, Served on –,Volunteered to –; • Demonstrate leadership, communication, cultural awareness Making earth little softer
    38. 38. Do not• Do not use ugly format• Do not lie, manipulate, exaggerate to match• Just listing the duties, it is not impressive• Refer yourself with the third person• Images, fancy fonts, letters in upper case, spelling mistakes, broken English. difficult buzz words• Coloured paper or type, glazy photographs• Jargon and acronyms that other people might not understand .eg. CRO, TB, SOX• History more than 15 years old Making earth little softer
    39. 39. Do not• Avoid lists of boring sentences• Photographs – Personal• Family health information• References• Folded resume• Avoid abbreviations and acronyms• Never use pronouns as “I”, “me”, “my”, “our”• Never type (use a laser, jet printer)• No fancy fonts, binders, layouts Making earth little softer
    40. 40. Tips• Limit it to two pages if you have little experience• Place name & page number on all pages• Use a good quality white colored bond paper• Use a 12 point font; keep consistency for font type & size across• Do not fold or staple the resume• Use language & keywords aligned to job• Minimize bold lettering, italics, underlining.• Provide factual education, skills, experience & achievements to meet job requirements Making earth little softer
    41. 41. A successful resume• Shows purpose and direction• Consistent (verb tense, format, etc.)• Factual• Dynamic• Visual appeal (balanced statements, sufficient margins, consistency, etc)• Well-organized• Reads like a good newspaper story - with headlines and leading phrases• Zero typographical errors• Printed on quality resume paper Making earth little softer
    42. 42. Resume Examples Jonathan R. Student Jonathan R. Student 1431 West 35th Street 1431 West 35th Street Austin, Texas 78736-1332 Austin, Texas 78736-1332 512-233-2323 512-233-2323 jrstudent@ischool.utexas.edu jrstudent@ischool.utexas.eduEDUCATION EXPERIENCEMS in Information Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. Expected: May, 2004Focus on providing programming and reference services to children and young adults Children’s Librarianship:BA, University of Houston, Houston, Texas. 1997 Developed meaningful academic and reading programs for children for over six years; plannedMajor: American History 1865 – 1945, Minor: Political Science and conducting a children’s summer reading program with over 15,000 participants; provided print and online reference services to children and adults in a branch library serving over 35,000EXPERIENCE patrons; developed bulletin board presentations and library displays about children’s library services and programs for a branch library.Library Assistant, Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas. 2000 to Present Planned and conducted children’s summer reading program under supervision of Children’s Web Development: Librarian resulting in over 15,000 participants. Developed Web-based list of resources to support public library children’s reading program; Supported children’s reading program by developing Web-based list of resources. developed and maintained Web pages that supported learning objectives for classes in Provided print and online reference services to children and adults in a branch library serving Materials for Children and in Planning and Management of Services and Programs for Children over 35,000 patrons. and Young Adults. Communicated children’s services at the branch by developing appropriate bulletin board presentations and displays. Training Program Development: Taught children and adults Internet applications and World-Wide Web resources. Taught children and young adult library patrons the use of Internet applications and World-Wide Web resources; researched resources for curriculum updates of graduate-level classes inTeaching Assistant, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, 2002-2003 Materials for Children and in Planning and Management of Services and Programs for ChildrenThe University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. and Young Adults; taught American History to approximately 150 sophomore and junior Updated curriculum for professor for classes in Materials for Children and in Planning and students; developed district-wide lesson plans to meet TAAS objectives as member of the Management of Services and Programs for Children and Young Adults by Web-based curriculum revision team; developed specialized programs to help high school students succeed research. in the classroom. Developed and maintained Web pages that supported the learning objectives of classes. POSITIONS HELDHistory Teacher, Leander Independent School District, Leander, Texas. 1993 to 2000 Taught American history to approximately 150 sophomore and junior students Library Assistant, Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas 2000 to Present Developed district-wide lesson plans to meet TAAS objectives as member of curriculum Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 2002-2003 revision team. History Teacher, Leander Independent School District, Leander, Texas 1993-2000 Provided parents with materials to assist students experiencing difficulties with class work. EDUCATIONSKILLS MS in Information Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. Expected: December 2005Operating systems: Windows 3.11 through Windows XP Focus on providing programming and services for children and young adultsSoftware & Database: MS Office 97, 2000, & XP (Word, Excel, Access, Excel, PowerPoint), BA, University of Houston, Houston, TX. 1997Dreamweaver, Front Page , Filemaker Pro, Dow Jones, Lexis/Nexis, Dialog, OCLC, MARC Major: American HistorySpanish language: Read and write with little difficulty, speak Spanish with some assistance. SKILLSORGANIZATIONS Operating systems: Windows 3.11 through Windows XPProgram Chairperson, Student Association of the School of Information (SASI) Software & Database: MS Office 97, 2000, & XP (Word, Excel, Access, Excel, PowerPoint),Member, Student Chapter, American Library Association (ALA) Dreamweaver, Front Page, Filemaker Pro, Factiva, Lexis/Nexis, Dialog, OCLC, MARCMember, Texas Library Association (TLA) Spanish language: Read and write with little difficulty, speak Spanish with some assistance. Making earth little softer
    43. 43. Good Examples (1) Making earth little softer
    44. 44. Writing covering letter / email Making earth little softer
    45. 45. Why a covering letter/email?• Content of cover letter is same as email body• Transmit your resume to a potential employer• Stimulate interest in you and in your resume• Provide critical pieces of information: • Why are you qualified to meet their needs? • What makes you different from others? • What you can do for the employer? • How will you meet their goals for the future? • How you will benefit the employer? • How will you add value to the organization?• Communicate what you expect & next action Making earth little softer
    46. 46. Things to Consider• Effective cover letter/email require substantial research about the job & about the employer• Covers letter must be written for specific position and directed to a specific person• It demonstrates written communications ability• It should have following without any spelling or grammatical errors • Salutation • Introductory paragraph • Body of letter (1 or 2 paragraphs) • Closing paragraph & Complementary close • Name • List of enclosures Making earth little softer
    47. 47. Cover Letter (1)• Why do I need to write a cover letter? • It acts as verbal introduction to the employer • To seek attention on your relevant background• Send it to a person, not a place • Avoid “To Whom It May Concern,” • Worst case “Dear Recruiter:”• First sentence should tell why you are writing • “I am writing in regard to your posting listed on” • “Ms.Sarita of ED cell suggested that I …” • “As you may recall, I spoke with you briefly at..”• Indicate why are you interested in the company Making earth little softer
    48. 48. Cover Letter (2)• Opportunity to convey some basic information: • What position youre applying for • Who you are • Why you want the job • What you have to offer• Highlight your skills • 2-4 statements for in-depth description like education, experience, skill, contribution, knowledge, etc • Each statement should be stand alone & clear• Close with a request of action • Like “Kindly grant an appointment to enable me to share more details” • Like “Please advice next step. Shall appreciate your guidance.” Making earth little softer
    49. 49. Cover Letter (3)• Must convey the above objectives in a single page and tempt the employer with some key points from your resume• Review company website, Find out about the company & highlight this in your cover letter• Employers look for two points: • Someone who can do the job • Someone who wants to do the job• Covering letter helps to convey your enthusiasm Making earth little softer
    50. 50. Sample(1) Role you are applying for Why you are applyingWhy they shouldread on andinterview you Show you are familiar with their business Making earth little softer
    51. 51. Sample(2)Relevant to current Set the scenebusiness situation What you are interested inAdditional 3rd partyreferees talkingyour capabilities Making earth little softer
    52. 52. Sample(3) Making earth little softer
    53. 53. To achieve• Get the reader’s attention, but avoid catchy phrases and gimmicks• Show your enthusiasm for the position• Stimulate the interest of the employer• Convey why you are writing - State the position or assignment for which you are applying• Mention the resource used in finding out about the opening or how you learned of the opening Making earth little softer
    54. 54. Introductory Paragraph• Include when you’re graduating from University and with what degree, and future career plans (only if they’re related to the position)• Provide a transition sentence that links your education, experience, and skills to the need• Provide a strong case for how your qualifications provide what the employer needs• Highlight key strengths like education, skills, total experience (work experience, volunteer experience, class projects), achievements Making earth little softer
    55. 55. Main paragraph• Include certain skills you want to highlight that are mentioned in the job posting• Where and how you developed those skills (academic background/training, work experience, personality traits)• Achievements that relate to the field in which you are applying, without duplicating exactly what is included in your resume• How you would make a good fit in the company based on its mission, goals, and current projects Making earth little softer
    56. 56. Closing paragraph• Your resume is included which gives a more complete view of your qualifications• You’d like to further discuss the job opportunity or you desire an interview• Restate your interest in the position.• State what you expect next - interview.• State what you will do as follow-up & when• How you can be reached (phone number and e- mail) to answer any questions• Thank the person for his/her time and consideration Making earth little softer
    57. 57. Print Cover letter format Your Street Address City, State Zip Code DateName of PersonJob TitleCompany/OrganizationStreet AddressCity, State Zip CodeDear Mr./Dr./Ms../Mrs. XXXXXXXXXFirst paragraph:Second paragraph:Closing paragraph: Sincerely Your Name Making earth little softer
    58. 58. Printed Cover Letter Jonathan R. Student 1431 West 35th Street Austin, Texas 78736-1332 512-555-5555 jrstudent@ischool.utexas.edu November 25, 2004 Name & Address Information Ms. Mary M. Henrico The County of Henrico Personnel Department Date 4301 E. Partham Road Richmond, Virginia 23273-7032 Dear Ms. Henrico: Name & Address Information Please find enclosed my résumé and application for the North Park Public Library Children’s Librarian I position (Number 1501-0126-0) advertised on your Website. The Children’s Librarian position provides a wonderful opportunity to positively influence the Salutation lives of children and young adults, as well as use my experience and educational background for the benefit of the library and the community. Through my experience with a public library children’s reading program and my four Introductory Paragraph years experience as a classroom teacher, I have developed a keen understanding of how to produce successful children’s programs. With almost two year’s experience in delivering print and online reference services, my knowledge of reference resources will provide immediate assistance with reference and reader’s services to patrons of all ages. My coursework in collection development and in planning and managing Body of Letter services for children and young adults reinforced the experience I gained while working with children’s library programs. I am thoroughly computer literate and can provide training in the library’s new computer lab by teaching PC operating systems, office automation software, Internet search skills, and general Web use. I also have substantial Closing Paragraph experience in Web page development that will benefit the current objectives of providing online information about children’s activities and assisting patrons with the development of their own Web pages. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Becoming a children’s librarian at the Complimentary Close North Park Public Library is an exciting prospect for me. I look forward to meeting you and discussing ways in which my education and experience will match the needs of the Library, now and into the future. Sincerely, Signature Jonathan R. Student Jonathan R. Student Printed Name Enclosures: Application and Résumé Enclosures Making earth little softer
    59. 59. Organize Your Career Search• Keep copies of all submissions, by organization.• For each organization, keep: • Job announcement • Notes while researching job and organization • Copy of resume • Copy of cover letter • Copy of references• Keep all documents in binder or file box or file folder that is readily accessible. Making earth little softer
    60. 60. Use action words Making earth little softer
    61. 61. Bad statements & incorrect spell• “Education: Curses in liberal arts, corses in computer science, courses in accounting”• “Personal: Married, 1992 Sangeet”• “Proven ability to track down and correct erors.”• “Disposed of $2.5 billion assets”• “Accomplishments: Oversight of entire department”• Cover Letter: “Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you shorty!” Making earth little softer
    62. 62. On-Line Resources• www.collegerecruiter.com• www.developercareers.com• www.writinglettersandresumes.com• www.professional-resumes.com Free• www.1stresumes.com• www.a1resumes.net• www.10minuteresume.com• www.crsresume.com Not Free• www.resumeservice.com• Additional resources on resumes are available online at: Google search like Presentations, eBooks, Tips Making earth little softer
    63. 63. Thank You Making earth little softer