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Reg – Offering free content and training for education & career guidance to the students,

soft skills enhancement to professionals in various organizations and citizens of various forums

Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) as an NPO/NGO to offer free content & training programs

and currently dedicated full time for associated activities.

EFG is working for students - Education & Career guidance and for Professionals for soft skills

enhancements, has uploaded following important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx

and on website www.slideshare.net (search using “earthsoft”)

Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) to be an NGO globally aiming for

• Students - Career guidance to decide path aligned to the potential & interest

• Professionals - Soft skill enhancements to be efficient professional

• Citizen – Learning from mistakes & encouraging others to avoid

EFG encourages people

• To be good human being & to work for well being of society

• To build, follow & promote the basic fundamentals & principles

• To make lives easy, happy, joyful and beautiful

• To perform the best of intelligence, knowledge & experience to create maximum wealth

Goal: To guide, train, counsel & share globally free of cost education, experience & knowledge

Vision – To encourage, inspire, & motivate voluntarily

• To the students, professionals and citizens across globe

• To build, follow & promote fundamental principles (Social), choosing right education and

career (Educational), exhibiting wonderful soft skills (Professional), and avoiding making

mistakes (Citizens) proving to be the best

• Student shaping brilliant career

• Professional marching the ladder of growth &

• Human being leading happy, joyful & quality life..

Mission: To make society living happily, feeling proud of deeds and progressing successful life

• Social – To be good healthy, fit & pure human being

• Education – To achieve the highest education in the field of liking; to acquire & enhance

various saleable skills enhancing the quality of life

• Professional - To acquire & exhibit soft skills growing the ladder by way of contribution &

improved professional behavior

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  • Low relationship/ low task
  • A leader’s effectiveness is related to the aspects of the situation in which the group operatesVarious factors interact to determine what style of leadership would be effective for a given situation. E.g..:– Task structure– Basis of power– Personal relationsA leader should adjust his/her leadership style according to the situational factors
  • even if it's deciding only when consensus has been reached and it's time to act.
  • , rather than giving it whatever time you have available.
  • Do not allow input to or from people
  • Work needs to be coordinated with another department or organization
  • People performing tasks that require handling cash
  • People performing tasks that require handling cash
  • To keep people informed relevant mattersWants people to share in decision-making and problem-solving duties.
  • Three factors to choose leadership styleThe leader’s personal background: What personality, knowledge, values, ethics, and experiences does leader have. What does he or she think will work?People being supervised are individuals with different personalities and backgrounds; The leadership style used will vary depending upon the individual what he or she will respond best toThe organization: The traditions, values, philosophy, and concerns of the organization influence how a Leader acts
  • That context we’ll call a social system.
  • Woolfe, Lorin. Leadership Secrets from the Bible (2002)Edosomwan, Johnson A. Winning Leaders & Managers ( 1999)MANO VERABATHRANSenior Programme CoordinatorLeadership ProgrammeINTAN Bukit Kiaramano@intanbk.intan.my
  • 17 a-earthsoft-leadership

    1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
    2. 2. About usEarthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) has uploaded followingpresentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspxAlso https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has linksBe mentor using your education, knowledge & experience tocontribute for a social cause & do conduct free training seekinghelp of existing platforms. Kindly share with your friends•Motivation for higher study, Planning for study, Educationguidance, Career guidance, Career available after SSC & HSC•Personality development – 3 files•How to prepare resume, Tips to attend interview successfully•Religion related –To understand basic religion, Do &Don’t tips•Health related - Be vegetarian, Be healthy•Corporate - Project management, Assertiveness, Ownership•Finance - To avoid speculation in stock market•Social - Women empowerment, Choosing life partner, conflictmanagement Making earth little softer
    3. 3. Index• Leadership • Leader v/s manager• Trait & style • Dos and Donts• Values & Dimensions • Barriers• Leadership qualities • Strategy• Visionary leadership • Communication• Basic & other styles • Power • Transformation • Theories Making earth little softer
    4. 4. Leadership Making earth little softer
    5. 5. Leadership Making earth little softer
    6. 6. Leadership Making earth little softer
    7. 7. Leadership Making earth little softer
    8. 8. Leadership Making earth little softer
    9. 9. Leadership Making earth little softer
    10. 10. Who could be a leader? Making earth little softer
    11. 11. Who could be a leader? Making earth little softer
    12. 12. Who could be a leader? Making earth little softer
    13. 13. Or You can be! Making earth little softer
    14. 14. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
    15. 15. What Is Leadership?•The ability to influence a group of followers toward achieving the goals•The process of inspiring, influencing, and guiding to participate in a common effort.•There can be no leadership without followers•A leader is capable of influencing them•It is an illusive art, practiced more on the basis of feel than on the basis of knowledge Making earth little softer
    16. 16. What is leadership•Visionary leaders are the builders of a new dawn, working with imagination, insight and boldness.•They challenge the best in people bringing them together around a shared sense of purpose.•They work with the power of intentions and alignment with a higher purpose.•Their eyes are on the horizon, not just on the near at hand. Making earth little softer
    17. 17. What is leadership•They are social innovators and change agents, seeing the big picture and thinking strategically.•Visionary leaders are especially noted for transforming old mental maps or paradigms, and creating “outside the box” strategies•Their thinking is broad and systemic, seeing the big picture, the whole system, and “the pattern that connects.” Making earth little softer
    18. 18. Impact of a Leader•A leader has the most impact on the behavior of a group•Through thoughts and actions, a leader makes others to act and behave in accordance with the objectives•People do what their minds and emotions tells them to do, the leaders work on their emotions through thoughts and actions. Making earth little softer
    19. 19. What does a leader do?•Defines a common goal, see a big picture•Sets strategies•Initiates a set of actions•Leads from the front•Gives orders•Makes decisions•Settles disputes•Offers encouragement & motivate•Serves as a role model•Remains in forefront of groups activities Making earth little softer
    20. 20. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
    21. 21. Sources of Power•Expert power•Informational power•Respect power•Reward power•Coercive power•Power through hierarchical position•Referral power•Charismatic power Making earth little softer
    22. 22. Leadership StylesDelegating •Responsibility •Willing followersParticipating •Close relationship •Facilitate decisions •Able but unwilling Making earth little softer
    23. 23. Leadership StylesSelling •High task/ close relationship •Explain decisions •Willing but unableTelling •Low relationship •Provide instruction •Closely supervise Making earth little softer
    24. 24. Effectiveness of a Leader•Effectiveness is situation based•Various factors determine which style would be effective – Task structure – Basis of power – Personal relations•A leader to adjust style according to the situational factors Making earth little softer
    25. 25. Leadership Formula (V+V) x (F+F) x (5C) = Leadership Making earth little softer
    26. 26. Leadership Formula Vision + Values x Faith + Followers x Commitment + Courage + Character + Competence + Communication (5C) = Making earth little softer
    27. 27. Leadership – C5 Dimensions  Commitment – What a leader is called to do  Courage – What a leader stands for  Character – What a leader is  Competence – What a leader does  Communication – What a leader says Making earth little softer
    28. 28. OutcomeHigh Performance Highly MotivatedHigh Satisfaction Higher Evaluation Effectiveness Making earth little softer
    29. 29. Traits of a LeaderEnergetic Energising ExecutionVision Humorous IntelligencePassionate Charisma InitiativeCourage Inspiration PersuasionMaturity Influence InnovationsStable Sensitivity Risk takerUnconventional Motivators PlannerExpert & Analyzer Etiquettes EthicalCommunicator Organised Role Model Making earth little softer
    30. 30. Cs of leadership Curiosity Common sense Creative Competent Communicate C of leadership Charisma Character Conviction Courage Making earth little softer
    31. 31. Vision Making earth little softer
    32. 32. Leadership values•Honesty •Loyalty •Self-Respect •Trustworthiness•Integrity •Ethics •Fairness •Ownership Making earth little softer
    33. 33. Leadership values•Commitment •A Call to Service •Dedication •Reliable•Accountability •Responsive •Customer Service •Quality Products•Respect •Acceptance •Consideration •Dignity Making earth little softer
    34. 34. Leadership values•Committed to the professional excellence•Motivated by serving the public interest•Providing high quality and timely services.•Integrity – Ethics, fairness and honesty define the way leaders do work and conduct ourselves•Leaders have the courage to both be innovative and make tough decisions•Respect – Leaders value individual diversity, strengths, skills, expertise & background•Leaders treat others politely & courteously•Family - Leaders support, care about, listen to and respond to followers and their needs Making earth little softer
    35. 35. Leadership values•Collaboration - Leaders maximize collective talent through teamwork based on mutual trust, respect, support, cooperation & communication•Personal Development – Through learning opportunities leaders nurture leadership, technical and professional skills in followers. Making earth little softer
    36. 36. Honesty and Integrity•The higher you go, more visible your integrity•“Insignificant” dishonest acts usually lead to larger acts of dishonesty.•In times of crisis, adversity and temptation, a leader’s integrity becomes more visible & clear.•Integrity is exhibited by actions, not words. Making earth little softer
    37. 37. Purpose•Think big, Purpose inspires tasks with the meaning•Focus brings excitement & inspiration.•To get people to follow, leader must act with purpose•Constantly convey the purpose , dedication to it and expected rewards; it will motivate people to reach the goals Making earth little softer
    38. 38. Kindness and Compassion•While pushing to achieve goals, do not overlook the emotional needs of individuals•Holding people to high standards and still be kind & compassionate “Forgiveness is one of the most powerful actions a leader can take.” Making earth little softer
    39. 39. Humility•A leader is important though, not more than the followers so recognize mutual dependency•Express sincere appreciation & gratitude towards contribution by the followers.•Do not hold people to standards to which leader is not meetingIn-human mindset leads to arrogance, the sort of pride that comes before the fall. Making earth little softer
    40. 40. Courage•People are inspired by leaders who are realistic about the obstacles but challenge them anyway.•Acts of courage has a spiral effect, it perpetuates additional acts of courage by both leader and followers.•Leaders stand firmly for their beliefs, come what may!•Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting despite the presence of fear Making earth little softer
    41. 41. Justice and Fairness•The most credible leaders believe in fairness and act accordingly even during difficult situation•The most credible leaders/organizations are committed to justice not just in the workplace but in the communities too Making earth little softer
    42. 42. Faith•It governs positive core values.•Leader’s success is reflected in how followers think, feel and act on a daily basis.•Faith is not intelligent understanding, but is deliberate commitment to the believes Making earth little softer
    43. 43. Leadership commandments•To set the right vision & values and delegate properly and promptly with clear instructions.•To lead by sharing the relevant information•To lead by positive example and reward accomplishments in a timely manner•To define plan, approach, deployment, and evaluation processes for all activities•To define the tasks, measures, roles, responsibilities, and expected results Making earth little softer
    44. 44. Leadership commandments•To have courage while making decisions•To be a team player and a positive influence on culture, values, beliefs, and environment.•To focus on error and defect prevention and avoid any need for crisis management.•To encourage innovation & calculated risk-taking•To encourage stakeholders to have positive core values and to be successful Making earth little softer
    45. 45. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
    46. 46. Leadership QualitiesHumility• It is often found in the most effective leadersIntegrity• Is the bedrock characteristic of straight dealing• If you lose your integrity, you lose everythingVision•Demonstrates ability to provide directionCharacter•Character also reveals an individual’s ability Making earth little softer
    47. 47. Leadership QualitiesPerformance•Demonstrates ability to complete the tasksInitiative•Demonstrates ability to take the lead to meet the goalsCommitment•Demonstrates reliability and dedication to accomplish the goals and objectivesDecisiveness• A leaders ability to step up and make decisions Making earth little softer
    48. 48. Leadership QualitiesTake risk• Leaders have the courage to act where results aren’t assured. They’re willing to risk failureEmotional resonance• This is the ability to grasp what motivates others and use it to inspire them into action.Build Teams• Leaders create productive teams & draw the best from people.• They effectively coach teams in collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, etc Making earth little softer
    49. 49. Leadership QualitiesSelf-knowledge•This valuable trait will protect from overreaching.Passion•It is prized & encouraged. If you are passionate about something, thats where you will leadConviction•Leaders everywhere MUST believe in what theyre doing.Dedication•Dedication means spending whatever time and energy on a task is required to get the job done Making earth little softer
    50. 50. Leadership QualitiesMagnanimity• A magnanimous person gives credit to doers• Be gracious in defeat and allowing others who are defeated to retain their dignityOpenness• To listen out of box ideas, being able to suspend judgement until heard someone elses ideas. Making earth little softer
    51. 51. Seven Levels of Authority Tell: make decision as the manager Sell: convince people about decision Consult: get input from team before decision Agree: make decision together with team Advise: influence decision made by team Inquire: ask feedback after decision by team Delegate: no influence, let team work it out Making earth little softer
    52. 52. Responsibility of a leader•Develop the self-organizing system•…with constraints, not rules Making earth little softer
    53. 53. Visionary leadership Making earth little softer
    54. 54. Protect people•Protect people•…against bad team formation•Protect good teams•…against non-team players Making earth little softer
    55. 55. Protect shared resourcesEnergy BudgetsEnvironment Office spaceFood System admins Making earth little softer
    56. 56. Protect 4 I’s • Create trust to accept Institution common rules • Increase understanding of Information situation • Increase social belonging Identity across teams • Address the need to Incentives improve oneself Making earth little softer
    57. 57. Responsibility of a leader•Protect the self-organizing system•…by caring for people•…and shared resources•Direct the self-organizing system•…by caring for the whole Making earth little softer
    58. 58. Care about purpose intent aim goal mission target vision objectiveTherefore we set the goals Making earth little softer
    59. 59. Care about purposeDo not allow individual stakeholder goals toreplace extrinsic and emergent goals Making earth little softer
    60. 60. Thus...Purpose is importantHowever should not be pushed with incentives Making earth little softer
    61. 61. Responsibilities of a leader Making earth little softer
    62. 62. GoalsSpecific & understandable Relevant & usefulSimple & concise Time-bound & time-specificManageable & measurable Tangible & realMemorable & reproducible Excitable & ignitingAttainable & realistic Inspiring & visionaryAmbitious & stimulating Value-based & fundamentalActionable & assignable Revisitable & assessableAgreed & committable Making earth little softer
    63. 63. Goals are not meant to...•Intimidate people if they cannot achieve them•Impress shareholders or others on the sideline•Confuse short-term wins with long-term losses•Overload people with too many objectives Making earth little softer
    64. 64. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
    65. 65. Visionary leadership Visionary Leadership is a balanced expression of Spiritual Mental Emotional Physical Dimensions Making earth little softer
    66. 66. Visionary leadership Visionary Leadership requires Core values Clear vision Empowering relationship Innovative ActionAny missing element results in inability to manifest vision Making earth little softer
    67. 67. Visionary leadership Create specific achievable goals Initiates actions Enlists participation of others Making earth little softer
    68. 68. Visionary leadership•To make frontline responsibility effective, leadership must trust them•Increases efficiency by delegating & moving decision-making responsibility to them•Efficiency is achieved with limited supervision. Making earth little softer
    69. 69. Core values Core values embodies Integrity Energy Vitality Will Making earth little softer
    70. 70. Clear Vision Clear vision embodies Inspiration Clear sense of direction Making earth little softer
    71. 71. Empowering relationships Empowering relationships embodies Caring approach People as their greatest asset Making earth little softer
    72. 72. Innovative Action Innovative action embodies A balance of right brain (rational) and left brain (intuitive) functions. Thinking “outside the box” Making earth little softer
    73. 73. Quality of a leader Four qualities the modern leader must inspire or exemplify: Purpose Trust Optimism Action Making earth little softer
    74. 74. Mahatma Gandhi “I must first be the change I want to see in my world.” Making earth little softer
    75. 75. Martin Luther King Visualised a racially harmonious South Africa MARTIN LUTHER KING “I have a dream” Making earth little softer
    76. 76. 7 Pillars:Visionary Leadership Making earth little softer
    77. 77. Leadership Making earth little softer
    78. 78. Basic Leadership Style Autocratic Bureaucratic Laissez-faire Democratic Making earth little softer
    79. 79. Autocratic Leadership Style•Leader retains as much power and authority•Does not consult people, nor share any input•Expect people to obey orders without receiving any explanations•Structured set of rewards and punishments, Rely on threats and punishment to influence people•Do not trust people Making earth little softer
    80. 80. Not all bad•Sometimes effectiveWhen:•New, untrained people do not know which tasks to perform or which procedures to follow•Effective supervision provided only through detailed orders and instructions•People do not respond to any other leadership style•Limited time in which to make a decision•A leader’s power challenged by people Making earth little softer
    81. 81. Should not be usedWhen:•People become tense or fearful•People expect to hear their opinions•People depend on their leader to make decisions•Low people morale and participation, high turnover, absenteeism and work stoppage Making earth little softer
    82. 82. Bureaucratic Leadership•Leaders “by the book•Everything done according to procedure or policy•If not covered by the book, referred to the next higher level•A police officer not a leader•Enforces the rules Making earth little softer
    83. 83. Effective•People performing routine tasks•People need to follow certain standards or procedures•Safety or security training conducted Making earth little softer
    84. 84. Ineffective•Work habits are hard to break, when those are not useful•People lose their interest in their jobs and co- workers•People do only what is expected of them and no more Making earth little softer
    85. 85. Democratic Leadership Style•Also known as participative style•Encourages people to be a part of decision making•Keeps people informed that affects their work•Shares decision making & problem solving responsibilities•Has the final say, but gathers information from people before making a decision•Delivers high quality and high quantity work•People like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit, and high morale Making earth little softer
    86. 86. Democratic Leader•Develops plans to help people evaluate their own performance•Allows people to establish goals•Encourages people to grow on the job and be promoted•Recognizes and encourages achievement Making earth little softer
    87. 87. Most Effective• Wants to provide opportunities for people to develop a high sense of personal growth and job satisfaction.• A problem that requires lots of input to solve• Changes must be made or problems must be solved that affect people• Want to encourage team building and participation Making earth little softer
    88. 88. Ineffective• Not enough time to get everyone’s input• Easier and more cost-effective for the leader to make the decision• Can’t afford mistakes• Leader feels threatened by this type of leadership• People safety is a critical concern Making earth little softer
    89. 89. Laissez-Faire Leadership•Also known as the “hands-off style•The leader provides little or no direction and gives people as much freedom as possible•All authority or power given to the people and they determine goals, make decisions, and resolve problems on their own Making earth little softer
    90. 90. Effective•People highly skilled, experienced, and educated•People have pride in their work and the drive to do it successfully on their own•Outside experts, such as people specialists or consultants used•People trustworthy and experienced Making earth little softer
    91. 91. Ineffective•People feel insecure at the unavailability of a manager•The Leader cannot provide regular feedback to people on how well they are doing•Leaders unable to thank people for their good work•Leader doesn’t understand responsibilities and hoping the people cover for him or her Making earth little softer
    92. 92. Gems of Wisdom Making earth little softer
    93. 93. Other Leadership Styles Making earth little softer
    94. 94. Transformational Leadership•Make change happen in: •Self •Others •Groups, and •Organizations•Charisma a special leadership style commonly associated with transformational leadership•Extremely powerful, extremely hard to teach Making earth little softer
    95. 95. LeadershipTransactional leadership•Emphasizes getting things done within the umbrella of the status quo•In opposition to transformational leadership•“By the book" approach - the person works within the rules•Commonly seen in bureaucratic organizationsCreative leadership•Ability to uniquely inspire people,•To generate shared innovative responses and solutions•To complex and readily changing situations Making earth little softer
    96. 96. Leadership typesCorrective leadership•Empowers people to facilitate collaborative and synergism•Working with and through other people instead of bowing to authoritarianismChange leadership•Endorses alteration•Beyond thinking individuals & organization, single problems and single solutions•Rethinking systems to introduce change for tasks, people, relationships, etc Making earth little softer
    97. 97. Leadership typesIntelligence leadership•To navigate the future by embracing ambiguity and reframing problems as opportunities•A proactive stance in taking their organizations into uncharted territoryMulticulture leadership•Fosters team and individual effectiveness•Drives for innovation by leveraging multicultural differences•Teams work harder in an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect Making earth little softer
    98. 98. Pedagogical Leadership•Paradigm shift from leader/teacher centered "orientation" to an interactive, connective organizational system using a democratic learning and communicative style•An alternative to instructional leadership by enabling the learning & intellectual growth of the people Making earth little softer
    99. 99. Servant Leadership•A practical philosophy focusing on people who choose to serve first and then lead as a way of expanding service•Servant leaders are "servants first" with the object of making sure that other peoples highest priority needs are being served•Leaders put the needs of their followers first; these leaders rare in business Making earth little softer
    100. 100. Leadership typesBridging leadership•Fostering synergy and reinforcing behavior and motivation through the use of communication to create climate of trust and confidence•Projection of confidence on the face of a difficult challengePurposeful leadership•Leader and the community share a common purpose to develop or provide the drive, authority and commitment to undertake projects Making earth little softer
    101. 101. Varying Leadership StyleThree factors to choose leadership style•The leader’s personal background•People being supervised are individuals with different personalities and backgrounds; The leadership style used will vary accordingly•The organization: The traditions, values, philosophy, and concerns of the organization influence how a Leader acts Making earth little softer
    102. 102. Best Leadership Style•Should leaders be more task or relationship (people) oriented•Leaders have a dominant style, one they use in a wide variety of situations•No one best style - leaders must adjust their leadership style to the situation as well as to the people being led•Many different aspects to being a great leader - a role requiring one to play many different leadership styles to be successful Making earth little softer
    103. 103. Governing Dynamics Power Authority Influence Making earth little softer
    104. 104. Power•Power is created through 3 axes of subjectivity Language (knowledge) Governance (rules) Ethics (cultural norms) Making earth little softer
    105. 105. Authority distinguished Charismatic Traditional Rational-Legal Making earth little softer
    106. 106. Influence•Influence is the ability to affect other’s beliefs and behavior without power.•Influence requires a defined context. Making earth little softer
    107. 107. Situational Leadership supporting coaching delegating directing Making earth little softer
    108. 108. Effective leadership•Trust your followers•Develop a vision•Keep your cool•Encourage risks•Be an expert•Invite dissent•Simplify Making earth little softer
    109. 109. RememberNew Leaders Take a Note General Advice•Take advantage of the transition period.•Get advice and counsel.•Show empathy to predecessor•Learn leadershipChallenges•Need knowledge quickly•Establish new relationships•Expectations•Personal equilibrium Making earth little softer
    110. 110. Making earth little softer
    111. 111. Leadership Making earth little softer
    112. 112. Leadership Making earth little softer
    113. 113. Leadership Making earth little softer
    114. 114. Leadership Making earth little softer
    115. 115. Leadership Making earth little softer
    116. 116. Leadership Making earth little softer
    117. 117. Thank You Making earth little softer