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view presentation on Women empowerment,gift for friends! pl conduct workshops & awake society!
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx.
Also https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has links for all ppt files.

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Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
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- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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  • Her awards include the first Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, the Philippines-based Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Pacem in Terris Award, an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia, the Order of Merit from both the United Kingdom and the United States, Albania's Golden Honour of the Nation, honorary degrees, the Balzan Prize, and the Albert Schweitzer International Prize amongst many others.
  • and held office as Director of the National Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies and as a Member of the Governing Council of the National Co-operative Union of India.
  • Civil war in Liberia claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people - mostly civilians - and led to a complete breakdown of law and order. It displaced scores of thousands of people, both internally and beyond the borders, resulting in some 850,000 refugees in the neighboring countries.
  • for a record 377 total weeks—the longest period for which any player, male or female, has held the number-one ranking since the WTA and the Association of Tennis Professionals began issuing rankings.
  • to female children even in todays technical era, since they think girls are burden
  • Confidence and trust among womenExperience in decision-making rolesSkills for higher level jobs/assignmentsFinancial resources and social capitalHigh level of literacy among women
  • Women need empowerment because women are oppressed in all walks of life, everywhere they are facing partiality, being used as an object, not getting their rights, they are far behind from the men in development process
  • In this context the poor, the women, the vulnerable, the weak, the oppressed and the discriminated have to be “empowered” to have control over their lives to better their socioeconomic and political conditions,
  • of public utilities like road transport, power, water and sanitation, telecommunication etc.
  • Gender Mainstreaming= Process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action = strategy for making women's + men's concerns an integral dimension of policies and programsPromises a revolutionary change in the international and domestic policy process.
  • Support rapid and inclusive community recovery by investing in:local security , with emergency measures to protect women where law and order cannot be established;women’s access to active markets, including through road and transport projects;community-driven reconstruction and development schemes, with measures to ensure women’s meaningful participation; andcomprehensive social assistance, especially for poor widows and minority population groups.Path aheadPursue Gender Mainstreaming in the Government through coordination with Gender Budget cellsWidening scope of National Statistical SystemWidening scope from public expenditure to Revenues, Fiscal and Monetary PoliciesPursue gender budgeting by States with help of planning Commission and MOFCapacity Building- Coordinate with training institutes and experts to standardize methodology and tools
  • Is your Neighbor, your sister, your friend being abused? How do you engage to facilitate empowerment?Identify the individualEngage in dialogue / ReflectionLead to Action
  • Citizenship Rights and Women’s ExclusionCulture and Political Rights of WomenGender and DemocratizationTo coordinate with political parties and government agencies regularly
  • Development & dissemination of print materialCapacity building
  • 12 earthsoft-women empowerment v1-2

    1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
    2. 2. Index• Abilities• Role• Definition• Problems• Overcoming Challenges• Need, Why?• Solution• Principles• Opportunities• Barriers• Initiatives• Results• Conclusion Making earth little softer
    3. 3. Abilities of Women Making earth little softer
    4. 4. Powerful women Was the queen of the Maratha-ruled princely state of Jhansi Leading figure of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and a symbol of resistance to the British rule. She was very brave & died fighting against BritishLakshmi Bai, Rani of Jhansi She is a symbol of bravery(19 Nov 1835–17 Jun 1858)and love for country. Making earth little softer
    5. 5. Humanity She is a major religious figure. She founded Missionaries of Charity. It consists of over 4,500 sisters & is active in 133 countries. Was recipient of numerous honours including Nobel Peace Prize in 79.?" She answered "Go home & love your family” to promote world peace. She ventured Mother Teresa out into slums to the needs26 Aug10–5 Sep97 of starving. Making earth little softer
    6. 6. Women in public She is 12th & first woman President of India (07-12). She had held various Cabinet portfolios during her period in the Maharashtra Assembly, Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha. She also had been the president of MH Congress Committee. She had also served as 24thPratibha Devisingh Patil (19 Dec 1934) Governor of Rajasthan Making earth little softer
    7. 7. Politics She is President of Indian National Congress, a major political party of India,also Chairperson of ruling UPA in Lok Sabha since 2004. In Sep‟10, she re-elected for fourth time & became the longest serving president of Congress party. Also servedSonia Gandhi as Leader of Opposition of 9 Dec 1946 the 13th Lok Sabha in 1999. Making earth little softer
    8. 8. Politics Was an Indian politician who served as Prime Minister of India for three consecutive terms (66–77) & a fourth term (80–84) •Nationalisation of Banks •Won war against Pakisthan •Authorization of developing nuclear weapons •Green revolution Indira Gandhi19 Nov17 – 31 Oct 84 Making earth little softer
    9. 9. Powerful women She is a opposition politician & chairperson of NLD Party in Burma. In 1990 general election, NLD won 59% of the national votes & 392 seats of 485 in Parliament. She had, however, already been detained under house arrest before the elections.Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma She remained under house 19 June 1945 arrest for 15 of the 21 years Making earth little softer
    10. 10. Corporate Joined PepsiCo in 1994 & was named president & CFO in 2001. Since then company grew multifold. She was named on WSJs 50 women list in 07 & 08 Times 100 Most Influential People Forbes #3 powerful woman in 08 Fortune ranked #1 most powerful woman in business 2009 & 10 While CEO of PepsiCo in Indra Nooyi 2011, she earned a compensation28 October 1955 of $17 million and deferred compensation of $3 million Making earth little softer
    11. 11. Courage Was an astronaut, a mission specialist on the space shuttle Columbia. She completed BE in Aeronautical Engg at Punjab Engg College at Chandigarh in 82, M.S. in aerospace engg from Uni of Texas in 84, second M.S. in 86 & Ph.D. in 88 from Uni of Colorado at Boulder. She Kalpana Chawla began working at the NASA1 Jul 1961 – 1 Feb 03 & became a US citizen Making earth little softer
    12. 12. Military Served as an Ambassador for Denmark to UN (01-07) & to Czech Republic. Later appointed by UN as Special Representative for Liberia in Oct‟07.She has a masters in economics from Copenhagen Uni. UN Mission in Liberia is a peace keeping force established in Sep03 to monitor a Ellen Margrethe Løj ceasefire agreement.(17 Oct‟48 in Denmark) Making earth little softer
    13. 13. Police Force She is a social activist. She became first woman officer in IPS, held post of DG & voluntarily retired from IPS in Dec‟07. Has founded two NGOs in India: Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation & India Vision Fond. for prison reformation, drug abuse prevention & child welfare in „94.Awarded Ramon Magsaysay award in ‟94. Was National Junior-66, Asian Kiran Bedi Champion-72, National-9 June 1949 74,InterState-78 tennis player. Making earth little softer
    14. 14. Sports She is an Indian tennis player, known for her powerful forehand ground strokes. She is the first ever Indian to break into the top 30 WTA rankings in singles & top 10 in doubles. She has defeated many top players, namely Svetlana, Marion Bartoli & Former World No. 1s Martina Hingis & Safina. Was awarded Arjuna award in 04 & PadmaSania Mirza Shri in 06. ET named her 33 rd15 Nov 1986 in top 50 women list & Time ranked in top 50 heros in Asia. Making earth little softer
    15. 15. Sports She is a former World No. 1 German tennis player,won 22 Grand Slam singles titles, 2nd among all players. In 1988, she became the first & only tennis player to achieve Calendar Year Golden Slam by winning all four Grand Slam singles titles & Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year.Graf was ranked World No. 1 by WTA. She won 107 singles titles, which ranks her third on the WTAs all-time Steffi Graf list.Graf retired in 1999 while14 Jun 69, West Germany she was ranked World No.3 Making earth little softer
    16. 16. Literature She is an Indian novelist studied architecture at the Architecture School Delhi. She won the Booker Prize in 97 for her novel, The God of Small Things, has also written two screenplays & several collections of essays on various social, environmental & political issues. Played aArundhati Roy village girl in award-winning24 Nov 1961 movie Massey Sahib. Making earth little softer
    17. 17. Creativity She is an Indian film director & producer based in New York. She was educated at Delhi & Harvard Uni in sociology. Her debut feature film, Salaam Bombay! In ‟88, won the Golden Camera award at the Cannes Film Festival. She has won a number of awards like a National Film Award, the India Abroad Person of Year-06 & 07. In 2012 she was awardedMira Nair Indias third highest civilian15 Oct 57 award the Padma Bhushan. Making earth little softer
    18. 18. Creativity A British film director of Indian origin, graduated from the Uni of East Anglia, attended London College of Printing in 84/85 and post-graduated in diploma in radio journalism, worked as a BBC Radio reporter then began working in television & film production in 1993. Most of her films explore the lives of Indians living in the United Kingdom & best known for the hit films Bhaji on the Beach93, Bend It LikeGurinder Chadha10 January 1960 Beckham02, Bride & Prejudice Making earth little softer
    19. 19. Public Life Making earth little softer
    20. 20. Beautiful creation Aishwarya Roy Priyanka Chopra Sushmita SenMiss World pageant Miss World title Miss Universe in 1994 in 2000 in 1994 Making earth little softer
    21. 21. QuotesThe origin of a child is a mother, a woman.….she shows a man whatsharing, caring, and loving is all about.That is the essence of a woman - Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994It is said that educate a man and youeducate an individual; educate a womanand you educate a family Making earth little softer
    22. 22. Role of womenWhy women are different? Making earth little softer
    23. 23. RolesFaces of an Indian woman • Wife • Mother • Sister • Bread earner • Compassionate member of the society Making earth little softer
    24. 24. Definition Making earth little softer
    25. 25. Women AbuseWomen abuse is defined as “any act ofgender-based violence that results in, or islikely to result in, physical, sexual orpsychological harm or suffering to awoman, including threats of such acts,coercion or arbitrary deprivations of liberty,whether occurring in public or private life -Cited by Gomez, 1996 Making earth little softer
    26. 26. EmpowermentWomen empowerment refers to increasingthe spiritual, political, social or economicstrength of women. It often involves theempowered developing confidence in theirown capacities Making earth little softer
    27. 27. Problem Making earth little softer
    28. 28. Problems faced• Social • Female feticide • Dowry, No involvement • Big family • Parda system-Burqa,Ghoonghat• Cultural - Early marriage• Environmental• Educational• Occupational & routine - Transportation• Health - Ignored health• Lack of unity – woman v/s woman Making earth little softer
    29. 29. Educational problems • Girls not allowed even to seek basic education Making earth little softer
    30. 30. Social• Big family• Dowry• Parda system-Burqa, Naqab, Ghoonghat Making earth little softer
    31. 31. Lack of unityWomen Vs Women Making earth little softer
    32. 32. HealthIgnored & unattended health treatments Making earth little softer
    33. 33. Poverty Making earth little softer
    34. 34. Gender prejudiceSuppressing the Women Making earth little softer
    35. 35. Low confidenceMental hammering resulting low confidence Making earth little softer
    36. 36. Traditional barriersCan we overcome this? Making earth little softer
    37. 37. WomenAbuse Making earth little softer
    38. 38. Forms • Domestic Violence - Marital Relationship - Dowry Harassment - Bride Burning • Sexual Harassment - At Work - At Home - On road • Sale of Wife • Teasing Making earth little softer
    39. 39. Making earth little softer
    40. 40. Making earth little softer
    41. 41. Making earth little softer
    42. 42. FemaleFoeticide Making earth little softer
    43. 43. Height of cruelty, killing baby before birth! Making earth little softer
    44. 44. Female foeticide• Most of families prefer male children• The united Nation says an estimated 2,000 unborn girls are aborted every day in India.• It is ironic to see that maximum sex-selective abortions are performed by lady doctors Making earth little softer
    45. 45. Increase in Violence• More violent forms, such as • Femicide, acid attacks, ritual rapes and murders, • Gang rapes and forced early marriages • Military sexual slavery, rape as a weapon of war, trafficking in women & girls • Ill-treatment of widows Making earth little softer
    46. 46. Domestic violence Making earth little softer
    47. 47. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    48. 48. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    49. 49. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    50. 50. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    51. 51. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    52. 52. Problems faced Making earth little softer
    53. 53. Mental violence• Not involved in economical, social decision making• No option to choose bride groom Making earth little softer
    54. 54. Root causesLack of following while dealing with women • Cultural behavior • Trust & Transparency • Respect • Belief in abilities, skill & knowledge • Positive attitude • Caring • Effective communication • Gratitude • Understanding • Sharing & Giving Making earth little softer
    55. 55. Reasons & Solutions• Poverty or insufficient earning• Unsatisfactorily sex or adultery like bad habits• Intellectual but opposite views• Cultural, social & economical non-compatibility• Difference in life style, bad habits like drinking• Contradictory & unwanted behaviorShort term solution –• Counseling & agreements• Effective Communication• Social pressure• To stand on own Making earth little softer
    56. 56. Social• Social and cultural barriers• Restrictions on women‟s mobility/ travel• Limited access to information and resources• Parental/ Family mindset that women‟s rightful place is at home & in kitchen• Only responsible for child upbringing• Women are ignored• Over-protective• Early marriage• Limited access to religious activities• Weightage of women‟s view, opinion & decision-making in the family?• Image projected in TV serial Making earth little softer
    57. 57. Educational• Restricted education to girls• Limited access to education and information• Lesser percentage women seeking higher education• Preference of marriage over higher education Making earth little softer
    58. 58. Economical• Lesser economic independence• No share in parental property• Culture & tradition role : men continues to be in-charge of money & earning where as women heads kitchen activities & child upbringing Making earth little softer
    59. 59. Political• Male domination in power politics• Lack of interest & acceptance toward political participation & representation• Women are hindered to participate as voters, Prohibiting women from casting their votes Making earth little softer
    60. 60. Political• Lesser public & influential voice• Unequal citizenship and legal entitlements• Too lesser percentage of females • In decision-making / senior positions like Governor, President, CEOs, etc • In legislative or managerial staff• Lack of • Political training & education • Political skills & know-how • Education & awareness of political rights • Registration of voters Making earth little softer
    61. 61. Government• Inexistence or very few concrete programs• The absence of synergy between the various programs initiated by the government• Gap between policies and practices• Non-effective implementation of social laws Making earth little softer
    62. 62. Corporate• Women‟s access to equal opportunity, pay, position & rights at work• Avoiding employment due to cultural issues like in tourism, travel, etc Making earth little softer
    63. 63. Health related• Ignored health treatment• Expected to deliver responsibilities even if not well at home as well as at work Making earth little softer
    64. 64. Functional• Lack of • Confidence and trust among women • Experience in decision-making roles • Skills for higher level jobs/assignments • Financial resources and social capital • High level of literacy among women Making earth little softer
    65. 65. Why – Need? Making earth little softer
    66. 66. Need?To address• Educational problems• Society / Cultural problems• Gender prejudice• Low confidence• Lack of unity• Problem related with health• Poverty and Ignorance• Traditional barriers Making earth little softer
    67. 67. Driving factors• Peace• Improved social character building• Community-driven development aid• Strong economy• Good local governance Making earth little softer
    68. 68. Strategies• Providing education• Modernization of society• Giving equal rights• Part of economic decision making• Political empowerment• Self perception• Work participation• Traditional role expectations Making earth little softer
    69. 69. Measures to Improve• Education• Political Participation• Decision-Making• Self Help Groups• Violence Control Measures• Ownership of Land• State Initiatives• Central initiatives Making earth little softer
    70. 70. Approach Health Asset base Education Reservation & Skill &Legislative efforts Women Knowledge Empowerment Unity Encouragement Participation Respect Awareness Making earth little softer
    71. 71. Solution Making earth little softer
    72. 72. Making earth little softer
    73. 73. Women empowerment• Empowerment is a multi-faceted , multi- dimensional and multi-layered concept.• Women‟s empowerment is a process in which women gain greater or equal share of control over resources in the home, community, society and nation to gain power. Making earth little softer
    74. 74. Definition• Empowerment means moving from a position of enforced powerlessness to one of power Making earth little softer
    75. 75. Meaning of empowerment• According to Cambridge English Dictionary empowerment means “to authorize” Making earth little softer
    76. 76. OvercomingChallenges Making earth little softer
    77. 77. Solution- IndexBridging the gaps to address inequalitiesbetween men and women through effective:• Economic participation & equal opportunities• Political empowerment & participation• Education attainment• Equal work opportunities• Health and well-being• Participation in decision making• Help Groups & NGO, Violence Control Measures• Government Initiatives Making earth little softer
    78. 78. Action Areas• Women accepting various services• Training of women as highly skilled workers- top end skills• Research/Technology for women• Women in the work force• Asset ownership by women• Women as Entrepreneurs Making earth little softer
    79. 79. Solution-Social• To respect & empower women• To offer equal rights & treat equal• To seek participation in decision making• To encourage & allow to do more than expected traditional roles• To build capabilities – Intelligent & Physical• To prevent abusive programs• To create awareness, start as many affordable crisis counselling or social support services• To implement positive symbolic measures & spread achievements using media Making earth little softer
    80. 80. Solution-Social• Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy.• Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality• Strong networking Making earth little softer
    81. 81. Solution-Social• To obtaining data on violence against women• To use these to show • Social impact • Emotional and psychological impact• It is important that the extent, nature and root causes of such violence are well-documented.• To analyse & take actions (legal & charitable)• To communicate & report appropriate coverage in media & legislation so as to reduce the occurrence of violence & its effects• To offer comprehensive social assistance Making earth little softer
    82. 82. Solution-Education• To implement aggressively illiteracy eradication programs• To make women education compulsory• To offer equal educational rights• To encourage highest possible education• To allow access to information & knowledge• To offer free education till graduation• To offer interest free loan for higher education• To promote education, training and professional development for women Making earth little softer
    83. 83. Solution-Education• To be aware of critical role in educating children, a responsibility to transform society• Women are chief educators. Need to • Promote the role of mothers in socializing and upbringing children • Learn as much so as to address tone of curiosity & critical thinking for their children• To conduct educational & skill enhancement courses free of cost• Being a source women to educate & gain more knowledge Making earth little softer
    84. 84. Solution-Economical• To be a partner of economic decision making• To have a joint bank account• To have equal rights in parental assets• To increase financial support for NGO related to women issue• To have a joint account in bank, trust and do not ask for expenses details Making earth little softer
    85. 85. Solution-Political• To empower in politics• To enhance capacities & capabilities in politics e.g. training on political education• To encourage local political leadership for enhancing women‟s political participationTo Invest in women‟s collective action andpolitical engagement• Design training & self-help initiatives to women‟s needs & economic opportunities• Take steps to enhance women‟s local political inclusion through strategies Making earth little softer
    86. 86. Solution-Government• To design, plan & implement and monitor women morale upliftment & awareness programs aggressively• To educate all girls compulsory• To bridge gaps of laws, policies & practices• To implement special in-door fast courts, stringent laws for women abuse• To check laws being followed for child labour, child marriage, woman education, etc• To increase budget in human capital• To finance women machineries & NPO/NGO• To improve accountability mechanisms Making earth little softer
    87. 87. Solution-Corporate• Equal opportunity at work, Respect and support human rights on discrimination.• Pay equal remuneration, including benefits• Assure equal participation of women in decision-making and governance• Policies to be free from gender discrimination• Proactively recruit women for senior positions• Offer flexible work options e.g. leave• Support access child / dependent care by providing services, resources and information Making earth little softer
    88. 88. Solution-Corporate• Establish high-level corporate leadership• Implement enterprise development programs• Ensure health, safety & well-being of women• Promote education, training and professional development for women• Affirm high-level support• Develop infrastructure for women like  Water & sanitation at workplace  Creches  Working Women Hostels  Transport services  Security Making earth little softer
    89. 89. Solution-Corporate• Education & training• To invest in workplace policies & programs that open avenues for advancement of women• Ensure equal access to all company- supported education and training programs• Provide equal opportunities for formal and informal networking and mentoring.• To promote the business case for women‟s empowerment Making earth little softer
    90. 90. Solution-Corporate• Participate with private sector to promote gender equality & women empowerment• Develop policies on gender equality & women empowerment, spread corporate commitment• Encourage business relationships with women-owned enterprises• Ask business partners to respect the company‟s commitment to advancing equality• Respect the dignity of women in all marketing and other company materials• Ensure that company products, services and facilities are not used for sexual exploitation Making earth little softer
    91. 91. Solution-Corporate• Lead by example – showcase company commitment to equality & empowerment.• Leverage influence, alone or in partnership, to advocate for gender equality• Work with stakeholders to eliminate discrimination & exploitation opening the equal opportunities for women• Promote and recognize women‟s leadership and ensure sufficient representation• Use philanthropy & grants programs to support company commitment to the cause Making earth little softer
    92. 92. Solution-Corporate• Freedom from abuse & violence• To identify and address security issues & provide safe working conditions and protection• To establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal and/or physical abuse, sexual harassment.• To train security to recognize signs of violence• To take stringent actions for guilty Making earth little softer
    93. 93. Solution-Health• To attend health problems immediately without ignorance• To assure enough rest while in routine• To conduct tests regularly• To take over all possible responsibilities during illness Making earth little softer
    94. 94. Solution-Institutional• Develop local capacity advocating women rights• Linkages & connect developed among communities• Capacity building of organizations & political parties to tap women resources Making earth little softer
    95. 95. Solution-Structural• Networking and Advocacy• Using Radio, Talk shows & TV Programs• Mobilization and support to women Making earth little softer
    96. 96. HealthWomen‟s health means family health Making earth little softer
    97. 97. EducationEducating a male means educating a individualEducating a female means educating a Family Making earth little softer
    98. 98. Skill & Knowledge Faith Making earth little softer
    99. 99. Encouragement/RespectEncourage & respect – Offer pat on back Making earth little softer
    100. 100. AwarenessSpread awareness about women rights Making earth little softer
    101. 101. Faith & UnityKeep Faith on capabilities of women They should unite Making earth little softer
    102. 102. ParticipationIn different fields Making earth little softer
    103. 103. Legislative effortsReservation surely helps Making earth little softer
    104. 104. AssetsTo share the assets equally Making earth little softer
    105. 105. Change attitudeChange in attitude leads to women empowerment Making earth little softer
    106. 106. Opportunities Making earth little softer
    107. 107. Making earth little softer
    108. 108. TV programs Making earth little softer
    109. 109. Non-traditional sectors• Electricity services• Plumbing services• Home maintenance• Gardening• Drivers Making earth little softer
    110. 110. Counseling of mentors • Exchange of information & advice with experienced mentors • Business planning and project follow-up assistance Making earth little softer
    111. 111. Mobilization meetings• Access to information• One stop shop with all institutions Making earth little softer
    112. 112. Individual profiling Understanding the aspirations, interests, dreams and constraints of each individual Making earth little softer
    113. 113. Examples of start-upsThe different faces of start-ups Making earth little softer
    114. 114. Participation • Direct sales training • Participation in fair• All products sold out Making earth little softer
    115. 115. Innovation How is your product unique? • Market testing • Product development • Food lab analysis analysis • Bar Code registration • Brand development Making earth little softer
    116. 116. Training Making earth little softer
    117. 117. Barriers Making earth little softer
    118. 118. Modern Time?Barriers to Female Education• Poverty: one-fourth population• Social values and parental support• Inadequate school facilitiesBarriers to Female Employment• Cultural Restrictions• Hierarchical society (caste system)• Purdah system• Discrimination at Workplace• Lack of employment opportunities• Male competition is high Making earth little softer
    119. 119. Initiatives Making earth little softer
    120. 120. Various Projects• Capacity Building of Public Representatives• Voters Education• Capacity Building of NGOs• Research and Advocacy Making earth little softer
    121. 121. Result Making earth little softer
    122. 122. Changing environmentGlobalisation Mobile revolution Making earth little softer
    123. 123. After empowerment • In Society – • » Establishment of Ethics • » Happy environment • » Secured society • In Politics- • » Development of Nation • » Opportunities for all. Making earth little softer
    124. 124. Positive impactsThe proportion of women in the IT industryconstitutes about 20% of total IT work force Making earth little softer
    125. 125. Indicators• Increase in self-esteem• Increase in knowledge and awareness• Increase in personal leisure time• Character building within society• Positive changes in social attitudes• Change in roles & responsibility in family & community• Visible decrease in violence on women• Increase in bargaining and negotiating power• Increase access to information• Decision-making over her work & income Making earth little softer
    126. 126. Conclusion Making earth little softer
    127. 127. To ConcludeProblems :- Empowerment & EqualityDealing with the problems at various levels• Social & cultural• Corporate• GovernmentStrike at various places• Home• Road• ParliamentSolve the problem by way of• Education• Employment• Encouragement Making earth little softer
    128. 128. NEW DIRECTIONS• Conclusion :• In order to achieve Gender Equality & women‟s empowerment, set targets for the Millennium, we need • To focus more on programmes aiming at empowering women, • To increase the financial support , • To improve on accountability and • To report on results as well as • To seek strategic involvement of men Making earth little softer
    129. 129. Branding• Transparency, measuring & reporting• Make public the company policies for promoting gender equality• Establish benchmarks that quantify inclusion of women at all levels• Measure and report on progress, both internally and externally, using data Making earth little softer
    130. 130. Making earth little softer