THE WINDSOCK  December 2011  January 2012               Fleet Weather Center, San Diego Newsletter         Congratulations...
CMC SOAPBOX                                                                                              AWARDS AND RECOGN...
DEPARTMENT FOCUS: SGOTThe Strike Group Oceanography Team (SGOT) consists of 90 Sailorswho deploy in support of Carrier Str...
For the second straight year, Chief Petty Officers from various commandsaround the COMTHIRDFLT Area of Responsibility (AOR...
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December january 2011 newsletter


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December january 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. THE WINDSOCK December 2011 January 2012 Fleet Weather Center, San Diego Newsletter Congratulations to all the Advancement Selectees!! UPCOMING EVENTS December/January Dec 06 Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Birthday 07 Attack on Pearl Harbor 11 Charger Game 14 All Hands Meeting 15 Holiday Party 16-27 First Holiday Period 18 Charger Game 28 Turnover Day Jan 28-09 Second Holiday Period 16 Martin Luther King Jr. DayCOMMANDING OFFICER COLUMNSeason’s Greetings Shipmates! As 2011 comes to a close and 2012 dawns, we all have much to remember, reflect upon, and lookforward to. IProfessionalism!proud to be associated with an extremely impressive and professional group of Americans at FWC- Pride and for one am verySD. You continue to represent your country, the Navy, the command, and yourselves very well. The numerous BZ’s and notes ofappreciation I consistently see from the Fleet regarding your exceptional support are a prime example of the outstandingreputation you have established for the command. So too is the ironclad foundation for success you have laid for our commandover the first year since its establishment. You have truly taken ownership in the programs and processes enabling continuouscommand improvement. I am excited about the future, and the many possibilities it brings for our new organization.Some things on my mind during this season are:-Dec. 6 marks the 181st anniversary of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography. On Dec. 6, 1830, the Naval Depot of Charts andInstruments was established by order of the Secretary of the Navy John Branch. Over the years, the Depot underwent many nameand mission changes and is considered the beginning of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. We will markthis event on Tuesday, 6 Dec. with a cookout and cake enjoyed in the command courtyard, this tradition will continue with annualobservances of the birth of Naval Meteorology Oceanography.-Dec. 7 marks the 70th anniversary of the Japanese aircraft carrier attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.The Japanese success was overwhelming, but it was not complete. They failed to damage any of the American aircraft carriers,which by a stroke of luck, had been absent from the harbor. They neglected to damage the shoreside facilities at the PearlHarbor Naval Base, which played an important role in the allied victory in World War II. American technological skill raised andrepaired all but three of the ships sunk or damaged at Pearl Harbor. Most importantly, the shock and anger caused by thesurprise attack united our nation and was translated into a wholehearted commitment to victory in World War II.-28 January 1986 - Space shuttle Challenger explodes killing CDR Michael Smith, USN, and 6 other astronauts. This was one ofthose tragedies where you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. Iwatched this news with my company-mates from First Company at the Naval Academy in our wardroom as we heard of those onthis mission who paid the ultimate sacrifice.-16 January 1991 - Operation Desert Storm, liberation of Kuwait from Iraq, begins. What comes to mind for me is my time as aSWO on my first ship, running the length of the Persian Gulf back and forth for the duration of Desert Storm. I was OOD and theship’s Navigator, my Conning Officer was then ENS Vince Tolbert, former Fresno State lineman, and well-liked by the crew. Wehad several close calls with mines, and heart-pumping scenarios on the bridge together. Vince later paid the ultimate sacrificewhile working in the Pentagon on 9/11.As the Holiday Season begins, I look forward to spending time at our Christmas Party together on the 15 th. To those deployedaround the world, forward at our Detachments and Components, and standing duty - thanks for keeping the watch for all of us.Also, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a heartfelt thank you to all our families without whose enduring support true successis not possible.Enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends; rest, recharge and stay safe by making good choices. The New Year willbring its own unique set of challenges and opportunities as each year does. We will get through them together, become astronger team, and continue to build a first class Fleet Weather Center in support of the Fleet.Thank you all for the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and patriotism you represent every day. Pride and Professionalism! Page 1 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume 1, Issue 7 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  2. 2. CMC SOAPBOX AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONCongratulations to all of our Sailors who advanced off the Cycle 212 Fall 2011 Navy wide Sailors of the YearAdvancement Exam. Your hard work and great study habits have been rewarded. Please AG1 Lopez Shore SSOY 2011mentor and share your proven habits with those that have not advanced. Chief Cardin AG1 Ho Sea SSOY 2011and I are combing through all profile sheets to identify trends to discover how we can AG2 Hicks Shore JSOY 2011modify training. N7 Leadership along with CCC and I will be performing Career AG2 Price Sea JSOY 2011Development Boards on those of you not selected and are looking to make you successful Navy Achievement Medalon the Spring 2012 Navy wide Advancement Exams. Congratulations are also in order for AG1 SnyderAG2 McBride for becoming an IDC Warrior with her successful completion of all AG3 Dean Flag Letter of Commendationrequirements for Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist qualification. AGC BeverlyAnother shameless plug for the FWC-SD Holiday Party. Please see anyone from the MWR AGC KoehnCommittee for tickets. Please exercise ORM on this event and all your Holiday Season AGC Gibsonactivities, this means having a detailed plan, briefing the plan then executing the plan. Of LS1 Winnettcourse part of this includes contingencies if you have to deviate from your plan. Shelter AG3 SmithIsland where the Kona Kai Hotel is located is a known DUI and speed trap, numerous Letter of Appreciationspeed bumps along with a heavy SDPD presence. AG3 PerfettiThe December/January timeframe can be a stressful time for those separated from family IDWO LCDR Smithand not just the young Sailor on their first enlistment either. Please look out for our LTJG Fryeshipmates and include them in your liberty/holiday festivities if they would otherwise sit LTJG Mitchellhome alone in their apartment or barracks room. Looking forward to everyone returning EIDWSfrom leave and liberty over the New Year safely with the batteries recharged ready to AG2 McBridetackle the challenges ahead of us. Advancement SelecteesVery Respectfully, AGCM Matt White-DFIU AG1 Madore AG1 BeachamOMBUDSMAN CORNER AG1 MulliClementss AG1 SinkWhat are we always trying to do at this time of the year? Save some money, get a good AG1 Vohsdeal, and have a little fun. Well, I have something for you, the Wave-Winds. It’s a bi- AG1 Poncemonthly publication of the Navy Region Southwest, produced for military members and AG1 Swartztheir families to enhance their quality of life. It has everything from aquatics to massage AG1 Geetherapy to wood hobby shops. Free to low cost deals. Every issue has the phone numbers, AG2 Clarklocations, and hours of operations for all the MWR offices and Liberty facilities for all bases. AG2 MahoneyYou can pick one up at any MWR office or you can request one be sent to your home. AG2 WoosleyHere are a few things you can expect to find: AG2 Osborne AG2 Jaraczeski- Military discounts, tickets, classes and travel offers AG2 St Michel- Wondering what to do on Christmas or New Years Eve? AG2 Barzon- Have Children? Want them to have something to do over winter break? A kid’s night out, AG2 Grahamvolunteer options, maybe sports? What about some free child care to finish some holiday AG2 Schoonvershopping? AG2 BeersIf you are interested in getting a copy View it online at AG3 or call 619-556-2334 or Email AG3 AG3 Florent AG3 BigbyCurrent events AG3 Waring*Jungle Bells @ the San Diego Zoo AG3 Williams, A.*Holiday of Lights @ the DelMar Fairgrounds AG3 Walker*Don’t forget to use your, free Sea World tickets (active duty member +3). Just show an AG3 Williams military ID at the ticket window and you’re in. AG3 Rouston AG3 Cobos AG3 Weisgerber HOLIDAY PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT AG3 Atkinson AG3 Long This year’s Command Holiday Party will be on December 15th, 2011 at the Kona Kai AG3 Debona Resort on Shelter Island AG3 Venable AG3 Bro AG3 Davis Ticket are on sale now! AG3 Sullivan AG3 Killion E-1 to E-3: $25 AG3 Gower E-4 to E-5: $30 AG3 Tucker E-6 to E-7: $40 (GS-5 to GS-9) AG3 Springsteen E-8 to O-6: $50 (GS-10 to GS-13) AG3 Lundy AG3 Pauley This years prizes include: 2 Big Screen TVs, 2 IPads, IPod Docks, Coffee Makers, X-Box Connect, AG Ellett DJ Hero, Various San Diego Adventures to include, Massage for 2, Fishing Charter for 2, Dinner on AG3 Hicks the Hornblower for 2, Kayaking for 2, 2 tickets for the Catalina Express, Paddle Boating at Mission AG3 Hartman Bay, White Water Rafting Adventure, and various comedy shows, movie tickets and K-1 Speed AG3 Losier show tickets, as well as 2 Michael Jackson tickets - Cirque Du Soleil AG3 Rodriguez AG3 Chalmers AG3 Warn Page 2 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume 1, Issue 7 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT FOCUS: SGOTThe Strike Group Oceanography Team (SGOT) consists of 90 Sailorswho deploy in support of Carrier Strike Group (CSG), ExpeditionaryStrike Group (ESG), and Mobile Environmental Team (MET)missions. The typical detachment for CSG and ESG supportconsists of a team LCPO, three Forecasters and four ApprenticeForecasters, while MET missions are normally comprised of aForecaster and an Apprentice Forecaster. Once formed, each team goes through a robust trainingprogram that includes tailored Meteorology and Oceanography Page 2(METOC) support courses provided by the Naval Meteorology andOceanography Professional Development Detachment Pacific tosatisfy Fleet Readiness Training Plan requirements. The trainingculminates in basic, intermediate, and advanced team trainerswhich render the teams “Deployment Ready”.The SGOT administrative personnel are the unsung heroes, TOP: FWC-SD Welcomes home the USS RONALD REAGAN Strikeconstantly monitor ever changing ship schedules and ensuring Group Oceanography Team upon return from a successful 7 montheach team is manned properly based on current manning models deployment in September 2011.and availability of personnel. In addition to manning, careful BOTTOM: AG3 Beranek conducts PQS training in the SGOT briefingattention is given to ensure each team is also trained and room.equipped to meet mission demands.Since its inception, SGOT has garnered a high degree of successdespite the challenges of a high operational tempo (OPTEMPO).This past year was no exception as highlighted by the successfuldeployments of USS PELELIU, USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, USS CARLVINSON, USS RONALD REAGAN and USS BOXER. Teams arecurrently deployed with USS JOHN C STENNIS, USS MAKIN ISLAND,USS CARL VINSON and USS ABRAHAM LINCLON. With a cadre ofdedicated and highly motivated sea-going professionals, SGOT ison track for another successful year of providing first-rate METOCsupport to the fleet. TEAMMATE IN THE SPOTLIGHT AG3 (AW/SW) Matthew Mannila is an Apprentice Forecaster stationed at Fleet Weather Center-San Diego since 2009. Coming from a legacy of Naval service, both of his grandfathers were Bluejackets. At a young age AG3 dreamed of becoming a sailor, but didn’t enlist until he turned 23 years old. After high school, he attended college full time and worked a string of jobs in Georgia, his home state. It wasn’t until he moved out west to Arizona that he finally decided to pick up the phone and dialed 411 - asking for a recruiter. At MEPS, the idea of becoming a weatherman sounded like the quintessential Sailor job and an excuse to get topside. So he chose AG and the rest was history. AG3 Mannila checked onboard Fleet Weather Center San Diego and hit the deckplates running. He has already served on three different platforms. His first ship ride was the USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN 74) during an exercise off the coast of Mexico. Then he was assigned to the USS BOXER (LHD 4) team where he completed a deployment, earned dual warfare qualifications (EAWS and ESWS), advanced to Petty Officer Third Class, and visited three different continents. More recently, AG3 Mannila returned from a three week exercise aboard IX-524 in support of Pacific Missile Range Facility. The barge out of Hawaii served as a platform for Hypersonic Weapon System testing. Although fishing Mahi Mahi and Skipjack off the stern was considered one of the perks on his recent travel, his main mission as Upper Air Technician was to launch weather balloons. AG3 Mannila is working on his second college degree and will be attending Oregon State University online in January. In addition, he is well on the path of completing his EIDWS qualification. “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it,” cited by AG3 Mannila as an influential writing of Thomas Jefferson. AG3 Mannila aspires to continue serving his country in the National Park Service or U.S. Forest Service. He doesn’t have many pet peeves, but says micromanagement is one of them. His hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, skating, stand-up paddle boarding, reading, and driving. CNMOC Facebook Website FWC-SD Ombudsman: Victoria Mitchell: (619)-207-9510 Teri Garza: (619)-207-9634 Page 3 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume 1, Issue 7● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  4. 4. For the second straight year, Chief Petty Officers from various commandsaround the COMTHIRDFLT Area of Responsibility (AOR) assembled for a four-day FWC-SD CHIEFS VISITS RTC GREAT LAKEStrip to Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great Lakes, IL, Nov. 15-18. At therequest of the fleet, their objective was to gain experience of how today’sRecruits are being trained and to provide feedback. Headed byCMDCM(SW/AW) Joann Ortloff of COMTHIRDFLT, the team of 65 chartered aNavy Air Logistics Office (NALO) flight from NAS North Island to RTC.AGC(SW) Ruel Lacno of FWC-SD SGOT was one of the lucky members fromFWC-SD to attend . “I was very excited before we left and was glad that Ivolunteeed for this trip. I went through RTC Great Lakes from Apr. to Jun. 1996and haven’t been back since. I was interested to see how today’s Recruits arebeing trained and what RTC Great Lakes looks like today. I can’t believe howmuch has changed (physically) at RTC. Nothing looked familiar! I was alsofortunate enough to have some face-time with several Recruits,” said Lacno .Of the 65 Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, and Master Chiefs, only about five or six did notgo through RTC Great Lakes when they were young Recruits. Just like ChiefLacno, most of the ones who graduated from Great Lakes have never beenback. The only exceptions were the few who served as Recruit DivisionCommanders (RDC). But even for those folks, it was a surprise to see thelatest changes, some of which were only completed July of 2010.Some of the notable changes of today’s Boot Camp are:-Newly designed barracks (called “ships”) that house internal Galleys (cafeterias).-A $31 million, 183,000 square foot physical fitness training facility, “Freedom Hall”. The facility has four, six-lane, 1/8 of a mile tracks.440 Recruits can simultaneously use all four tracks.-A 210ft Arleigh Burke class destroyer simulator named USS Trayer (BST-21) in honor of LCDR James Trayer, company commander ofRTC Great Lakes’ first Recruit company to successfully complete Boot Camp. This partial replica integrates the simulated aftermathof destruction onboard USS Cole (DDG-67) (terrorist bombing), USS Tripoli (LPH-10) (mine damage), and USS Stark (FFG-31) (missileattack). Lessons learned from these catastrophes are readily applied to a training evolution known as Battle Stations 21 whichserves as the Rites of Passage, thetransition from Recruit to Sailor.Successful completion of this NEWS FROM THE FRONTIERevolution is required before a Recruitgraduates. FWC AVN Det Pearl Harbor: “I was highly impressed with the - On November 4th, the FWC Pearl Harbor Navy detachment hosted the 17thchanges made at Great Lakes,” said Operational Weather Squadron Commander’s Cup. The 17 th OWS Commander’sAGC(SW) Lacno. The COMTHIRDFLT Cup is a multi-service quarterly gathering where service members, as well as family,Chiefs were briefed that the internal come together for food and friendly sports competitions. Events included volleyball,Galleys saved about two days’ worth basketball, ultimate football, kickball, corn hole, and Polish horseshoes. There wereof marching time. “Back when I was a seventy-five people in attendance to make up five teams. After feasting upon aRecruit at Great Lakes, we had to smorgasbord of barbeque, the games began! While the fun and games are amarch to chow. At first I thought that great way to break up the day to day routine, the key purpose of the event is tothe less frequent marching of today’s foster teamwork. The race for the trophy was tight, and in the end the training flightRecruits would hamper marching and rain victorious among the teams. It should be noted, however, that the Navyformation skills. But after what I’ve dominated at Volleyball!seen, they’re just as good as ever,”said AGC(SW) Lacno.AGC(AW/SW) Glenn Kleiner of FWC- FWC AVN Det Atsugi: -Site Visit with CDR Hinz on 16 November 2011: OPSO met with base CO and P-COSD Aviation was among the group. “I discussed the future plans for Atsugi and heard the COs concerns.actually went through Boot Camp at -AGC Deshotel, AG3 Phelps and AGAN Albert awarded an LOC from CAPT MonroeRTC Orlando; however, I really for outstanding PFA scores in the Spring 2011 PFA. The detachment commended onenjoyed this trip because of the one – a job well done for Operation Tomodachi and for the dedication the Sailors have foron-one sessions we had with the our mission.Recruits. We actually had time to visit Transfers:an entire Division within their AG1 (Sel) Madore Transferred to FWC-SD on 12 Novembercompartment to mentor and answer AG1 Erickson Transferring to NOAC Yokosuka on 15 Decemberquestions they had. The one thing ****Have a safe and wonderful Holiday from Atsugi Detachment!!!****that really struck me was the USSTrayer. At first I thought we were inUniversal Studios with all of the state- STK Det Fallon:of-the-art special effects!” said - AG1 Stephanie Reynolds and AG2 Glen Soucie deployed this month, just in time toAGC(AW/SW) Kleiner. be underway for the holidays. We wish them a rewarding and successfulPresent day RTC Great Lakes is a 12- deployment.year $770 million project, completed Fair winds and following seas to AG1 Aaron Carr and family who transferred toin the middle of 2010. Since the Professional Development Detachment Pacific. They will be missed in Fallon andclosure of RTC Orlando in 1995, RTC make a wonderful addition to the San Diego METOC team.Great Lakes has been the Navy’s onlyBoot Camp. CDR Mike Kuypers Executive Officer Page 4 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume 1, Issue 7 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271