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Express presentation final


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Express presentation final

  1. 1. Mobile Purchasing ResearchExploring the mobile purchasing knowledge, habits andbehaviors of more than 500 Ohio University students. Presented by: Ohio University ImPRessions
  2. 2. Overview of mobile purchasing research• Over a three-week period during the end of April and the beginning on May 2012, the Express account of Ohio University ImPRessions surveyed more than 500 Ohio University students on their mobile purchasing knowledge, habits and behaviors.• The Express account also held two focus groups on Tuesday, May 1 and Wednesday, May 2, where a total of 25 Ohio University students participated in several mobile purchasing exercises and responded to in-depth questions regarding their experience.
  3. 3. Survey Results
  4. 4. Age range of participants Age Results: 29.3 percent of survey contributors 29.30% were 20 years old, with 27.60% the next closest age being 21 at 27.6 percent. 18.90% Analysis: Because of the average age being 11.90% 20-years-old, the findings of this study6.40% most accurately reflect 3.10% the purchasing habits 1.90% 1.00% of traditional second and third year students. 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25-30
  5. 5. Gender of participants Results: 82.9 percent of survey contributors are women and 17.1 percent 17% are men. Analysis: The main 83% contributors in our survey were women, therefore these results mostly cover FEMALE a women’s point of view in MALE mobile marketing.
  6. 6. Smartphone owners Results: 75.1 percent of all survey contributors currently have a 25% smartphone, while 24.9 percent do not. 75% Analysis: Over half of those surveyed currently own a smartphone, which YES means it is a form of NO technology that can be utilized by the majority of college aged students.
  7. 7. Type of smartphone300 273 Results: iPhone: 273250 Blackberry: 25200 Android: 82 HTC: 12150 Other: 7100 8250 Analysis: The results showed that 25 12 7 an overwhelming amount of 0 participants owned iPhones. Because of that, the most effective strategies should be geared toward iPhone users.
  8. 8. Tablet ownership Results: Our survey Yes showed that only 17 17% percent of participants own a tablet. Analysis: Because of No this, Express shouldn’t 83% focus a vast majority of marketing tactics via tablets for the college age demographic.
  9. 9. Top two websites
  10. 10. Top two websites
  11. 11. Mediums used for email COMPUTER SMARTPHONE0 to 1 2 to 4 5 to 7 8 to 10 11+ NEVER 1 2 3 4 5+ 10% 9% 13% 38% 31% 26% 42% 10% 6% 7% 8%
  12. 12. Opinions about retail emails350 295 Results: Close to 300300 people said retailers send250 way too many emails.200 Analysis: By sending less emails per150 week, customers may 101 actually take the time to100 86 open them instead of 37 deleting them right away.50 For example, an email 0 once a week seems more exclusive than an email Too many Spam Similar Not everyday. deals on relevant their websites
  13. 13. Email keywords450 411 Results: Over 400 survey400 contributors couldn’t pass350 up a retail email with the300 245 word SALE.250200 Analysis: Continuing to150 share100 promotions, deals, sales, a 43 40 26 50 nd ways to save will keep 0 the customers intrigued and ready to shop.
  14. 14. Favorite mobile appsTop five mobile apps used by ourparticipants.1. Twitter2. Facebook3. Instagram4. My Fitness Pal/ Fit Pal5. Pinterest
  15. 15. Top social media sites FACEBOOK TWITTER Results: When participants YOUTUBE PINTEREST were asked to select which social media sites they visit on their phone once per 13% week, Facebook and 38% Twitter were selected 19% most. Analysis: Continue using 30% social media to promote the Express brand! SMARTPHONES
  16. 16. Sales EMAIL 332 MOBILE APP 35 Results: 68.2 percent of survey contributors use POSTAL MAIL 130 retail websites to locate sales, with a close second MOBILE SITE 49 being email at 64 percent. WEBSITE 354 Analysis: Continue to TEXT 87 promote sales in banners on your websites WORD OF MOUTH 278 homepageas well as in SOCIAL MEDIA 124 the subjects of emails.AFFILIATE OFFER SITES 38 0 200 400
  17. 17. Purchasing on smartphones YES NO Results: Only 26.6 percent of survey contributors have purchased a product using their smartphones. 27% Analysis: Promote the ease of purchasing through 73% smartphones in weekly emails and through social media outlets.
  18. 18. Opinions about smartphone purchases yes no Results: Only 37 percent of survey contributors were not open to purchasing items through their mobile 37% devices. Analysis: Promote the ease 63% of purchasing through smartphones and give special deals through mobile purchasing to entice customers.
  19. 19. Types of mobile purchases1. Music2. Clothing3. Books: eBooks/ textbooks4. Groupon/ living social deals5. Tickets: sportingevents, concerts, movies
  20. 20. Opinions against mobile purchasing Results: Of the people who No repsonse 333 responded, most were concerned with the security in purchasing online, as well asCheck-out is overly 30 purchasing an item without complicated seeing it in-store. Security concerns 81 Analysis: Promote the safety of purchasing on mobile Would rather see devices and possibly add 76 product in-store Paypal as an option for checkout. Express could also 0 100 200 300 400 add videos of models wearing the clothing to see the fit on a moving body.
  21. 21. Focus Group Results
  22. 22. Focus group goals• To gather information on the mobile purchasing knowledge, habits and behaviors of Ohio University students ages 18-30.• To learn about students’ feelings toward the mobile purchasing process by observing them make three mobile purchases and facilitating a discussion with them about the process.
  23. 23. Pre-experience thoughts• Four participants had previously made a mobile purchase. – Two participants purchased shoes – One participant purchased a shirt – One participant purchased a pizza
  24. 24. Have you ever purchased anything on yoursmartphone before today? 16% Yes No 84%
  25. 25. Before this focus group, were you aware youcould purchase items on your smartphone? 16% Yes No 84%
  26. 26. Why would you be hesitant to purchase an itemon your smartphone? 17% 9% 48% Security The screen is too small 26% Like to see items in person No
  27. 27. Do you know of any friends who purchase itemson their smartphones? 10% 35% Yes No 55% Not sure
  28. 28. What did you like about purchasing an itemfrom the Express mobile site? It was easy 20% It was user friendly 4% 4% 52% It was fast 12% 8% Same as purchasing on computer Nothing Other
  29. 29. What did you like about purchasing an item from the Victoria’s Secret mobile site? Easy to Find 9% 4% Loaded Quickly 17% 70% Layout Recommendations given based off purchase
  30. 30. What did you like about purchasing an item from The Limited mobile site? Specific search 13% options 17% 70% Speed Layout
  31. 31. What didn’t you like about purchasing an itemfrom the Express mobile site? Slow loading 24% 16% Security issues 12% Small screen 8% Nothing 16% 24% Typing a lot of information required Other
  32. 32. What didn’t you like about purchasing an item from the Victoria’s Secret mobile site? Multiple clothing categories made specific items hard to find 12% 44% Kept reloading 24% Nothing 20% Other (gender specific merchandise, information field made it difficult to type)
  33. 33. What didn’t you like about purchasingan item from The Limited mobile site? Too many steps 8% Kept reloading 28% 44% After purchase, did not 8% automatically take you to 12% checkout Nothing Security
  34. 34. In the future, would you consider using your smartphoneto purchase an item on the Express mobile site? 16% 8% Yes No 76% Possibly
  35. 35. In the future, would you consider using your smartphone to purchase an item on the Victoria’s Secret mobile site? 16% 20% Yes 64% No Possibly
  36. 36. In the future, would you consider using your smartphone to purchase an item on the The Limited mobile site? 16% 56% 28% Yes No Possibly
  37. 37. On a scale of one to 10, please rate your overall mobile purchase experience Express 8 Victorias Secret 7 The Limited 6# of 5participants 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rating
  38. 38. Post purchase experience thoughts• After purchasing items from Express, Victoria’s Secret and The Limited, participants… – Continued to question the security of mobile purchasing. • “I don’t feel secure giving my credit card information out onto my phone.”-Express Survey • “I did not like typing in all my information.”-Victoria’s Secret Survey • “The page didn’t let me know when I added an item to a bag, I accidentally ordered 3 items because I wasn’t sure it loaded.”-The Limited Survey
  39. 39. Post purchase experience thoughts – Gained new insight on mobile purchasing. • “Quick, user friendly, similar to a regular website.”-Express Survey • “The set up of the site is easy to use.”-Victoria’s Secret Survey • “Easy to get to the item, liked the different viewing options, different categories to search for different items.”- The Limited Survey
  40. 40. Post purchase experience thoughts – Would prefer to use a computer to make an online purchase, but would consider making a mobile purchase in the future. • “Yes if I knew exactly what I wanted”-Express Survey • “Maybe, depending on what it is.”-Victoria’s Secret Survey. • “Yes if the circumstances call for it.”-The Limited Survey.
  41. 41. Overall thoughts and commentson the experience• Participants cited these reasons most often for why they disliked mobile purchasing:  Security. “I often mistakenly click on the wrong link thinking I clicked on something else on my phone-that makes me nervous to buy something from my phone.”  Image size. “Limitation of size of screen for seeing the item.”  Loading problems.“My phone [Android] loaded it a little bit slow, it took me longer to get it up than iPhone users.”  Lack of necessity. “I dont think its vital to buy things from my phone.”
  42. 42. Suggestions• Set deadlines to improve mobile purchases. – Participants said that if they received an email that said “you only have five hours left to get free shipping on this item in your shopping cart” then they would likely make a purchase using their smartphone.• Offer exclusive deals for mobile purchases. – Participants agreed that if special offers were available for smartphone purchases, they would consider making more mobile purchases.• Emphasize security. – Several participants agreed that having a secure log off (like Chase bank uses on their app) may raise their likelihood of making a mobile purchase.
  43. 43. Questions