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  1. 1. Can one Can we give experience a a voice? ? street protest in a virtual interective way? Are there behavional paterns?In this project we tried to answer 3 simple ideas
  2. 2. Can we give a voice? 1. Filme the real thing 2. Get real interviwes 3. Give power to a few stories 4. Fit people into profilesAs we tried and answer the first one, we took these 4 steps
  3. 3. Basically we just picked a few dates with a street protest schedule, grabbed a camera and got in the field.
  4. 4. Are there behavional paterns?For this matter we studied a frew documented behavional patterns related to street protests and riots…
  5. 5. …as well as ask a professional PhD student in Philology about them.
  6. 6. 1. Have you ever been at a street protest? 2. What is a street protest? 3. In one sentence, describeWe also developed an online form with only these 2 questions, and an 3rd optional text area describing what is a street protest.
  7. 7. 2. What is a street protest? Answer = ProfileWhat people didn’t know was that the answer they picked at the 2nd question was related to a behavior Profile we precisely settled.
  8. 8. So when we look at these statistics, what we actually see is …
  9. 9. ---these Profile statistics, witch are actually very close to similar studies.
  10. 10. Can one experience a street protest in a virtual interective way?The final question was our main chalange-
  11. 11. We developed a virtual experience for Kinect, but also on the Web, so we could reach every house even after our presentation
  12. 12. Panoramic view os a street protest Chose a story to watch Learn more about the profile Street InterviwesFor our web application, we focus on these 4 features.
  13. 13. As we can see, there is an horizontal slider of a panoramic view, with clickable icons that lead to real stories. And a few real interviwsabove of a smaller protest.
  14. 14. If a person feels she can relate to the story she can check the profile associated to it. At “I identify myself with this person”
  15. 15. Once the user reaches the profile, they can read a small definition and a few sentences taken from our form of people that whereassociated to that profile.
  16. 16. Interective panoramic view chose a story to watch Sound and envolvement experienceOur kinect experience was the big challenge, and our main objective in this project
  17. 17. Our prototype will give one user the idea that he is walking threw a crowd of protesters, by visual and audio output. He can alsointeract with the screen by incising the noise as he raises his hands and searching for icons to press that will lead to our stories
  18. 18. Though our kinect experience was just the prototype, we believe our project can get an every day common citizen to participate instreet manifestations, or at minimum understand why so many people chose to do it, without judging his fellow citizens so quickly.
  19. 19. Of course, if one wishes to experience the real thing, nothing beats getting outside and scream your lungs out in public.