The New Inbox: Email + Social + Mobile


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This presentation takes audience members through emerging trends in digital marketing and the direct impact those trends have on email. Specifically, the focus will be on how mobile technologies and social networks are changing the way people use email and view their inbox. Tactical examples, current campaigns and future considerations are discussed.

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The New Inbox: Email + Social + Mobile

  1. 1. The New Inbox Email + Mobile + Social
  2. 2. Ryan P. Tuttle• VP of Strategic Services at BrightWave Marketing• Digital marketing guy since ‘97• Worked for a handful of agencies, including an ESP• Spent a few years on the brand side marketing TV• Ran digital agency, with lots of big brands• Huge nerd @RyanPTuttle @BrightWave
  3. 3. About BrightWaveBrightWave Marketing is an award-winning agency specializing inemail marketing & digital messaging programs• Specialized, best of breed agency• Renowned thought leadership & industry expertise• Agency Partnership model - an extension of your team
  4. 4. About BrightWaveBrightWave Marketing is a specialized and best of breed agency.BrightWave is NOT…• An ESP / Email Service Provider• Generalist Interactive Agency• An Advertising Agency• A Web Design Firm• A Public Relations Firm• Software CompanyAt BrightWave we are focused on assisting you: Build Drive Cut Relationships Revenue Costs
  5. 5. Sample Client List
  6. 6. State of the Inbox
  7. 7. The History of Email
  8. 8. The History of Email vs1,880,000,000 Jan. 2011
  9. 9. Email… At the BeginningNot that different from email as we know it today, except:• Only plain text• No SPAM  Viagra wasn’t on the market  Nigerian princes didn’t have Hotmail accounts  Porn was not online
  10. 10. 2002 CAN-SPAM
  11. 11. 2011, The Year of Email
  12. 12. 2011, The Year of Email“I have never used as much email in my entire lifeas I have this year. The daily deals are part of it,but my entire work life has become centeredaround using email on my phone. Previously Icommunicated in other ways, but as of this year itseems that email is certainly making a comeback.” - C.A Advert Solutions
  13. 13. Lurking Mashable
  14. 14. Increase in Bacon via
  15. 15. Decrease in Spam
  16. 16. Sharing Content
  17. 17. On the rise
  18. 18. Daily Deals
  19. 19. “There is no spoon.“ - Little Telekinetic Kid, The Matrix Email is Social
  20. 20. Is Social killing Email?
  21. 21. Who checks email the most?
  22. 22.
  23. 23.“Whats the difference between the telephone andFacebook? Between writing letters and Facebook?Between a group of people having a conversationand Facebook?Hell I dont know -- features?” - Derek P.
  24. 24. EmailBucket of People(CRM database) ?
  25. 25. Social Bucket of People(Twitter Followers)
  26. 26. Facebook
  27. 27. Facebook
  28. 28. Facebook
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter
  31. 31. LinkedIn
  32. 32. Location
  33. 33. Location
  34. 34. Email is Mobile
  35. 35. Mobile Enabled
  36. 36. Is your campaign broken?“A machine is broken when it no longer does what it was designed to do.” – Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Is the content relevant to the user on the go? Is it easy to navigate with thumbs? Was it designed with smartphones and/or tablets in mind?
  37. 37. Mobile Email?
  38. 38. Mobile Enabled EmailOne email that reformats itself when opened on different devices.Email creative /content is optimized for the device in real-time. iPhone Outlook 2010
  39. 39. The New Inbox
  40. 40. Honeycomb
  41. 41. iOS5
  42. 42. What’s Next?
  43. 43. Google Wave
  44. 44. Digital Messaging Integration
  45. 45. Digital Messaging Integration
  46. 46. Digital Messaging Integration
  47. 47. Google+
  48. 48. Google+
  49. 49. Google+, It’s about the Circles Family thatComplete Industry Family will neverStrangers Experts 18 know what 123 44 Google+ is 17 Saw me cryPeople who Coworkers Coworkers during the are dead 40 I like Justin Bieber to me 10 movie 5 2
  50. 50. Google+, Segmentation• Circles, what does this mean for brands?• Further conditioning users to partition communication• Increases the importance of segmenting email list to increase relevancy• What circle will your brand land in?
  51. 51. Thank YouThe New Inbox:Email + Social + MobileRyan P. TuttleVP of Strategic Services, BrightWave