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Heart health


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Heart health

  1. 1. Steps Towards Longevity
  2. 2. Know Your Doctor Let Your Doctor Know You Have Regular Check Ups Understand Your Capabilities Know Your Limitations Create a Sensible Physical Fitness Plan
  3. 3. Eat Right  Have Good Reference Sources for Foods  Stay Away from High Fat Foods  Regulate Carbohydrates  Consume High Fiber  Take a Good Multi-Vitamin
  4. 4. Exercise Thirty Minutes Per Day Minimum
  5. 5. Monitor and Evaluate Track Exercise Track Caloric Intake and Diet Evaluate Results Routinely Follow Physician Advice on Medications.
  6. 6. REFERENCES Dr. David Hatfield, Val Vista Lakes Family Medicine, Gilbert, AZ Dr. Jasmal Kahlan, Cardiologist, Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, AZ