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  1. 2. WHAT WE DO WE Invest on Non Performing Loans, receivables, bankruptcies and claims Partner with International and National renowned Investors OUR SERVICING INCLUDES A team of Collections and Contact management specialists Skip tracing functionalities Pre Legal and Judicial support expertise Flexible Reporting solutions
  2. 3. Acquisition of 23 unsecured NPL portfolios in a total of 234 m Euros Acquisition of 7 portfolios in a total of 78.900.000 Euros Acquisition of 8 portfolios in a total of 94.300.000 Euros. First acquisition of an Insurance portfolio First recurring operation with an unsecured Financial Institution Acquisition of 7 portfolios in a total of 57.500.000 Euros. Including one credit cards portfolio, one auto loans and one portfolio outside the Banking and Insurance industry Acquisition of first NPL portfolio of Unsecured loans: 3.200.000 Euros HISTORY 2005 2006-07 2008 2009-10 Total
  3. 4. IN BRIEF OUR SERVICING Over 60.000 Payments managed in 2010 Over 1 m € collected every month 42 Call Center positions and a network of external collection agents Over 25.000 legal claims under current management representing 60 Million Euros Managing Non Performing loans since 2000 23 Distressed debt Portfolio’s acquired since 2005 in a total of 233 Million Euros
  4. 5. ACQUISITION OF DEBT PORTFOLIOS “ The Know how we have acquired over the past 5 years with the acquisition of debt portfolios is our driver to expand our operations and to incorporate new business opportunities” Reliable Due Diligence Our database of distressed debts and it’s valuation allows us to perform reliable analysis on the portfolio’s estimated results before the binding bid Collections Performance Optimized collections system developed along the past 8 years, integrating both pre-judicial and judicial treatment within the same BSS (Business Support System) Reporting Flexible, allowing the production of almost any type of report required, either for operations, audit or financial purposes
  5. 6. SERVICING Data preparation Before integrating data in the BSS, data files are analysed and only valid data is integrated, error files are managed outside the system Skip tracing Specialized teams, in the call centre and on the streets track down the debtors Phone collections The most recent technology allows handling both inbound and outbound contacts integrated with the collections management system. Calls are recorded and can be accessed via web by the client in its secured private area
  6. 7. Field collections Field agents access, via laptop, pending cases on their to do list and have exactly the same front end as a call centre agent Legal collections Legal collections team is integrated within the same premises as the call centre and use the same BSS, all documents are kept on the case level and accessible via front end SERVICING
  7. 8. COMPANY STRATEGY & KEY INITIATIVES Continue improvements to business efficiency and real time quality control Focus on diversifying debt collections sources , such as utilities, telecommunications, cable, industry and others Develop further the integration between call centre capacity and the legal teams expertise