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How the 70-20-10 Model is Shaping the Future of Learning

Today's working environment is changing, which means the way companies train their employees also needs to change. The 70-20-10 Learning Model provides a framework for improving and extending traditional training and learning in the workplace. The model illustrates that 70% of learning within an organisation is now done 'on the job' with people learning by experience, 20% refers to social learning (i.e. learning from others), in the form of coaching and mentoring, as well as building strong and effective social networks, and 10% is delivered through more formal and structured courses in a classroom or via Virtual Classroom Technology (VCT), But what does it really mean? In this presentation, we provide examples of solutions from the 10% (informal learning) through to the 70% space (social learning via rate/share/contribute tools), and how they can be used in conjunction with each other to provide a connected learning landscape for any organisation.

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How the 70-20-10 Model is Shaping the Future of Learning

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  2. 2. 2 Remember?
  3. 3. Together, we will shape the future, but first… Think Think about a great learning experience, either professionally or personally, you have had recently… Share Share what you liked with 3 expressive words on the iPad Discuss Discuss & explain your experience with the person sat next to you 1 2 3
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  6. 6. Learn!
  7. 7. Changing Working Environment New ways of working require new ways of learning!
  8. 8. 70:20:10 Model Formal 10% Social 70% Informal 20%
  9. 9. The New Role of Learning Enablers • Supporting the learning experience in the workspace • Helping people work smarter  Using various channels  Focusing on productivity
  10. 10. 1 Connect!
  11. 11.  Work in pairs with the person sitting next to you  Active listening & questioning  5 minutes each Your challenge today What is your critical business challenge today?1
  12. 12.  Discover some examples of new ways of learning  Get inspired for your own solution Get inspired Some examples of new way to learn… 2
  13. 13. 70-20-10 examples VCT Coaching & Mentoring Video’s Performance Support tools Rate, Share & Contribute Internal Social Networks
  14. 14. Virtual Classroom Training • Cost effective • Speed of learning message to the market • Number of learning event
  15. 15. Rate, Share & Contribute • Empower people to drive decision making • Share best practice • Solution driven • Focus on productivity
  16. 16. Perfomance Support Tool • Gain of time with right information on the job • Easy to use • Focus on productivity
  17. 17. Design your Solution 2  Discuss and choose between you the most appropriate learning solution for your challenge  Actively ask each other questions  Once decided, type your solution 10 minutes to do this Design your learning solution for your business challenge3
  18. 18. Summary  10% Samples of new learning  20% Peer Coaching  70% Apply New Learning
  19. 19. 2 Open your mind!