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Ch 3 pps


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These slides cover research for social media strategies. The emphasis is on social media listening and the various tools marketers can use to inform a social media marketing strategy. The challenge of determining sentiment with both text and pictures is discussed. In addition there are case studies in social media listening on Nascar and Nutella and their strategies in video for effectively teaching social media marketing. These slides are a social media teaching resource for the text Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategy from Oxford University Press by Randi Priluck

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Ch 3 pps

  1. 1. Research for Strategy Planning
  2. 2. Social Media Listening Diverse Industries • Salesforce • Cisco • Clemson University • American Red Cross • Gatorade • MLB • Moviestar Columbia • Tampa Bay Requirements • Clear social media strategy • Listening model – Categorize by priority – Metrics of interest • Social media policy • Crisis plan • Well trained team
  3. 3. Goals of Social Listening • Determine customer sentiment for the brand • Signal an oncoming crisis or manage an existing crisis • Generate new business • Keep abreast of the competition • Identify customer service issues • Obtain feedback on products, brands, strategies and plans • Track the industry and trends • Locate the opinion leaders and influentials in the category
  4. 4. Apply Magic Sauce Web Crawler Example
  5. 5. Accuracy is a Problem • Is this positive or negative? – “My Mom Hates on my Chobani” – “How am I supposed to eat Chobani with a fork” • Accuracy of 60-65% • Language is idiosyncratic and layered in meaning • Content Analysis
  6. 6. Image Recognition • Can a computer recognize this image? What would it say? Image Software Comparison
  7. 7. Cloud Vision API (Google)
  8. 8. Cloud Vision Sentiment
  9. 9. Amazon Rekognition Tracking Logos talkwalker Image Recognition Nutella
  10. 10. • Nascar Social Media Listening Center Video • Overall, NASCAR drew 256 million social engagements across all its digital platforms, an 87 percent increase year-over-year, and a massive increase of video content views. • The Daytona 500 itself saw a 63-percent increase in race day impressions, while engagement with NASCAR content tripled. • NASCAR saw a 14 percent growth in followers across its social and digital platforms by 2016. • Still lost sponsors including Target and Sprint. 2017 Sponsors
  11. 11. • Nascar Snapchat “Our Story • Behind-the-scenes look at The Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR from the perspective of fans and drivers during race day in Darlington, South Carolina, on Sept. 3. • Fans in and around the race track will be able to share their unique race- day experiences by submitting Snaps to the collective Story. • Snapchat Video • Why has Nascar implemented a Snapchat Strategy?
  12. 12. Trouble at NASCAR • Despite a captivating Chase playoff featuring Jimmie Johnson’s pursuit of a record- tying seventh championship, largely competitive racing throughout, and Jeff Gordon’s likely final two NASCAR starts, television ratings continued to sag, and in many instances appear to be cratering. • Ratings have fallen to such a level that NASCAR’s television partners have taken notice — and even attempted to take action. Specifically, as ratings plummeted during the schedule’s second half of the season, NBC Sports executives went to NASCAR multiple times offering suggestions on how to better promote the product. • The number of spectators watching in-person has also fallen. The three publicly traded companies that operate all but two of the 23 tracks on the schedule report a decline in admission revenue from 2010-2015. Dover Motorsports Inc. suffered a 51 percent decline, Speedway Motorsports Inc. a 28 percent decline, and International Speedway Corp., a 19 percent decline. • Not only are fewer people watching and attending Cup Series races, but those that do are primarily older and fall well outside the 18- to 34-year-old demographic coveted by advertisers. Which made NASCAR’s successful courting of Monster a significant triumph, something NASCAR executives have not been shy in touting.
  13. 13. Snapchat Metrics • Unique Views • Screenshots • Completion Rates • Fall off Rate – When they stop watching • Time of Day Activity • On Demand Geo-Filter
  14. 14. Snaplytics
  15. 15. Social Media Monitoring • Evaluate brand sentiment • Monitor competitors • Track trends • Analyze keywords • Identify bloggers & influencers • Determine site analytics
  16. 16. Social Listening Tools Tool Function Availability Social Mention Provides real time information of brand mentions across the internet. Includes sentiment, keywords and hashtags. Free access Klout Scores individuals and companies based on their influence in social media. Free access, gives an ability to find company’s most recent information and news feed. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck Customizes a dashboard with relevant brand information from social networking sites, and key brand properties. Hootsuite: free access for 3 social profiles, if need to add more than 3 the website offers paid monthly plans. Tweetdeck: Free access Buzz Sumo Tool that examines engagement and links for brands and competitors. Free Access How Sociable Shows the weekly online activity of a brand on various social media platforms. Free Access TweetReach and FollowerWonk Provides information on followers. Free Access Keyhole Hashtag tracker Free Access
  17. 17. Social Mention Measures Explanation Strength The likelihood that a brand is mentioned in social media. Specific phrase mentions divided by total mentions in the medium. Sentiment Ratio of general positive to negative mentions. Passion The likelihood that people repeatedly discuss the brand. Reach The number of unique authors relative to total mentions. Which types of social media monitoring can Social Mention do?
  18. 18. Social Mention
  19. 19. Klout Which sports stars have the highest Klout scores?
  20. 20. Social Media Tools Exercise • Analyze followers using: • TweetReach • FollowerWonk (compare users) • Buzz Sumo • Likealyzer - Meltwater • Show the class what the tool can do. Take Screenshots
  21. 21. @VersailleSeries
  22. 22. Iconosquare
  23. 23. Real Time Optimization • Monitor social media to optimize campaigns • Determine what works and what does not and adjust the strategy • Monitor with Google Analytics to watch conversions or metrics from social media sites. • What Facebook Values in Posts Video
  24. 24. Machine Learning for Optimizing
  25. 25. Keyword Search Tools Tool Function Search Engine Key Word Suggestion Most search engines suggest key words when users type terms into the search box and marketers can see which terms are most popular with searchers. Google offers “instant” search that appear as people type characters into the search engine. Google AdWords Key Word Planner Allows users to enter key words, websites or product categories to determine the number of global and local (country) monthly searches and the level of competition for each search term. Advanced functions allow for location, language, devices and cost. The tool allows the users to see different key words for online versus mobile search. WordStream Key Word Suggestion Tool and Negative Key Word Tool The suggestion tool provides the relative frequency, search volume and level of competition for a key word or phrase. The negative key word tool shows words that often appear with a key word, but may not be relevant to a brand. WordTracker Provides information for key words including: volume, competition, number of sites that use the keyword on both their title page and on links within the page and an effectiveness measure. SEMRush Provides information on traffic to websites, countries in which a website ranks in organic and paid search and the key words purchased by competitors. Spyfu Provides daily keyword advertising budgets for brands and competitors, top key words used in paid and organic searches and a list of recent ads posted.
  26. 26. Keyword Research • Spyfu • SEMRush • SERPs • Enter your brand into the search and determine the information you are given. What is the difference in the services?