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University extension must design Farmers' Led Extension Programme for better participation of farmers and execution of programme.

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Farmer led extension i

  1. 1. Farmer Led Extension: Concept R P Singh Associate Director Extension
  2. 2. Agricultural Extension Prog.• Plant Protection Programme• Organic Farming Programme• Crop Insurance Scheme• Agriculture Credit Scheme• Soil and Water Conservation Programme• Technology Transfer scheme• Micro Watershed Development Program
  3. 3. Horticultural Extension• Horticulture Technology Mission• Food Processing• Tea Garden Development• Harbal Research and Development• Sericulture Development• Litchi Export Zone• Apiculture• Organization of Horticultural produce Marketing
  4. 4. Animal Husbandry Extension• Veterinary Clinics and Disease Control• Poultry Development• Sheep and Wool Development• Angora Rabbit Rearing• Piggery Development• National Cattle and Bulow Breeding Project• Integrated Wool Development• Employment Generation through Animal• Fodder Development• Dairy Development
  5. 5. Fisheries Extension• Fishery Development• Fishery Rearing Development Agency• Fingerling Production• Coldwater fishery Development• National Fishermen Welfare Scheme• Database Information and networking• Conservation of lakes and ponds
  6. 6. Cooperative extension• Farmers Housing Scheme• Farmers Protection scheme• Integrated cooperative Development Scheme• Establishment of Mini Banks• Cooperative Participatory Scheme
  7. 7. National Schemes• RKVY• Jawahar Rojgar Guarentee Scheme• Agricultural Technology Management Agency• Krishi Vigyan Kendra• Hariyali Scheme• Watershed Development• Forest Conservation and development
  8. 8. Participation of Farmers• Participation requirement• Participation position• Participation level• Physical Participation• Economical Participation• Mental Participation• Complete Participation
  9. 9. Empowerment offarmers• Farmers opportunity• Farmers decision• Farmers organization• Market information to the farmers• Farmers managed research• Farmers based Extension
  10. 10. Farmers role inResearch RR FF RF FR
  11. 11. Changing Role ofFarmers • Beneficiary • Facilitator • Decision Maker • Manager • Executor
  12. 12. Extension Strategy of 21st Century• A primary goal is how to reduce investment in agricultural extension while maintaining food security.• India is in the process of privatizing its input system to improve farmer access to purchased inputs and to create a more efficient input supply system.• Indian extension system will likely shift its attention to pressing natural resource management problems, while leaving the task of transferring crop management technologies to private sector dealers.• To make extension and the overall technology transfer system more demand-driven and responsive to farmer needs.• Privatizing the input supply system increases its efficiency as well as farmer access to improved technology.
  13. 13. FARM SCHOOL
  14. 14. FARM SCHOOL
  15. 15. FARM SCHOOL
  16. 16. FARM SCHOOL
  17. 17. Farmer Field School• The Farmer Field School is evolved from the concept that farmers learn optimally from field observation and experimentation in 1989 (Indonesia).• In this cyclical learning process, farmers develop the expertise that enables them to make their own crop management decisions.• Farmers Field Schools (FFS): A Group Extension Process Based on Adult Non-Formal Education Methods.• If I hear it, I forget it. If I see it, I remember it. If I discover it, I own it for life.• Technically strong facilitator• Based on crop phenology and time limited• Group study• Field School Site• Activity flow in IPMTraining of Trainers FFS Community Action
  18. 18. Farmer to Farmers visit• With in District• With in State• Inter State