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who made it
The Brazilian community of New York has cast                                                                              ...
12. Béco Dranoff                                                                                                          ...
24. Daniel Urzedo                                                                            29. Fernanda Lacerda         ...
36. Frederico Wagner                                                                                  41. Gustavo Chacra  ...
48. João de Matos                                                                                53. Jupira Lee           ...
The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York
The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York
The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York
The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York
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The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York


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The 100 Brazilians who made it in New York

  1. 1. 100 The Brazilians who made it NewYork in
  2. 2. The Brazilian community of New York has cast 6. Alessandra Ambrosio “I always thought New York was the center their votes on the Internet to elect the top Brazilian of the fashion world,” says the top model movers and shakers of the Big Apple. Looking at Alessandra Ambrosio, who stepped onto the Big Apple’s concrete sidewalks 12 years the results, it’s possible to see a trend that ago for her first jobs and never stopped working. She has walked the runways for expresses a democratic, pluralistic, non-elitist 3 5 7 Fendi, Christian Dior, Prada, Louis Vuit- ton, Christian Lacroix, and Oscar de la vision that is a true reflection of Brazil and this Renta; she has posed for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour  and  Love. great country that welcomed us all, the United She is also one of the Victoria’s Secret an- States. Choices can sometimes cause controversy, gels. In 2005, she was ranked the sexiest model in the world on and not all candidates can make the list. But this year is just the beginning and we have a long road 3. Alexandre 5. Alex Ibrahim 7. Alexandre Thumlert ahead to improve this process. It's only fair to Bueno de Moraes  After earning a degree in engineering from Universidade Gama Filho and MBA in Mar- In 1995, he started studying Administration at Long Island University. Back in Brazil, after he With his partner Andrew S. Klug, Alexandre celebrate, every September, the month of Brazil, Bueno de Moraes opened Gallery 1500 in New York this year—the first gallery of Bra- keting and International Commerce from the Zicklin School of Business, Ibrahim had finished college in 1999, he joined the team at Citibank Private Banking. In 2004, he re- and all Brazilians who have made their mark and zilian photography. Moraes was born in Brazil, grew up in Paris, and now lives in New York. joined the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1999. He has held positions as turned to New York with his wife to get his MBA at NYU’s Stern Business School and imprinted the forms and hues of Brazil into the city In the Big Apple, he was the proprietor of the director of the Latin America division and account manager of the department of in- take part in an internship program at George Weiss & Associates. He dedicated the next restaurants Le Zoo and Waterloo—which that is the heart of the world. ternational services for clients from regions three years to the emerging market. Thumlert 6 had clientele from people in the fashion world and the publicity industry. In 2003, he found- such as Latin America, Portugal, and Spain. currently works at UBS bank, which has head- ed 1500 Productions, an agency that repre- Since 2008, he worked as director of man- quarters in Basel and Zurich, in addition to its sents photographers with offices in Rio de agement and regional chief of Latin America, offices in Manhattan, Jersey City, Weehawken, the Bermudas, and the Caribbean. and Stamford. The challenge at UBS is to 8 Janeiro and New York. rebuild equity in Latin America. 2. Alberty Levy Levy is on the list of New York’s Top Doc- tors. A graduate and professor of the Fac- uldade Nacional de Medicina da Univer- 9. Aparecida Teixeira sidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal Aparecida Teixeira moved to New York in University of Rio de Janeiro’s National 2002 focused on teaching Portuguese to Medical School), he landed in New York Americans, which she had done in Brazil in 1977. In 1989, he founded Manhattan since 1996. In the beginning she met up with 1 Family Practice, where he attends to both students at their workplaces, homes, or in the local and international communities. coffee shops. When she became pregnant He is also physician to the consulates of with her first daughter, she decided to cen- Brazil and France and makes himself avail- ter her work in a sole location. And Brazil Station was born—the first company spe- 4 10 able for United Nation’s missions. Aside from attending to various hospitals in New cialized in teaching Brazilian Portuguese in York, he teaches courses at Mount Sinai the city. Today the company employs a 2 Medical School. dozen professionals and produces an infor- 9 mative bulletin that is read by more than four thousand Brazilians. 1. Airam da Silva Over the past 20 years, Airam has dedi- cated all of his time, knowledge, and en- 8. Antonio 10. Arthur Mattos Casas 4. Ana Oliveira Hasslauer da Costa Report: Marina Beltrame Photos:Promotional ergy to constructing what now is the larg- One of the most sought-after architects est recruitment center in the world for Since 2006, Oliveira has served as President International Fashion CEO/Strategy Con- with offices in São Paulo and New York, bone marrow donors. At age 13, he started and CEO of New York Women’s Foundation sultant. Costa is responsible for the strat- Casas has been winning prizes since as a volunteer at the Icla da Silva Founda- (NYWF). For over two decades she has de- egy and positioning of Brazilian brands that 1994. In 2008, he won the prestigious tion when his sister was diagnosed with veloped programs for vulnerable populations want to break into the competitive and de- German Red Dot Design Award for his leukemia and needed a bone marrow trans- in New York. In 2004, she was chosen by Mi- manding U.S. market. Over 20 years of development of a cutlery line and din- plant. Ever since he became president of chael Bloomberg to join the Commission on experience in the realm of international nerware for the company Riva. This the foundation, four years ago, he opened AIDS. The city of São Paulo native arrived fashion gave Costa the know-how to succed. year he took first place in the “Best Res- affiliates in Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, and in New York in 1981 after graduating in Psy- He also has experience in global business, taurant” category of the 2010 Design Puerto Rico. The program increased the chology and Sociology. In the Big Apple she extending from North and South America, Award in Wallpaper magazine for his number of registered donors from 7 thou- earned a Master’s in Anthropology from the Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  project with restaurant Kaá in SP. sand in 1996 to over 38 thousand in 2009. New School for Social Research.
  3. 3. 12. Béco Dranoff 18. Carlos Saldanha Rooted in New York since 1988, the music He entered the MFA program at the School producer and artistic director from São Pau- of Visual Arts in 1991, where he met Chris lo, Béco has dedicated himself to the produc- Wedge, one of the cofounders of Blue Sky tion and promotion of Brazilian music abroad. Studios, who invited him to join his team of He is one of the creators of the charity project artists. Saldanha worked as animator and su- Red Hot + Rio, and co-founded the label Ziri- pervisor of the film Joe’s Apartment (1996), buiboom, which introduced the world to and developed the first characters for the films 19 names like Bebel Gilberto and DJ Dolores. In Simple Wish (1997) and Fight Club (1999). He 11 13 2009, in partnership with journalist Guto was nominated for an Oscar after his first fea- Barra, he launched the documentary Beyond ture film, Ice Age (2002). He later directed 17 Ipanema: Brazilian Waves in Global Music, Gone Nutty, which was also nominated for an which held its world premiere at the MoMA. Oscar in 2004. He is currently working on his Béco airs a monthly radio program online—at new film Rio, which is set to debut in 2011.—of MPB (post-Bossa Nova urban popular music) called Sonoridade. 11. Bebel Gilberto 13. Camila Rosas Tariki 19. Carlos Souza The spontaneity with which Carlos Souza be- Bebel Gilberto was born in New York but grew Once she graduated in Architecture and Ur- friends Hollywood’s most glistening stars and up with her parents, Brazilian singers João banism from Mackenzie University in 2000, society figures across the globe will have you Gilberto and Miúcha, in Brazil. Bebel had her musical debut while performing a duet with Camila moved to New York. She works side by side with designer Karim Rashid on cre- 17. Carlos Miele believe that his work is effortless. Far from it. Owner of the brands M. Officer, Carlos His immortal good looks and irresistible Bra- her father singing Chega de Saudade in 1980. ation. With him, she managed over 80 projects Miele, and Miele by Carlos Miele, he re- zilian charm only enhances his innate talent, She took part in children’s choirs like Os in 28 countries, from restaurants to hotels, turned to Brazilian runways this year and shown through 20 years of fabulous parties, Saltimbancos and Pirlimpimpim. Later on she exhibits, and graphic designs. In 2006, Karim 12 regularly takes part in both New York and celebrity-studded red carpets and unforget- composed alongside Cazuza. Her first album named Camila his representative in Brazil, and London Fashion Weeks. He graduated from table shows. In 2008, after Valentino’s retire- was chosen as one of the thousands of titles since then she has been shuttling between 18 Fundação Getúlio Vargas with a degree in ment, Caca (as he is endearingly called by that Must Be Heard Before You Die. Last year Brazil and New York following projects for Administration, and in 1986 he created M. loved ones) embraced a new challenge as PR she released her fourth and most recent album Melissa, Folha de S. Paulo and the exhibit at Officer. This year Miele was the only Brazil- director for Claro Rio Summer, Rio’s em- to date All in One. Institute Tomie Ohtake. ian chosen by American Vogue for a series blematic international swimwear and lifestyle of documentaries about fashion brands. show week, and led a handful of the fashion The video The World of Carlos Miele is avail- world’s most powerful names to discover his able on the Vogue TV website. hometown. Now, back at Valentino, he divides his time between New York, Rio and Rome. 15. Carlos Guimarães Guimarães is currently president of LAIG (Latin America Investment Group), a con- 21. Claudine DeNiro sulting company focused on private and Claudine is senior vice-president of The public investments with offices in São DeNiro Group at Prudential Douglas Elli- Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York and Ma- man, a real estate powerhouse that special- drid. He was cofounder and president of izes in luxury properties in Manhattan, the Invest Tur Brasil, a leading real estate com- Hamptons, and Montauk. Claudine earned pany in Brazilian tourism. Previously, he degrees from the Fashion Institute of Tech- 14 22 nology (FIT) in Advertising and Marketing 16 was coordinator of the IDB’s private sec- 20 tor (Inter-American Development Bank) and Communications and Marketing. She in Washington. A New York resident, Gui- married Raphael DeNiro, son of actor Rob- marães is also a member of the American ert DeNiro, two years ago. Their first child, Chamber of Commerce for Brazil. Nicholas, was born in 2009. 14. Carlos Falchi 16. Carlos Junqueira In the beginning of his career, Falchi’s bags With a degree in law, Carlos Junqueira 20. Cassio Antonio Calil 22. Cláudio Mascarenhas were identified by their irregular piecing of After leaving Brazil 23 years ago, Cassio lived A low baritone, this native of Rio de Janeiro exotic multicolored leathers. However, after moved to New York to work in the mar- in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and is part of the Opera Company of Brooklyn. studying traditional art in Japan, Falchi gained keting sector of Alpargatas. Next, he Ireland before settling in New York. He is His debut was at the Brazilian Conservatory new approaches to the design of his pieces. In worked with coffee importation but currently responsible for JP Morgan’s Struc- of Music. In 1997, he was accepted by the stopped in 2001. It was then that Jun- 21 1979, he created his first “deconstructed” tured Projects and Corporate Solutions Danish Free Education program, which sup- 15 bag—unlined, made out of a single skin of buf- queira discovered his passion for design Group in the Americas Investment Banking ported his studies in Europe. Afterwards, he falo leather with just two stitches. In 1999, he and in 2002 opened Espasso in Long Is- division. His group provides specifically ca- received a scholarship from Opera Ebony in started collaborating on accessories’ projects land City. The gallery exhibits furniture tered tools and solutions and products to New York. Cláudio often sings in New York with names like Donna Karan, Vera Wang, and pieces by the best Brazilian designers. He manage risk client risk. Cassio is on the and this year he is performing three concerts Bill Blass. Some of his most loyal clients in- expanded his business into Los Angeles Board of Directors at the Brazilian-Ameri- in Rio de Janeiro at the Centro Cultural clude Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, in 2004, the gallery was then transferred can Chamber of Commerce. Justiça Federal and Parque das Ruínas. Demi Moore, Madonna and Jessica Alba. to the Pacific Center in 2006.
  4. 4. 24. Daniel Urzedo 29. Fernanda Lacerda 31. Fernando Urzedo is the founder of Rede Showroom, The daughter of businessman Oscar Lac- a showroom service that successfully erda, owner of one of the largest cosmetics Ferreira de Araújo launched Brazilian brands in the United companies in Brazil, Fernanda and her sister His interest in the arts brought him to study States like Alexandre Birman, Daslu, Jo de Claudia opened Maria Bonita Salon & Spa Painting and History of Art at the Atelier Mer, Jack Vartanian, and Schutz. Before in New York in 2003. The salon, located in Pierre Chalita in Maceió, Alagoas in 1976. After graduating in Adminstration in 1986, he 25 moving to New York eight years ago, he SoHo, offers various exclusive services like lived in Switzerland and Canada. In the the Brazilian Facial—(it includes a cleaning, moved to New York and on the same year Big Apple he studied Business Administra- exfoliation, acne extraction, and moisturiz- began studying textile design. Between 2000 30 tion and earned his MBA in International ing treatment) which does not exist any- and 2003 he lived in São Paulo. He returned Marketing and Public Relations from the where else in the city. Created in 2009, Fer- to Manhattan and dove into the internation- 23 City University of New York. nanda is also in charge of Brazilian Supple- al art scene. He started an atelier and joined 23 ments. She is an avid advocate of Brazil and The Art Students League of New York. His Fundação da Criança (Children’s Founda- works are in private collections in New York, tion) Health Organization. Miami, San Francisco, London, Paris, Madrid, 25. Daniela São Paulo, and Recife. Rebouças Atwell Daniela is a founding partner of G2 De- velopment Planning, a construction and 30. Fernanda Motta After her success from starring in cam- 23. Cristiana architecture company formed in 2008. She is an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at paigns for Cartier, Moët Chandon, and Rolex, Fernanda expanded her profes- Mascarenhas Columbia University. Her curriculum in- troduces the supervision of projects, such sional portfolio. In 2008, she was hired to host Brazil’s Next Top Model on Sony chan- Earning a degree in Architecture from the 31 as housing development in Bandeirantes, 24 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Mas- nel, but she didn’t abandon her career as a 29 cerenhas founded the Manhattan Enterprise São Paulo; Howard Hughes Medical Insti- model. Her last spread spanned eight In Plus Inc. in 1992 and has been the director tute, in Ashburn, Virginia; Regionale Lom- pages in Spanish Elle. Native of Rio de of several projects in the United States, Brazil bardia, in Milan, Italy; and the L’Oréal Janeiro, she lived in Florianópolis and São and France. In 1991, after spending six months headquarters, Clark, New Jersey. Daniela Paulo before settling in New York, a city in New York City, Mascarenhas fell in love earned her Master’s in Architecture from she finds one of the most interesting in the with the New Yorker lifestyle and decided to Politécnico di Milano, Facoltá di Architet- world. “It’s a mix of cultures. I love walk- tura e Società, in Milan. 28 open her own office. “Time passes and the ing around and observing people, their Brazilian elite in New York grew and became interests, and their activities.” even more elegant,” she says. 34. Francisco Costa 26 27 Eliane Elias 32. Fernando Milani In 2002, he started working at Calvin Klein, This native of São Paulo entered the music It was in New York that Milani found his pas- where he currently serves as the creative direc- world at 17 years old, upon working for sion: photography. He studied at the Fashion tor. Fashion is in stylist Francisco Costa’s Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes for Institute of Technology (FIT) and specialized DNA, who hails from Guarani, Minas Gerais. three years. In 1981, she moved to New in beauty. In 2006, he became part of WWD His parents owned a very successful clothing York, and the next year became part of the Beauty Biz Magazine, which appoints the top business and his sister also chose a career in group Steps Ahead. She was the first-ever photographers in the beauty industry. His fashion design. He arrived in New York in the female instrumentalist to be the cover of 33 portfolio includes work for Pantene, Sephora, early 90s, and while he studied English, he did Down Beat magazine, and has recorded John Frieda, Garnier, Avon, Gillette, Philips, fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology over 20 albums. All of her recordings have and Johnson & Johnson. His photographs (FIT). Afterwards, he went on to refine his been in Billboard Magazine’s top 5 and on have also been published in Marie Claire, skills at FIT in Italy. He worked at Studio Su- radio charts in the United States. In 2008, Glamour, and Elle. san Bennett and Bill Blass label. In 1993, he she was the second most selling CD in started his five-year collaboration with Oscar France. Aside from singing, Eliane plays de la Renta up until he was recruited in 1998 the piano, composes, and arranges. by Tom Ford to join his team at Gucci. 28. Elma Reis 33. Fernando Tormena Born and raised in Brazil, she started sew- While he studied International Relations ing when she was seven-years-old by using in Brazil, Tormena spent his time shuttling 26. Edilberto Mendes her mother’s sewing machines to make back and forth between São Paulo and Edilberto arrived in the United States in clothes for her dolls. In 1984, Elma en- New York promoting parties in the Hamp- 1980 to study Film at the University of rolled at the Fashion Institute of Technol- tons. In 2003, he moved to New York, and Miami. After graduating, he moved to ogy. While she studied Fashion, she made started his career as a VIP Host at the best New York where he lives to this day. He nightclubs in the city such as the Pink El- 32 apparel for Isaac Mizrahi and worked with 27 34 has worked as editor of The Brasilians Helena Morleu. In 1998, she joined the ephant, Puffy Daddy, and Cain. This led newspaper since 1987 and he is the execu- Bridal Couture Collection as head ap- Tormena to open his own events promo- tive director of the Brazilian Day in New parel constructer, where later on she took tion company. He is currently in charge of York. One of his big projects, in conjunc- over as designer in 2001. In 2003, she de- four nightclubs in New York, Juliet, Kiss tion with the Brazilian consulate is to cided to start her solo career. She bought and Fly, Griffin, and Goldbar in addition encourage the creation of vehicles of Bridal Couture Collection and baptized it to promoting big events such as the Brazil- communications and community centers. Couture by Elma Reis. ian Film Festival.
  5. 5. 36. Frederico Wagner 41. Gustavo Chacra 43. Helio de Sousa He is one of the co-founders of Track & A correspondent in New York for O Es- A native of Minas Gerais, Helio studied at Field, a Brazilian sports store. Fred recently tado de S. Paulo, Gustavo visits the United the University of Belo Horizonte’s Faculty opened his first store on Madison Avenue in States since he was a little kid. As a teen- of Arts. Asked to work as a hairdresser, he New York. With a degree in Administration ager, he lived in South Carolina and Bos- left for New York in 1977. He specialized at from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, he has devel- ton. In 2005, at 29 years old, he earned a a cosmetology school and landed his first job 37 oped new concepts for his new store that are Master’s in International Relations at Co- at a salon for men. In 1980, he inaugurated environmentally conscious, such as the use lumbia University in New York City. After the first unisex salon in the city. Today he is of biodegradable items like shopping bags. graduating in 2007, he went to the Middle in charge of Concept Salon and is dedicated 35 East to work as a correspondent in the re- to his career as a painter. In August Helio gion. In 2009, he returned to New York to exhibited his work in Minas Gerais. 42 take over as correspondent. During this period he continued covering the crisis in Honduras and Haiti. 37. Gandja Monteiro Gandja is a filmmaker and started making movies when she was just 17 years old. She 35. Frederico Sève received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New Seve began his career as an art dealer in Rio 36 York University. She has already written, pro- de Janeiro with the Galeria Ipanema. In 1991, after moving to New York with his wife, Seve duced, and directed three short films. Recent- ly she finished Almost Every Day (Quase Todo 42. Guto Barra Born in Curitiba, the journalist set foot in opened a gallery in Tribeca called Latincol- Dia), her first project in Portuguese, with the Manhattan in 1997, where he opened (with lector. Now renamed the Frederico Sève world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 43 journalist Ricardo Bairos) Planet Pop—a 41 Gallery/Latincollector, the gallery is com- 2009. She is currently in pre-production for media company that specializes in enter- mitted to facilitating the dialogue between her first full-length film, a story about the ex- tainment – a dream he had since the begin- contemporary South American artists with perience of Brazilian immigrants established ning of the 90’s, when he studied Film at the rest of the world. Seve is an advocate of in New York in the 1980’s. New York University. Guto worked as a the rich the rich cultural history of contem- reporter for Folha de S. Paulo, editor for the porary art in South America and shares his experiences via public speaking. 39. Giovanni Bianco page Modo de Vida in Jornal da Tarde, and started his career in television at MTV a After working for six years in Milan, Bianco closed the Design Studio Bianco & Cucco and Go-Go. Guto also dedicates himself to the opened his own studio in New York.  His cli- production and post-production of docu- ents include brands like Miu Miu, Missoni, and D&G as well as the Brazilian brands Arezzo 44. Hsiang Lih Chen mentaries and television programs. 46 Jayma Cardoso Chen has been a clinical assistant professor, Jayma moved to New York to study Biol- and Schutz.  In 2003, Bianco was the art direc- ogy at Fordham University. Her passion for tor for a 40-page article with Madonna which obstetrician, and gynecologist since 2006 at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Born in Taipei, the beach brought her to the Hamptons. included photographs by Steven Meisel for W She started as a bartender and is now one Magazine. Soon after, he was invited to par- Taiwan, she lived in São Paulo with her fam- ily since she was five years old. She graduated of the most successful women in the enter- ticipate at Madonna’s 2004 World Tour Re- tainment and hospitality industries. Owner Invention.  He continued to collaborate on her from Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade 40 of two of the best clubs in Manhattan, Gold 38 next two CDs, Confessions on a Dance Floor de São Paulo and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. At the end of 1992, she moved to Bar, and Cain, Jayma has a loyal clientele in 2006 and Hard Candy in 2008. which includes celebrities like Cameron New York where she studied reproduction Diaz and Lenny Kravitz. She also opened a 45 and also did her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. small hotel and launched the Surf Lounge in Montauk in the Hamptons. Jayma has plans to develop a design boutique hotel in São Paulo in 2012. 40 Gisele Bündchen 38. Geová Rodrigues At sixteen, Gisele made her first trip to New Coming from a large family, Geová learned York. “From there, I started to search for early on how to recycle clothes. After opportunities in the international market 45. Janea Padilha working as a painter in São Paulo, a suc- and my home became an airplane,” she says. Janea is in charge of the salon J. Sisters, which cessful career in which he was featured in Aside from currently living in Boston, her occupies three floors of a building on 57th galleries and museums, he left Brazil in flight itinerary always includes Manhattan. Street. She has just launched the book Bra- 1988 and went to Paris. In 1992, he arrived Gisele is the highest on the list of “the zilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and 46 in New York. He went back to playing with world’s most iconic models” according to 44 Confident Life, which describes the salon’s 39 clothes upon receiving an old sewing ma- the website The uber- day-to-day which was been open 21 years ago chine from a friend. His first collection was model also takes on the role of social activ- by seven sisters from a family that has seven launched in 1998 during the New York ist. She supports companies that help those other brothers. Janea was born in Linhares, Fashion Week. He has currettly an eclectic infected with HIV and the program Fome Espírito Santo. At 13, to help with the fam- line of accessories that are on sale at the Zero (Zero Hunger). She’s now a dedicated ily’s income. She dropped out of school to Cynthia Rowley boutique. mom and a Goodwill Embassador for the work in the beauty industry where she United Nations Environment Programme. learned about hair and make-up.
  6. 6. 48. João de Matos 53. Jupira Lee 55. Jussara Lee This native of the city of São Paulo arrived On January 1, 1989, Jupira landed in the Big Born in 1967 to Korean parents, Jussara in the United States in 1964. In 1973 he and Apple. She was 17 years old and her mission began her career in New York at the end his brother Francisco de Matos founded the was to study at Parsons The New School for of the 1980s when she left Brazil to study Brazilian American Cultural Center Group, Design. But when she finished, she decided fashion at the Fashion Institute of Tech- a company that specializes in ecological tours to dedicate herself to gastronomy. That was nology. In the 1990s, she showed her work in South America. Based in New York, the how the restaurant Casa emerged, which at the New York Public Library and in company has branches in New Jersey, Port brings Brazilian flavor to New York. “What Bryant Park. In 1997, she established a 47 54 Chester, Boston, and Miami. João is also I do is simple: I help to ease the longing for partnership with Yagi Tsusho, a Japanese editor of The Brasilians newspaper and pro- Brazil and show off our culinary traditions.” company that owns the label Madame motes the Day of Brazil, an event held annu- Grès and opened a showroom in Tokyo. In ally in New York. Recently, Brazilian presi- 2001, Lee traded in her store in SoHo for dent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva gave him the an atelier in the Meat Packing District. title of Grand Commander in recognition of his efforts to promote Brazil abroad. 49 47. Jelon Vieira 54. Jussara Korngold Native of Santo Amaro da Purificação, Bahia, Jelon made the Afro-Brazilian Born in the city of São Paulo, Jussara has 53 55 dance Capoeira a profession. After touring lived in the United States since February with a dance company through Europe, 2006. Before that she lived in London for Asia, and Africa, Vieira decided to study three years. She graduated in Economics dance in New York, where he created a with a Master’s in Accounting Sciences. For style of dance that unites Bahian culture 49. João Paulo Rodrigues six years, she worked in the corporate divi- sion and in the representative office of and contemporary art. In 1977, he launched João Paulo began tattooing ten years ago in DanceBrazil, an Afro-Brazilian dance Chase Manhattan Bank in Brazil. During his native Rio de Janeiro. In order to master 48 school, and teaches capoeira. He has given the following two years she was the corpo- his technique, Rodrigues moved to New classes to the king of soccer Pelé and rate accounts manager at American Ex- York. He has been in New York City for 7 American movie stars such as Wesley press. She then became the vice president years and established his own studio, which Snipes, Eddie Murphy and Robert Wise. is frequented by a loyal customer base. For 56. Karin Dauch of corporate accounts at Citibank. Today, she is the chief executive for Brazil Child 58. Kellen Mori the past two years, Rodrigues has been in- When reporter and photographer Karin In 1992, dentist Kellen Mori traveled to Dauch left her native Sao Paulo to pursue Health/Friends of Renascer in New York.   the United States to learn English and vited to conferences in Holland, England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, and China. a Master’s in Journalism at Columbia Uni- specialize in cosmetic dentistry. The fol- In 2008, he won first place in the NYC Tat- versity, her plan was to stay in the US for lowing year she managed to land a job as too Convention for Best Back-Piece. only 2 years—which turned into 12. Now the assistant to the famous dentist Jona- based in New York, Karin is the author of than B. Levine in New York. Kellen con- 51. Jorge Pontual, worked at the tinues to work at the same office, now as a Since 1996, he heads Globo’s news office in web design company Razorfish, founded dentist with a degree from New York Uni- New York. He interviews people on shows and managed a web design company, and versity. The list of celebrities that go to her Milênio and Sem Fronteiras for Globo News, constantly contributed to Brazilian publica- office is extensive: Nelson Motta, Fran- and reports for Jornal Nacional, Fantástico tions; among those O Estado de S. Paulo, cisco Costa, Ana Beatriz Barros, Sarah e Jornal da Globo. The journalist earned a Viagem & Turismo, and Wish Report. Dauch Jessica Parker, and Lenny Kravitz. was also a columnist for radio stations 50 degree in Social Sciences at PUC-Rio and BandNews and Mitsubishi FM. 52 started working at Reuters. He has worked 57 for Jornal do Brasil and TV Globo, as an editor for Jornal Internacional and at Bloch Editores. He also was editor-in-chief of Jornal da Globo, and editor-in-chief of Globo Esporte at Rede Globo. 50. Jonas Rabinovitch Rabinovitch is the UN senior advisor in the 52. Joseph Cohen 57. Karine Basilio areas of urban development, politics, public The turning point in Cohen life occurred Before moving to New York in 2008, Kar- administration and the use of communication when he studied Economics and earned his ine earned a degree in Advertising and and information technologies on improving Master’s degree in Business Administra- Publicity and took photography classes in public services. His résumé boasts 17 years of tion with a focus on Finance at Wharton London and San Francisco. In 2000, she work for the UN in New York. He took part School of Business at the University of 56 started photographing in São Paulo for 51 58 in urban development for disadvantaged Pennsylvania. He currently serves the vice Grupo Abril’s women’s magazines and populations in more than 90 countries in president of the Private Wealth Manage- publicity agencies like Lew Lara, Oglivy, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. His experi- ment division at Goldman Sachs and is and Matos Grey. Now one of the rising ences include reconstructing Kabul, Afghan- also part of the Jewish community in New stars of fashion photography in New York, istan, low income housing in the Maldives York. He is also very active in a synagogue her work has been published in magazines after the tsunami, and transportation and in New York, founded in 1654 by a group like Harper’s Bazaar, L’officiel, Neon, Zink , traffic improvement in Bangkok. of 23 people who lived in Brazil. and Vanity Fair.