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Hiring and recruiting challenges 2013 rpoa


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Hiring and recruiting is not what leaders and managers were ever trained to do. Recruiting, hiring, managing, training undefined it all is dependent on a system. If systems have not been created, it will be done very poorly and costly, using many high cost resources to the process. Being creative is the first key to success and understanding where to place resources is what helps any leader achieve success. To begin building out a process, department and system for this, it takes time, time that leaders don’t always have. Outsourcing a process such as this can be a strategic move that continues to keep you doing what you do best.

In this presentation:

1) Get insight on hiring and recruiting from an organization who’s been helping thousands of businesses for over 35 years.
2) Get tangible strategies that can help alleviate the hiring problems you may be uncovering.
3) Learn exactly how to capitalize on investments already made in your hiring and recruiting systems and what needs to be added for success.

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Hiring and recruiting challenges 2013 rpoa

  1. 1. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association proudly presentsWhy bad hiring decisions aremade and what can be done! Date: 3/20/2013 @ 1:00pm EST
  2. 2. PresentersRachel Clark Lamees AbourahmaBusiness Coach Executive Director Recruitment Process OutsourcingSynergy Business Coaching AssociationLinkedIn: LinkedIn:
  3. 3. About this presentationFirst of a series of 3: • 3/20 - Why bad hiring decisions are made and what can be done • 6/19 - What to look for when engaging an RPO partner • 9/20 - How to manage a healthy relationship that stays focused on results
  4. 4. About RPOA• Nonprofit 501(3) organization founded in 2005• New Board elected in January 2013• Mission to “educate the market about RPO”• Become a member!
  5. 5. RPOA Resources• Webinars• White papers• RPO Hub (blog)• Weekly Newsletter• RPO Buyer’s Guide• Social media
  6. 6. RPOA Monthly Summit•• 3/26 - Executive recruiting in the social era: Using LinkedIn and video to recruit senior level executives with Hank Stringer, Novotus• 4/17 - RPOA Monthly Summit with top RPO leaders• Register online!
  7. 7. Why bad hiring decisions aremade and what can be done! Agenda • Abdication vs delegation • Hiring and recruiting systems • Where is the breakdown? • Executions • Quantification • Q&A
  8. 8. Abdication vs. DelegationAbdication: To relinquish power.Delegation: The partnership of authority andresponsibility to another person to carry outspecific activities.
  9. 9. Hiring and Recruiting SystemIdentify the BrandConfirming NeedPrioritizingTime LineExecutionImplement Hiring System
  10. 10. Where is the breakdown?1. Does your Organization(or Outsourced third party) have a system?2. If necessary changes are found, prioritize them.3. Figure out, based on current resources and newly allocated, what should be worked on first.
  11. 11. ExecuteTo finally do what you have discovered to do.
  12. 12. Quantification
  13. 13. Q & AA Q&
  14. 14. Next Steps• Read: What is your biggest hiring challenge? by Rachel Clark• Access this recorded webinar and others in Resource Center• Sign up for upcoming webinars
  15. 15. Thank you for participating!• Questions or suggestions? Email• Visit us online at• Follow us on Twitter: @rpoassociation• Join us on LinkedIn Group: Recruitment Process outsourcing Association• Connect with Rachel at: or visit: