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Zlotchenko ncdot presentation


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Zlotchenko ncdot presentation

  1. 1. 1Elina ZlotchenkoTransportation Planning BranchNorth Carolina Department of Transportation
  2. 2.  What is an RPO? What areas do they cover? Why were they established? How are they structured? What are their duties and responsibilities? What does it mean to stakeholders? What are Issues RPOs are facing in NC?2
  3. 3. 3Insert MPO/RPO/Div Figure here
  4. 4.  2000 - GS 136-210 through 213 directed NCDOT to study RPOs 2001 – Based on results of study, NCDOT began forming RPOs◦ Between 2001 and 2003, 20 RPOs were established4
  5. 5.  Contiguous areas of three to fifteen counties or a total population ofthe entire area represented of at least 50K.◦ Metropolitan Planning Organizations areas shall not be included◦ Not all municipalities in a proposed RPO must join the organization but the countymust be a member in the RPO.5
  6. 6. The RPOs assist NCDOT and local governments in the transportation planning processthrough four core duties as defined by North Carolina General Statutes:◦ Assist the Department in developing Comprehensive Transportation Plans (CTPs)◦ Provide a forum for public participation in the transportation planning and projectdevelopment processes◦ Develop and prioritize projects the organization believes should be included in the STIP◦ Provide transportation related information to local governments◦ Other duties as determined.6
  7. 7.  Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)◦ Local Elected Officials◦ BOT Area Representative◦ FHWA advisory non-voting member◦ Tribal Governments◦ Other members designated by the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)◦ Member Government(s) Staff Representatives◦ NCDOT◦ FHWA◦ Transit Providers◦ Other Agencies LPA◦ Designated Staff (City, County or COG)7
  8. 8.  Federal State Planning And Research Funds with 20% local match Total $1.9 million/year; ~$84k-$104k per RPO Census 2010 Results (2012)◦ Changes in planning organization boundaries Expanding MPO boundaries and formation of two new MPOs – Grand StrandMPO and New Bern MPOs – RPO Funding Level Change8
  9. 9. Examples of products and services provided by the RPOs include but are not limited to:◦ Data Collection & Assessment (Highway, Rail, Bike/Ped, Transit, Freight);◦ Environmental & Land Use Data Inventory and Assessment;◦ Demographic Data Collection and Assessment;◦ Socioeconomic Data Inventory;◦ Demographic Data Collection and Assessment◦ Comprehensive Transportation Plans Development Assistance;◦ Local TIP Prioritization and Program Development;◦ Regional and Statewide Planning;◦ Special Studies;◦ CMAQ Planning Assistance;◦ Research and identification of alternative funding opportunities, grant writingassistance;◦ TITLE VI & Environmental Justice Assessment;9
  10. 10. Updated Annually:◦ Yearly Planning Work Program;◦ Five-Year Calendar;◦ Quarterly Report Packages;◦ Final Yearly Narrative;◦ CTP List of Study Needs;◦ TIP Project Prioritization List.Updated on as-needed basis:◦ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);◦ Funding Agreement;◦ Bylaws;◦ Prospectus;◦ Public Involvement Plan or Policy (PIP).10
  11. 11. All work products are subject to review on the basis of quality and recipient satisfaction.o The purpose of program evaluation is to ensure that high quality RPO services are beingprovided and to identify areas for potential improvement.o Concerns identified through the survey process are tracked yearly by RPO and TPB staff toensure adequate progress is made toward resolving related issues.o Consistently poor evaluation results or inadequate progress on identified issues may result ina request by NCDOT for alternate staffing or a change of the LPA.Products are:Differentiated Between: Technical & Non-TechnicalANDRated in Two Categories: Quality & Timeliness11
  12. 12.  Technical Products◦ Expectations: The RPO pursues excellence in delivering projects, programs, services, and initiativesand produces products that possess accurate information, require minimal redo iterations, and containcomplete elements useful in decision-making.◦ Examples: Data Collection, GIS Layers, Maps, Technical Reports, CTP Technical Support, etc.◦ Delivery Rating (Quality)3 Best practice, sets new standard or innovative2 Stands by itself, contains appropriate/required information/data, is clearly presented and is accurate1 Contains missing, inaccurate, and/or unusable information/data◦ Delivery Rating (Timeliness)12
  13. 13.  Non-Technical Products◦ Expectations: The RPO pursues excellence in delivering projects, programs, services, and initiativesand produces products that possess accurate Information, require minimal redo iterations, and containcomplete elements useful in decision-making.◦ Examples: Meeting Minutes, Meeting Agendas, Public Notices, Press Releases, GrantApplications, Website Development/Maintenance, etc.◦ Delivery Rating:ReceivedNot Received13
  14. 14. Southwestern RPO: NC 107 Corridor StudyThis study is examining existing conditions along NC 107 in order toassist the community with developing a unified vision of the corridor andto create a list of strategies and recommendations that will improve theoverall quality of transportation, enhance economic viability, and preservethe natural resources. RPO: North Carolina Lakes District BluewaysThis Plan is intended as a guide advocates may use to further expand thedevelopment of a formal network of blueways in the Kerr-Tar region tocomplement other tourism and recreation initiatives. It focuses oncombining a regional Bike and Pedestrian plan through the Lakes Regionwith a Blueways Plan that utilizes recreational routes through the Lakesand Rivers of the region. It promotes use of multi-use and multi-modalfacilities and doubles as a marketing initiative for regional tourism.
  15. 15. ◦ NCDOT-MPO-RPO Coordination;◦ Doing More With Less;◦ Regional Project Coordination;◦ NCDOT Division Planning Engineers;15
  16. 16. 16Questions?Elina ZlotchenkoMPO/RPO Program ManagerTel: 919-707-0922E-mail: