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Tools for Your Tech Toolbox: Utilizing UAV and Web-based GIS Technology


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During the National Regional Transportation Conference (June 2019, Columbus, OH), Rob Jackson discussed the Catawba Regional Council of Governments approach to using drones for planning support and other applications. Web-based GIS adds another helpful technology tool.

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Tools for Your Tech Toolbox: Utilizing UAV and Web-based GIS Technology

  1. 1. Tools for your Tech Toolbox Utilizing UAV and Web-based GIS Technology
  2. 2. Overview Catawb a Reg ion al CO G – Roc k Hill, S C Rob Jac kson – GIS A n alyst – UAV Pilot • Serve 4-county region • One of the fastest growing regions in US • My role: Provide GIS technical assistance to our localities / provide data collection and GIS technical assistance to COG planning and grant writing staff Add a footer 2
  3. 3. FR I am not a Planner -Imp ortan c e of you r job to h ave ac c u rate, u p -to- d ate d ata -Effective and efficient ways to present that data to b etter “tell th e stor y ” Add a footer 3
  4. 4. FR UAV / Drone Idea to Implementation • Decide the authorization/use needed. • COA (Certificate of Authorization vs. Part 107 • Decide who will fly it (Part 107 tied to person with Remote Pilot Certificate) • Deciding on a drone model Costs • DJI Phantom 4 (4K Video) • $1,200 (1 battery) • IPad mini • $300-400 • Aeronautical Knowledge Test • $150 (every 2 years) • Insurance • Training/Classes Add a footer 4
  5. 5. FR Utilization: • Imagery/Videography (visual story telling) • Planning Documents • Planning / Transportation • Tax Assessor / Inspections • Stormwater / Impact Fees • Emergency Management • Economic Development / Marketing Add a footer 5
  6. 6. FRWeb Mapping Applications Costs • $1500 for ArcMap license that comes with 1 ArcOnline user • Data storage varies ($140 for 1,000 credits) • Training??? Add a footer 6 Costs/Requirements • Web maps for public information • Web maps for public comment and review • Problem reporter Application Uses:
  7. 7. FR Add a footer 7
  8. 8. How do you plan this????
  9. 9. Thank You. Rob Jackson 803-327-9041