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Safety and Innovation Mobile Lab


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During the National Regional Transportation Conference (June 2019, Columbus, OH), Rebecca Thacker shared the work of Mo-Kan Regional Council and neighboring partners to develop a mobile lab to make materials available for pop-up temporary safety installations such as crosswalks and bump-outs. Technology supports the installations, including a variable message sign and radar speed detector.

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Safety and Innovation Mobile Lab

  1. 1. SAFETY & INNOVATION MOBILE LAB Rebecca Thacker, Community Development Planner Mo-Kan Regional Council
  2. 2. The Mobile Lab is a collaboration between Greater St. Joseph Area MPO and Mo-Kan Regional Council
  3. 3. What is it? It’s a trailer stocked with materials to set up temporary traffic calming installations (pop-ups). It can be used with other transportation planning tools. TEST BEFORE YOU INVEST!
  4. 4. TYPES OF POP-UP PROJECTS Kansas City St. Louis
  5. 5. User Toolkit Stencils Stock Supplies
  6. 6. ITEMS USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE MOBILE LAB Speed Radar Trailer Traffic Counter Message Board
  7. 7. The Mobile Lab is a collaboration between Greater St. Joseph Area MPO and Mo-Kan Regional Council Funded through the NW Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Blueprint Grant
  8. 8. BLUEPRINT FOR ROADWAY SAFETY GRANT • Received $4,600 in grant funding • Trailer & Licensing $2,400 (Mo-Kan) • Stored at Buchanan County Hazmat Building • Initial Stock Supplies $2,200 (MPO) • Mo-Kan & MPO refill/restock supplies
  9. 9. PRE-LAUNCH TIPS • Involve emergency responders • Get permission from road and sidewalk owners • Inform neighboring businesses and residents about it ahead of time • Conduct before and after surveys • Get feedback and collect data at all stages
  10. 10. LAUNCH AT MINNIE CLINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLProblem Identification Existing Conditions Gathered Baseline Data 17% Did Not Slow 67% Did Not Stop
  12. 12. LAUNCH RESULTS 6 Stop Bars 2 Crosswalks 1 Project Report
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? • 224 N. 7th Street St. Joseph, MO 64501 • 816-233-3144 • Rebecca Thacker – Mo-Kan