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Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative


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During the National Regional Transportation Conference, Nathaniel Kaelin shared information about the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission's Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative, intended to plan for Hyperloop and high-speed rail to connect central Ohio to other Midwestern regions.

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Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative

  1. 1. Hyperloop • A new mode of transportation • Freight or passengers are loaded into a pod • Pods are accelerated via electric propulsion in a low-pressure tube • Pods float above the track using magnetic levitation and glide at high speeds • Capable of moving freight or passengers quickly and safely • Travel speeds of 600+ miles per hour
  2. 2. L O W - P R E S S U R E T U B E N E X T G E N M A G N E T I C L E V I TAT I O N E L E C T R O - M A G N E T I C P R O P U L S I O N PA S S E N G E R | C A R G O V E H I C L E A U T O N O M O U S C O N T R O L P L AT F O R M
  3. 3. Hyperloop Industry ?time_continue=16&v=LAWEOw DDt_Y
  4. 4. Comparing Speeds
  5. 5. Fortune 500s
  6. 6. Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge Winner
  7. 7. Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative (RSTI) • Study of rapid speed technology options (traditional rail and hyperloop) • Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh corridor • Two initial phases: • Hyperloop Feasibility Study • Components of Tier 1 EIS (first-of-its-kind) • Future phase: Complete EIS • Multiple public & private funding partners
  8. 8. Hyperloop Feasibility Study • Task 1 – Visioning and Technology Application • Task 2 – Route Planning • Task 3 – Transportation Demand and Economic Benefit Analysis • Task 4 – Regulatory Framework and Implementation Strategy • Project Management, Stakeholder and Public Engagement
  9. 9. Preliminary Freight Corridor Pairings
  10. 10. Components of Tier 1 EIS • Task 1 – Project Management • Task 2 – Preliminary Data Collection • Task 3 – Purpose and Need Statements • Task 4 – Route Alternatives • Task 5 – Service Alternatives • Task 6 – Infrastructure Investments • Task 7 – Public Involvement
  11. 11. Nathaniel Kaelin, AICP Economic Development & Infrastructure Officer Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission 111 Liberty Street, Suite #100 Columbus, Ohio 43215 T. 614.233.4190 E.