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Public Engagment through Storytelling


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During the 2017 National Regional Transportation Conference, Cindy Vong, Jennifer Henninger, and Tommy Butler discussed how to use engagement methods from the Orton Family Foundation Community Heart & Soul.

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Public Engagment through Storytelling

  1. 1. Insert Thumbnail Image Insert Thumbnail Image Insert Thumbnail Image Insert Thumbnail Image Public Engagement through Storytelling
  2. 2. Jennifer Henninger, AICP Planning Manager RG & Associates, LLC Our Speakers Tommy Butler Cortez Planning and Zoning Commissioner Cortez, Colorado Cindy Vong Associate Orton Family Foundation
  3. 3. Activity Turn to a neighbor. Introduce yourself and share something you love about your region or town.
  4. 4. There’s something special about every town…
  5. 5. Rediscover what’s special about your town
  6. 6. People feel united, not divided
  7. 7. Towns have clear direction
  8. 8. Example from Biddeford, Maine
  9. 9. Trash incinerator in the center of town employed 80 people
  10. 10. Through Community Heart & Soul, people felt EMPOWERED
  11. 11. Over $100 Million in Approved Projects
  12. 12. The Orton Family Foundation
  13. 13. Towns completed Currently in process Active interest in Community Heart & SoulApplied Community Heart & Soul Foundations Funders
  14. 14. Resident-driven Community Development
  15. 15. • Seeks the wisdom of all, including missing voices • Values a town’s uniqueness • Recognizes the importance of emotional connections • Leads to decisions based on what matters most Community Heart & Soul
  16. 16. Principle 1: Involve Everyone
  17. 17. Principle 2: Focus on What Matters Most
  18. 18. Principle 3: Play the Long Game
  19. 19. Who is in Your Community?
  20. 20. Gathering, Listening, Sharing Stories
  21. 21. Make Decisions with Your Community
  22. 22. Embed H&S STATEMENTS for lasting success
  23. 23. • Greater sense of place • Increased civic participation • New leaders and alliances • Increased trust and relationships built across historic divides Remarkable Results with Community Heart & Soul
  25. 25. Exercise: Community Network Analysis
  26. 26. Exercise: Community Network Analysis Five Steps: 1. Name a group in your community. 2. How do these people get together? 3. What key individuals are connected to this group? 4. What are ways that you can reach this group to share information? 5. What ideas do you have for engaging this group?
  27. 27. Cortez, Colorado Heart & Soul Project
  28. 28. Population 8,500 Square miles 6.2 % White 70 Average annual income $41,000 Cortez by the Numbers
  29. 29. Low-tech outreach tools
  30. 30. Engagement is the meaningful involvement of individual citizens in policy or program development, from agenda-setting and planning to decision-making, implementation and review. It requires two-way communication that is interactive and iterative with an aim to share decision-making power and responsibility for those decisions. Source: Canadian Institutes of Health Research Defining Engagement
  31. 31. Discussion Share with your table a time when you had a positive experience engaging in your community as a citizen.
  32. 32. Engagement Methods • What goal is this activity addressing? • Is this activity a match for the target stakeholders? • Should this activity happen before, after, or during the workshop? • What product will come from this activity? How will that product be shared back out with the community?
  33. 33. Thick or ThinThick or Thin
  34. 34. Making Connections through Interviews
  35. 35. Make engagement activities fun! Use Fun and Games
  36. 36. Use their language Use Their Language
  37. 37. Incorporate Technology
  38. 38. Create an idea wall Create a Public Idea Wall
  39. 39. Draw on Nostalgia
  40. 40. Host block parties Host Block Parties
  41. 41. Offer multiple channels for engagement Offer Multiple Channels for Engagement
  42. 42. Story Sharing
  43. 43. Data Data
  44. 44. Discussion Are you currently working on a project that you can incorporate some Heart and Soul strategies and engagement methods into?
  45. 45. Questions?