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Pratt rpo2012


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Jim Pratt, of Cabot Creamery, at the 2012 National Rural Transportation Conference.

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Pratt rpo2012

  1. 1. Cabot Creamery Updated March 2012
  2. 2. Updated March 2012
  3. 3. Updated March 2012
  4. 4. 1998-2011
  5. 5. Our MILK• Handle over 2 billion pounds a year• Operate 4 manufacturing plants• 2 plants in Vermont process over 2.5 million pounds a day• Aged cheddar cheese in inventory exceeds 60 million pounds
  6. 6. Cabot Transportation
  7. 7. Internal Infrastructure• DSD VT. – (Direct Store Delivery) – 3 driversServices “Mom & Pop” stores throughout Vt.• DSD NY. – (Direct Store Delivery) – 3 driversServices “Mom & Pop” stores throughout Ny., Pa. & Oh.• *Long Haul – (Warehouse Deliveries) – 13 driversServices larger distribution centers from Me. to Pa.• *Shuttle – (Intercompany Movements) – 3 driversHauls “goods” (cheese, butter, cultured products, packaging, etc.) from facility to facility* 3rd Party Carriers supplement additional volume
  8. 8. Long Haul• Cabot Long Haul Fleet Will move 4,100 loads this year within the New England, NY., NJ. & Pennsylvania markets.• 3rd Party Long Haul Carriers Will move 2,210 loads this year across the U.S. and Mexico (brokered across border). Typical 3rd party transportation is considered “truck load with stop-offs”. Truck may start delivering in KY., drop in TN., drop in OK., drop in TX., and finish in AZ. As many as 10 “deliveries” on any given load and may end anywhere within the U.S.
  9. 9. Shuttle• Cabot Shuttle Fleet Will move 5,085 loads per year between warehouses and production facilities.• 3rd Party Shuttle Carriers Will move 1,724 loads per year between warehouses and production facilities.
  10. 10. Irene ImpactsDSD (Direct Store Delivery) travel effects* 17 weekly deliveries were removed from trucks andtransferred to salesmerchandiser vehicles where “no truck”travel was permitted.* 220 miles per week were added to “routes” toaccommodate stores that were less impacted.* Drivers took, on average, 3 additional hours per week toaccomplish their daily routes.* Salesmerchandiser staff took, on average, 6 additionalhours per week to accomplish their daily tasks.* Primary obstruction was the closure of Rt. 107 for 5 months.
  11. 11. Thank You Updated March 2012
  12. 12. Irene Impacts (cont.)Total out-of-route miles - 4,400Total additional DSD labor hours - 60Total “other” hours - 120Total financial impact - $23,750.We were one of the lucky ones ….
  13. 13. Updated March 2012
  14. 14. Updated March 2012
  15. 15. Updated March 2012
  16. 16. Updated March 2012