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Otto rpo2012


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Katharine Otto, of the Southern Windsor County RPC, at the 2012 National Rural Transportation Conference.

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Otto rpo2012

  1. 1. RPC Involvement in the Recovery of Vermont’s Transportation Network after Tropical Storm IreneNADO Rural Transportation Presented by Katharine Otto, Southern Windsor County RPCPeer Learning Conference2012, Burlington VT on behalf of the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies
  2. 2. What happened in Vermont?
  3. 3. Damage across VermontMaps produced by Pam Brangan at the Irene Local Roads Response Resource Coordination Center. 9/30/2011.
  4. 4. Southern Windsor County
  5. 5. Cavendish – Winery Road Bridge Photograph by SWCRPC staff
  6. 6. Cavendish – Carlton Road Photograph by SWCRPC staff
  7. 7. “Cavendish Canyon” on VT-131 Photograph by SWCRPC staff
  8. 8. Traditional Role ofVermont sVermont’s RPCs Coordinated regional planning Transportation planning Local land use planning & zoning Emergency planning E l & preparedness Natural resource planning GIS mapping & analysis
  9. 9. What was our task? VTrans requested assistance from Vermont’s 11 Vermont s RPCs Specific tasks  Mapping & data collection  Resource matching  Communications  Technical assistance  FEMA PA assistance
  10. 10. Strengths g Pre established Pre-established relationships with municipalities  Transportation  GIS mapping and infrastructure inventories Pre-established working relationships and partnerships with state agencies and volunteers Inter-RPC mutual aid assistance – less impacted RPCs help more impacted RPCs
  11. 11. Areas for improvements p No pre-defined role for RPCs to assist VTrans in the pre defined manner requested Not all RPC staff had adequate knowledge and/or training for tasks Communications challenges Continuously changing expectations Collecting too much information
  12. 12. Picture from Town of Weathersfield facebook pageThankTh k youContact:Katharine Otto kotto@swcrpc org kotto@swcrpc.orgPam Brangan pbrangan@ccrpcvt.orgMichele Boomhower mboomhower@ccrpcvt.orgCatherine Dimitrik