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Morris presentation 1

  1. 1. What isSocial/Environmental JusticeandWhy Should We Care
  2. 2. The American Planning AssociationEthical Principles in Planning(adopted in 1992) Calls all those in planning to Seek first and foremost the benefit of thepublic interest when engaged in planningactivities Achieve high standards of integrity andproficiency so that public respect for theplanning process will be maintained Continually strive for personal andprofessional development within the field
  3. 3. What is Social JusticeThe concept of Social Justice seeks toensure all people have access to thepublic process. In seeking equity in theparticipation in the process, advocatestake steps to ensure traditionallydisenfranchised groups are included,particularly when policies and decisionsmay directly impact them and their futuregenerations.
  4. 4. What is the Environmental JusticeExecutive Order?Executive Order 12898, Federal Actions toAddress Environmental Justice in MinorityPopulations and Low-Income Populations(1994)
  5. 5. What does the EnvironmentalJustice Executive Order say?“Each Federal agency shall make achievingenvironmental justice part of its mission byidentifying and addressing, asappropriate, disproportionately highand adverse human health orenvironmental effects on itsprograms, policies, and activities onminority populations and low-incomepopulations”
  6. 6. What are the three fundamentalEnvironmental Justiceprinciples?To avoid, minimize, or mitigatedisproportionately high and adversehuman health and environmentaleffects, including social and economiceffects, on minority populations and low-income populations
  7. 7. To ensure the full and fair participationby all potentially affected communitiesin the decisionmaking processTo prevent the denial of, reduction in, orsignificant delay in the receipt ofbenefits by minority and low-incomepopulations
  8. 8. When does the EnvironmentalJustice apply? When you take the first penny of Federalfunds
  9. 9. Who are Environmental Justicepopulations?Low-income Middle-income Upper-incomeAfrican AmericanAmerican Indian/Alaskan NativesAsian AmericanNativeHawaiians/PacificIslandersHispanicsWhites
  10. 10. Where do low-incomepopulations live?02468101214161820MetroAreasCentralCitiesSuburbs RuralUS Census 2000
  11. 11. Are all minorities low-income?051015202530White (NH)BlackHispanicAsian/PIAI/ALOther8.124.922.612.825.724.4US Census 2000
  12. 12. Are all low-income minorities?white (nh)blackhispanicasian/piai/alother15.4 million8.1 million7.8 million1.3 million0.6 million3.7 millionWhite (NH)BlackHispanicAsian/PIAI/ALOtherUS Census 2000
  13. 13. Are we becoming more diverse?0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%195019601970198019902000Non-HispanicWhiteHispanicNon-HispanicMinorityHispanic and non-Hispanic MinorityUS Census 2000* **Hispanics were not broken out as an ethnicity
  14. 14. What laws provide the basis forEnvironmental Justice? Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964which prohibits discrimination basedon race, color, and national origin(minority) Stafford Act of 1974 which prohibitsdiscrimination in the distribution ofbenefits based on income (low-income)
  15. 15. Environmental Justice also comesindirectly from National Environmental Policy Act (1969) Section 109(h) of Title 23 United States Code(Federal – Aid Highway Act of 1970) Uniform Relocation Assistance and RealProperty Acquisition Policies Act (1970) Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century(TEA-21), ISTEA and SAFETEA - LU US DOT and FHWA Orders and other statutesand regulations
  16. 16. What populations are protectedby other statues?Minorities Civil Rights Act (1964) Title VI andEO 12898 (1994)Low-Income Stafford Act (1974) and EO 12898 (1994)Limited English Proficiency EO 13166 (2000)Elderly Age Discrimination Act (1975)Disabled Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) andSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973)Women Federal-Aid Highway Act (1970)Children EO 13045National Origin Civil Rights Act (1964) Title VISex, Religion, Familial Statusand othersCivil Rights Act (1968) Title VIII (Fair HousingAct) and Federal-Aid Highway Act (1970)