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Federal Transportation Update: June 20, 2017


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During the 2017 National Regional Transportation Conference, Josh Shumaker provided an federal update on infrastructure policy and funding, rulemakings, opportunities for outreach, and related issues.

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Federal Transportation Update: June 20, 2017

  1. 1. Federal Transportation Update RPOAmericaAnnualBusinessMeeting June28,2017
  2. 2. What’s on theAgenda  FAA Reauthorization  ATC Restructuring  Infrastructure  FY2018 Budget
  3. 3. FAAReauthorization  FAA Safety, Security, and Extension Act of 2016, signed by President July 2016  FAA operating under extension through September 2017  Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) introduced reauthorization bill June 22  Creates non-profit corporation  13 members expanding representation  User fees exempt general aviation  Provision curbs airlines bumping passengers
  4. 4. ATC Restructuring  Administration seeks to privatize air traffic control operations  How will oversight be managed?  Board makeup – consistency of nonprofit and private interests  How will it be paid for?  Current mechanism, new structure with user fees, etc.
  5. 5. G Infrastructure Proposal  $1t infrastructure package  $200b public funding cited in President’s FY2018 budget request  Spending would leverage $800b in private investment  Rural title  Finances air traffic control privatization, rural infrastructure including roads, bridges, waterways  Prioritizes expedited project delivery and environmental review (Dashboard)  Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council (FPISC)
  6. 6. G Infrastructure Proposal  Senate Democratic proposal: $200b roads and bridges, $110b water systems, $20b broadband expansion, $75b schools  Infrastructure Week June 5 – 9  Administration recognition  ATC restructuring proposal  Streamlining  President’s proposal expected in September
  7. 7. President’s FY2018 DOTBudget  President’s FY2018 budget proposal released May 2017  Requests $76b, $59.6b mandatory & $16.3b discretionary  $44b for Federal Highway Administration  $11b for Federal Transit Administration  Multi-year effort to modernize FAA  Elimination of Essential Air Service, TIGER, new Capital Investment Grants (New Starts), Small Community Air Service Development Program  New program proposed – $119m for Transportation Aviation Assistance to Remote Areas
  8. 8. President’s FY2018 Budget: Non-DOT  President’s FY2018 budget proposal requests elimination of programs related to infrastructure  Community Development Block Grant ($3b)  Economic Development Administration ($276m)  Regional Commissions  USDA-Rural Development  Rural Water and Wastewater grants and loans ($571m)  Rural Business Cooperative Services grants and loans ($988m)  New: USDA-RD Rural Infrastructure Grant Program ($162m)  Defense spending increase $54b  Non-defense discretionary decrease $54b
  9. 9. What’s Been Happening?  FY2017 DOT Appropriations  MPO Rulemaking  FAST Act Rulemaking  Advocacy Efforts
  10. 10. FY2017 Final Budget  Omnibus spending bill passed both House and Senate – signed into law by President May 5  TIGER: $500m, level with FY2016  How will Administration allocate?  $44b for federal-aid highway programs, consistent with FAST Act authorized level and $905m above FY2016  $12.1b for Federal Transit Administration, $657m above FY2016
  11. 11. MPO Rulemaking Overview  “Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform” issued in Obama Administration  Revises definition of Metropolitan Planning Area and requires MPA include all of urbanized area  Requires states and MPOs to determine course of action when multiple MPOs exist in single MPA  600 comments submitted to DOT; certain changes made such as exempting MPOs in same MPA to consolidate planning services under certain circumstances  Compliance deadline extended – two years after Census Bureau issues Urban Areas, expected two years after 2020 Census
  12. 12. MPO Rulemaking Overview  Opposition to rule from national, state, and local planning authorities and associations  In response, S. 496 introduced repealing rule (introduced by Sen. Duckworth, IL)  Passed handily in Senate (unanimous consent) and House (417-3)  Signed by President May 12  Another federal register notice being issued rescinding rule
  13. 13. FAST Act and MAP-21 Implementation  Freight Corridor Designation Guidance (April 2016)  Truck Size and Weight Study (April 2016)  Transportation Performance Management  Safety-related performance measures (in effect: April 14, 2016)  Highway Safety Improvement Program (in effect: April 14, 2016)  Statewide and Metropolitan Planning; Non- Metropolitan Planning (June 27, 2016)  Pavement and Bridge Conditions (May 20, 2017)  Highway Asset Management Plan (October 2, 2017)  System Performance Measures (May 20, 2017)  *Greenhouse Gas Emissions not included in TPM  **Funds withheld if state or local government out of compliance
  14. 14. Advocacy Efforts  NADO’s advocacy  Infrastructure, rural  Hill outreach  Administration outreach  REBUILD RURAL Coalition  CDBG Coalition  EDA Stakeholder Coalition  Coalition to Invest in America’s Workforce (CIAW)  RPO Council Input  Unknowns for infrastructure package  Anticipating all scenarios  Priorities?  COG/RTPO Resolution
  15. 15. QUESTIONS G