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Colorado DOT


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In the plenary luncheon of the 2017 National Regional Transportation Conference, Colorado DOT Deputy Executive Director Mike Lewis shared information about CDOT's efforts in transportation and economic development, partner engagement, resilience, innovations, and data.

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Colorado DOT

  1. 1. 1 National Regional Transportation Conference Michael P. Lewis, Deputy Executive Director June 29, 2017
  2. 2. Conference Themes 3 • Transportation and Economic Development • Community and Partner Engagement • Resilience • Innovations • Data
  3. 3. What Does CDOT Do 5 FY 2017-2018 $1.42 BILLION BUDGET
  4. 4. Our Challenge Continued Growth 6 All dollar figures adjusted for inflation 3.3 million 1991 27.7 billion vehicles miles traveled 2015 5.4 million 50.5 billion vehicle miles traveled 2040 7.8 million 72.3 billion vehicle miles traveled
  5. 5. Why does a Transportation System Exist 7
  6. 6. Why does a Transportation System Exist 8 • To Support the Economic Vitality of a Jurisdiction
  7. 7. Why does a Transportation System Exist 9 • To Enhance the Quality of Life of its Residents
  8. 8. Economic: Front Range Growth I-25/I-70 Economic: Tourism Economic: Agricultural Energy Population Change for Colorado
  9. 9. 11 Express Lane Public Private Partnerships
  10. 10. CO 13 Rifle to Wyoming Corridor 12 • Recognized as a critical freight corridor servicing the Northwest portion of the state • Three segments are identified as needing capacity improvements and potentially wildlife mitigation. The scope includes: • MP 4-16 in Garfield County • MP 16.06-20.7 in Rio Blanco County • MP 111-123 in Moffat County
  11. 11. CO 9 Wildlife Project 13
  12. 12. Leadville Limon
  13. 13. A Tool for Communities, Planners and Engineers Produced to initiate conversation around designing downtown streets for walkability, bike-ability and access to businesses while ensuring safe transportation infrastructures. Developed in partnership among: Colorado Department of Transportation Colorado Department of Local Affairs Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  14. 14. 16 Resiliency re·sil·iency The ability of communities to rebound and adapt to or thrive amidst changing conditions - including economic hardships, disasters and changes in climate - and maintain quality of life, healthy growth, economic vitality, durable systems and conservation of resources for present and future generations Colorado Resiliency Framework
  15. 15. Lessons Learned 1976 and 2013 floods destroyed many of the same facilities US 34 1976 US 34 2013
  16. 16. 18 I-70 Corridor R&R Pilot Study Why now? • Major impacts from events in the last five years • Hazards will continue to occur and potentially increase due to changing climate patterns • Opportunity to learn lessons from past disasters • Federal legislation requires DOTs to assess risk in asset management • Final Rule for Risk Based Asset Management published in November 2016
  17. 17. RoadX VISION: Crash-free, Injury-free, Delay-free and Technologically-transformed travel in Colorado. RoadX MISSION: Team with public and industry partners to make Colorado one of the most technologically advanced transportation systems in the nation, and a leader in safety and reliability. Colorado Is Open For Business – Colorado invites partners to join us in accelerating the adoption and deployment of technological solutions.
  18. 18. 40 to 400% increase in capacity Why do we need to act? reduction in crashes per NHTSA estimates 80% SAFETY MOBILITY
  19. 19. 21 Innovative Finance Think Tank able to partner with private sector • Parking Facilities • Digital Communication Networks • Land/Right of Way Development • Tunnel Lighting • In-Road EV Charging • Workforce Housing • Road X • Hyperloop
  20. 20. Smart Highways Via Partnership 22 Smart 25 Ridegate to University Software and sensor upgrades to better manage flow resulting in: Smart 70 Panasonic Self-driving vehicles and infrastructure share data to eventually: Smart 70 Golden to Vail Partnership with Here will provide real time data about hazards such as: Fall 2017 Winter 2016 Ongoing
  21. 21. Innovation 23 Hyperloop New way to move people and freight Inductive Charging Pilot to embed charging in roads to power electric vehicles Transport Self driving vehicles, platooning, smart parking
  22. 22. $1.8 billion= • Less than 10% of CDOT’s 20 year need • $1.2 billion is paid for by CDOT existing budget • Loss of FY ‘19 & FY ‘20 SB 228= $320 million • Effectively provides a low interest loan to CDOT to move forward on a number of important projects Managing Expectations
  23. 23. Questions ? 25